Goode Thomas, farmer

Hill Richard, farmer Jones Abraham, smith

Patrick Samuel, farmer

Pytts Mrs., gent.

Taylor John, farmer


Benbow H., farmer

Benbow J., shopkeeper

Bevan James, farmer

Bowkett John, farmer

Brazier Thomas, farmer

Griffin John, farmer

Hill Thomas, farmer

Hyde Henry, farmer

Hyde Mary, farmer

Jordon John, farmer

Spilsbury Francis, farmer

Stinton John, farmer

There is a description for Kyre in the Directory as follows: –

Kyre Wyre, 3 ½ miles from Tenbury, containing 30 houses, and 165 inhabitants. The hamlet of Kyre Minor adjoins this parish, and is noted for the quantity of Wild Saffron growing therein.

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.