Great Malvern Lewis Worcestershire Directory 1820

Malvern Great, 7 miles from Worcester, containing 163 houses, and 819 inhabitants, well known for its delightful prospects, and the salubrity and pureness of the air. There are several hotels for the accommodation of visitors, it being frequented by the most polite circles in the country. The church which formerly belonged to a magnificent monastery, was purchased by the inhabitants at the dissolution, and for its beauty of antiquity is not to be equalled in this part of the country.

The admirable pile of Malvern Hills, which give name to this village is situated in Worcestershire and Herefordshire, and from the survey made by order of the Board of Ordnance some time since, it appears that the extreme height was 1444 feet above the level of the sea.

The views from them extend over 10 counties, and are beautiful beyond description; from these hills issue several springs, one called Holy Well, about half way up the summit, and about 2 miles from Great Malvern, is accounted very salutary, and has long been used in all cases where chalybeate waters are given, with considerable success.

Malvern Little and Newland are hamlets to this parish.

Baker Mrs. C

Ballard Phillip, attorney

Banford Thomas, farmer

Bannister James, carrier

Barber Richard, smith

Barber John, hallier

Baylis Thomas, farmer

Beale Henry, surgeon

Beard J., Belle Vue Hotel

Bellers John, farmer

Bellers John, jun., farmer

Blake John, farmer

Bosworth Joseph, farmer

Brown Mrs. gent.

Bullock, Moses, farmer

Bullock William, farmer

Bullock John, farmer

Campbell G. C. gent.

Cann Thos., bricklayer

Card Rev. Henry

Caulfield E. T. gent.

Cope Sir Jonathan, Bart.

Dandridge Mary, gent.

De Bourville Madam

Deykes Samuel gent.

Downes Joseph, Foley Arms Hotel

Ell George, farmer

Fowler William, dealer

George Thomas, smith

Goodman B., schoolmaster

Greenaway Rich., farmer

Griffiths W., shopkeeper

Hall Francis, farmer

Harrison Wm., innkeeper

Hartwright James, gent.

Hartwright J. jun., farmer

Holl C. A. gent.

Jones Edw., shoemaker

Jones Thos., shoemaker

Kerby Joseph, butcher

Key James, shopkeeper

Lane George, farmer

Lashford J., shoemaker

Lucas Thomas, grocer

Lyttleton Lady

Marsden James, gent.

Mason Ann, gentlewoman

Matthews John, farmer

Matthews Samuel, farmer

Matthews Wm., carrier

Nash Samuel, farmer

Need George, farmer

Philpotts T., carpenter

Plumer Mrs. gent.

Probert John, victualler

Probert Vaughan, gent.

Rance Thomas, farmer

Richards John, gent.

Roberts Isaac, farmer

Roe Samuel, vict.

Silvester Miss, gent.

Simmonds – , glazier

Solloway John, gent.

Southall John, musician and librarian

Stephens Williams, farmer

Stillingfleet Mrs. gent.

Stokes T., shopkeeper

Thomas William, farmer

Tilt Rev. William

Wadley Edward, farmer

Waldron – , surgeon

Wall William, esq.

Weaver Charles, farmer

West Thomas, esq.

Wheeler Allen, gent.

Wilks Wm., hair dresser

Wilson Captain, Edward

Wilson John, farmer

Yeend Laringe, farmer

Young Edward, farmer

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.


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