Ripple Worcestershire Billings Directory 1855

Ripple is a very large, wide-spreading parish, about 3 miles from Upton, containing, with the hamlets. According to the last census, a population of 1097 inhabitants.

A monastery is said to have existed here in the year 770, and was granted to the church of Worcester, by Duke Aelfred, in the early part of the ninth century.

Queenhill is a small chapelry, with a population of 124 inhabitants.

The hamlets do not require any remark; the trades, &c., will be found separate.

The Church, at Ripple, dedicated to St. James, is a very ancient structure, in the Gothic style of architecture, with massive square tower, containing six bells. The living is a Rectory, with the chapelry of Queenhill, in the patronage of the Bishop of Worcester. Rev. G. Hill Clifton, M.A., Rector; Mr. Richard Hay, Clerk. Service – 11 a.m. and 3 30 p.m.

The Chapel of Ease at Queenhill is a very small building. Rev. Joseph H. Grice, Curate; Mr. James Thomas, Clerk. Service – 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., alternately.

The National Schools, with residence for the teachers, are of recent erection, and are well adapted for the purpose for which they were built. Mr. William Pear, Master; Mrs. Pear, Mistress. Average number of scholars of both sexes, about 100.

Charities – The charities amount to about £120, and are distributed according to the trust deeds.


Clifton Rev. George H., M.A., Rector

Empson John, Esq., Ripple Hall

Barwich Thomas, blacksmith

Biddle John, shoe maker

Brown George, market gardener,

Brush James, mason

Cosnett Charles, shoe maker

Ellt Sarah, carpenter and wheelwright

Hall Joseph, farmer

Hay James, shoe maker

Hay Richard, shopkeeper, Sub-Postmaster, and Parish Clerk

Horniblow William, farmer, Bow Farm

Hudman Thomas, shoe maker

Marshall Hannah, shopkeeper

Meek Daniel, victualler, Stratford Bridge House

Simons James, wheelwright

Tandy John, beer retailer


Bruorton George, farmer

Greaves William, farmer

Lee John, farmer

Smith William, farmer


Clarke Charles, farmer

James William, veterinary surgeon

Stokes William, farmer

Williams J., farmer

Woodward William, miller and farmer

Holly Green

Broom Mrs. Penelope, Holly Green Villa

Bell Richard, builder

Bird Thomas, solicitor

Bryan The Misses, boarding school

Cottrill William, market gardener

Ellt Samuel, market gardener

Hill John, market gardener

Howship John, farmer

Morris John, shopkeeper

Wintle James, painter and glazier


Blackburn William, carrier

Rickards John, farmer

Spencer George, farmer

Williams Rees, lime burner

Willis George, market gardener

Willis William, market gardener

Sexton’s Load

Lane Henry, farmer

Smith George, boat owner


Anderson John, Esq., Ryall Hall

Davies Mr. David, Ryall Cottage

Brown George, market gardener

Dovey William, farmer

Jakeman Thomas, wheelwright, Ryall Grove

Hemus William, farmer

Holland Thomas, farmer, Ryall Court

Hooper James, market gardener, Ryall Grove

Hyde Richard, beer retailer, Horse and Groom, Ryall Grove

Moore Thomas, farmer, Ryall Grove

Pendrey Eli, shopkeeper, carpenter, and wheelwright, Ryall Grove

Wagstaff Eliza, victualler and blacksmith, Blue Ball, Ryall Grove

Webb Thomas, blacksmith, Ryall Grove

Willis James, farmer, Ryall Grove

Woodward George, farmer, Ryall House


Allard Edwin, farmer

Allard Thomas, farmer

Chandler Henry, butcher

Gaskins William, market gardener and shopkeeper

Glover Miss, farmer

Langley Matthias, shopkeeper and shoe maker

Thould Samuel, farmer

Williams Elizabeth, market gardener

Willmore Job, market gardener

Post Office, near the Church – Richard Hay, Sub-Postmaster. Delivery, 9 30 a.m.; despatch, 4 30 p.m. Carrier – To Worcester, Blackburn, Sat., 7 a.m.

Source: Billings Directory of Worcestershire 1855


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