Inkberrow Lewis Worcestershire Directory 1820

Inkberrow, 4 miles from Alcester, containing 289 houses, and 1335 inhabitants. It has two hamlets, viz., Morton-Underhill and Cokehill.

Andrews T., shopkeeper

Bennett Thomas, farmer

Bloxam Thomas, miller

Brookes James, maltster

Broome John, farmer

Cowley Thomas, farmer

Curnock William, farmer

Davis William, farmer

Dolphin William, farmer

Dolphin Thos., maltster

Dyer Benj., blacksmith

Edgecombe Wm., farmer

Farr James, farmer

Fairfax – , shopkeeper

Ford Richard, blacksmith

Ford Thomas, carpenter

Fryer Thomas, farmer

Gardner Joseph, farmer

Ganderton Giles, farmer

George D. & R., farmers

Gibbs Edw., maltster

Gould Wm. jun., vict.

Gower William, farmer

Grisswell Wm., farmer

Grove Thos., shopkeeper

Harbor John, farmer

Harth Rev. William

Harvey John, farmer

Harvey Henry, farmer

Harwood Thos., farmer

Haynes John, victualler

Haynes George, farmer

Haynes J. B., farmer

Hemming J. H., farmer

Hemming Thos., needle maker

Hemming Edward, needle maker

Houghton Edward

Houghton Sarah, vict.

Hunt John, farmer

Hunt William, farmer

Hunt James, farmer

Hunt Robert, farmer

Jackson George, farmer

James Joseph, farmer

Johnson Louisa, farmer

Johnson William, farmer

Johnson Thomas, farmer

Johnson Thomas, jun., needle maker

Keight Richard, farmer

Keight Rich. jun. farmer

Knowles Thos., carpenter

Knowles John, blacksmith

Ladbury Sarah, farmer

Laughter Charles, farmer

Lee William, farmer

Lee Richard, farmer

Mansell Joseph, farmer

Moore Joseph, farmer

Mumford Wm., farmer

Nutting William, farmer

Owen William, farmer

Peach Charles, farmer

Percell William, farmer

Perks George, farmer

Perks William, maltster

Perks Henry, farmer

Preston Richard, farmer

Pretty Henry, farmer

Proctor Elizabeth, farmer

Proctor Benjamin, farmer

Rand Thomas, farmer

Rand John, farmer

Richards Thos., plumber

Richardson Rd., farmer

Rimel Thos., shopkeeper

Roe John, farmer

Rowney John, farmer

Slade Thos., shopkeeper

Smith William, farmer

Smith Henry, tailor

Smith Elizabeth, farmer

Smith Ralph, farmer

Sorrill John, blacksmith

Steward John, farmer

Surman Wm., carpenter

Surman Thos., shopkeeper

Taylor William, farmer

Union William, saddler

Wedgbury George, farmer

Webb George, farmer

White Giles, blacksmith

Willis John, shopkeeper

Wilmore S., shopkeeper

Windle Richard, farmer

Woodward Robt., farmer

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.