Powick Worcestershire Universal British Directory 1791

Powick, two miles from Worcester, a Pleasant village on the Malvern road, has several gentleman’s seats, and being on an eminence commands pleasing views. The church is dedicated to St. Peter. Within this manor are several ancient mansions, viz. Beauchamp’s Court, formerly the habitation of the honourable family of the Beauchamps, lineally descended from Henry VII. Prior’s Court belonged to the prior of Great Malvern, but now to the Earl of Coventry; and Pixam, formerly belonging to Lord Clinton. Powick is noted for having a battle fought here in 1642, known by the name of the skirmish of Wickfield, which lies between Powick bridge and the cherry-orchard, where sixteen hundred men were drawn up.

Aston John, Pole-elm

Baker Mrs. E. Brookhouse

Barrett Mr. W. Newhouse

Boraston Rev. G. Vicarage

Boulter Mr. Bowling-green

Caswell Edward, Pixam-ferry

Cole Susannah

Constable Thomas, Stanbrook

Court Richard, Bowling-green

Crump Mrs.

Dalby Samuel

Dunne Mrs. M

Edwards John, Cholic-green

Evans Thomas, Pole-elm

Fidoe John, White Chimneys

Fidoe James, Shopkeeper

Finch John, Lowhouse

Finch Thomas, Stocking

Goodwin Mrs. High-house

Gorle Mr. Callow-end

Gorle Mrs. E. Whitehouse

Groves Thomas

Hammond William, Pole-elm

Harper Mrs. M. Kent’s Green

Harris Misses, Stanbrook-hall

Herbert J. and C. Powick-farm

Hill William, Architect

Hussey John, Pole-elm

Huxley Thomas, King’s End

Hyde William, Moathouse

Jones William, Pixam-farm

Knight George

Lacon and Francis, Moorhouse

Lamb Miss A. Brookhouse

Lesingham Mrs. High-house

Mason Joseph, Callow-end

Mealy John, White Chimneys

Neale N. H. Esq.

Nichols William, Field

Nichols Thomas, Cholic-green

Olive Samuel, Beauchamp’s Court

Pearson Rev. Mr. Bowling –green

Raynsford Rev. C. J. Cross-house

Russell William, Esq. Slaughter-court

Shepherd James, Bowling-green

Smith William, Stanbrook

Surman Robert, Pole-elm

Surman Giles, Sandpits

Taylor Thomas, Baker

Thomas William, Glover

Thomas James, Five Pear-trees

Thomas John

Tully John, Schoolhouse

Turner Samuel, Pole-elm

Turner Richard

Tyler James, Pole-elm

Vincent Miss, Schoolhouse

Wall Thomas, Callow-end

Wall George, Woodcroft

Wattis James, Red Lion Inn

Source – Universal British Directory 1791