Ripple Lewis Worcestershire Directory 1820

Ripple, near Upton-upon-Severn, supposed to be a place of some note formerly, having many remains of antiquity. It contains 130 houses, and 679 inhabitants. Queenhill and Holdfast are chapelries to Ripple.

Adams Francis, farmer

Allard Thomas, farmer

Barnes John, farmer

Baugh Rev. J. W.

Bennett George, butcher

Best John, gardener

Bird Phillip, carpenter

Brunsden Charles, tailor

Cam Henry, carpenter

Carr Edmund, esq.

Carr Captain John

Cartridge Wm. farmer

Castle Thomas, farmer

Chandler Benj. butcher

Davis Sam. sen. dealer

Davis Sam. jun. dealer

Detheridge Richard, baker and farmer

Dingley James, esq.

Glover Susannah, farmer

Gurney Wm. huckster

Hall Sarah, farmer

Hall William, farmer

Hatch Nancy, widow

Hay Richard, shopkeeper

Jakeman P. geese dealer

Lane William, farmer

Martin John, farmer

Martin Paul, farmer

Matty John, farmer

Matty William, gent.

Moore Thomas, farmer

Nott William, farmer

Parker Thomas, vict.

Philpot Rev. H. C.

Pratt John, farmer

Price John, farmer

Rickards John, farmer

Rudge Wm. gardener

Sealey Samuel, gent.

Spencer George, farmer

Thacker T. bricklayer

Thould Samuel, farmer

Walker John, farmer

White Richard, farmer

Wilkshire John, carrier

Wilkshire James, carrier

Wilmore Thos. gardener

Williams George, smith

Williams T. shopkeeper

Willis John, gardener

Yates Charles, gent.

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.