Stoke Prior Lewis Worcestershire Directory 1820

Stoke Prior, 2 miles from Bromsgrove, containing 135 houses, and 754 inhabitants.

Abbott Jeremiah, farmer

Abbott Samuel, farmer

Abbott Widow, farmer

Allen John, farmer

Allen Widow, farmer

Allen Wm. shoemaker

Ashfield William, farmer

Ashmore John, farmer

Ashmore Benj. Farmer

Ashmore Joseph, farmer

Aston James, farmer

Bennett William, farmer

Blick Joseph, farmer

Bonaker Widow, farmer

Brooke Thomas, farmer

Buggins T sen. farmer

Buggins T. jun. farmer

Collett Thomas, surgeon

Deakin Joseph, farmer

Dowdeswell Rev. C.

Featherston F. F. vict.

Featherston F. W, farmer

Gardner John, farmer

Griffin William, farmer

Guise Charles, farmer

Hammond James, farmer

Harris William, miller

Harrison George, farmer

Heath Thomas, farmer

Heath William, farmer

Heath John, shoemaker

Hedges William, smith

Hemming Thos. farmer

Hill G. miller

Hill John, farmer

Hill Thomas, farmer

Holden Richard, farmer

Horton Thomas, farmer

Horton Widow, farmer

Jew William, farmer

Jones Charles, farmer

Jones Joseph, farmer

King James, farmer

Langstone Jacob, farmer

Mander John, joiner

Nash Richard, farmer

Niblett William, miller

Page Joseph, sen. gent.

Page Joseph, jun. farmer

Page Thomas, farmer

Pardoe Widow, farmer

Pardoe Richard, farmer

Parry Samuel, farmer

Parton Charles, farmer

Penn John, jun. farmer

Penn John, sen. farmer

Penrice William, farmer

Perkins John, vict.

Perrott Charles, farmer

Rea Ann, farmer

Rogers W. F. farmer

Sanders Widow, farmer

Timmings Thos. farmer

Ward Joseph, weaver

Williams Richard, farmer

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.


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