Evesham Lewis Worcestershire Directory 1820

Evesham, a Borough and Market Town, comprising three parishes, including Bengeworth; containing 606 houses, and 2837 inhabitants, being 1332 males, and 1505 females, of whom 472 were returned as employed in trade. It is pleasantly situated on rising ground, having a charming view of the winding river Avon, over which it has a stone bridge of seven arches and a convenient harbour for barges. The well known Vale of Evesham, extending along its banks is remarkable for its fertility in corn as well as pasturage. This town had formerly a stately Monastery, whose Abbot sat in Parliament as a spiritual lord. It was founded in 709, by Prince Egwin, who retired hither after having been unjustly dispossessed of the bishoprick of Worcester by the Pope. The principal fragment of this building now remaining, is a large pointed arch or gateway 17 feet high. The borough has three parish churches, two in that part called Evesham, and one at Bengeworth at the foot of the bridge where was formerly a castle. It is remarkable that although each of the churches have towers, the bells hang in a very handsome tower, separate from any other building, about 110 feet high. In the Town are a well endowed Free Grammar School, a Charity School, and Almshouses. A number of market gardeners hereabouts supply the markets of Tewkesbury, Cheltenham, Worcester, and Birmingham, and in Asparagus season they supply Bath and Bristol.

Evesham is a Borough by prescription, governed by a Mayor, Recorder, seven Aldermen, twelve Common-councilmen, and twenty-four assistants. Their privileges are very extensive, the Mayor and four of the Aldermen are justices of the peace, hold sessions of Oyer and Terminer, and gaol delivery, with power to punish all crimes except high treason, within their liberty. One of the most remarkable battles in the English annals was fought here in 1265, between Somon de Montford the great earl of Leicester, and Prince Edward, afterwards king Edward the 1st in which the earl and most of his adherents were slain. The market is on Mondays, and the fairs on the 2nd of February, the first Monday after Easter, Whitmonday and September 21st.



Acton John, Dealer in Seeds, Malt, Hops, &c. Bengeworth

Adams William, Surgeon, Bridge street

Agg John, Printer, Bookseller, and Postmaster, Bridge street

Agg George, Cabinet Maker, and Upholsterer, Bridge street

Agg and Son, Auctioneers, Bridge street

Allard William, Vict. Fleece, Bridge street

Allom Rev. Mr. High street

Amos Samuel, Grocer, Vine street

Arch Elizabeth, Grocer, Cole Street

Arkles William, Joiner and Cabinet Maker Vine street

Ashwin S. Milliner, Bengeworth

Atkins John, Silk Manufacturer, Vine street

Averill William, Confectioner, Bridge street


Badger William, Hat Manufacturer, Bengeworth

Baldwin Mrs. Widow, Market

Barnes William, Baker and Maltster, Market

Battersby William, Basket Maker, Market place

Baylis Charles, Baker, Bengeworth

Baylis C. Shopkeeper, Bengeworth

Baylis George, Butcher, Bengeworth

Benton – Draper, Bridge street

Blayney Thomas, Esq. Lodge

Bonaker William, Surgeon, High street

Booth Mary Walker, Vict. Old Angel Inn, Bengeworth

Bullingham and Co. Ironmongers and Nail Manufacturers, Bridge street

Byrch William, Solicitor, High street

Byrd J. Vict. Swan Inn, Bengeworth


Cheek J. M. G. Solicitor, Bridge street

Churchill – Shoemaker, High street

Clemens Samuel, Maltster, High street

Clements John, Butcher, High street

Cole J. Vict. Volunteer, Bridge street

Collett Job, Tanner, Chapel street

Cook John, Vict. and fellmonger, Nelson’s Tavern, Bengeworth

Coombe William, Surgeon, Bengeworth

Cooper Thomas Beale, Esq. Bengeworth

Cooper Rev. Henry

Cornfield John, Academy, High street

Cull J. Vict. Plough and Harrow, Vine street

Cull William, Appraiser and Auctioneer, High st


Davis Rev. Mr. High street

Davies David, Chemist and Druggist, Bridge st.

Davis John, Stationer, Bridge street

Day George, Coal Merchant, Bengeworth

Dingley William, Baker, Bengeworth

Dixon John, Supervisor of Excise, High street

Dobbins Walter Vict. Fox, Bridge street

Doyle James, Vict. White Hart, Bridge street

Drinkwater William, Vict. Trumpet, Vine street

Drury Pearshouse, Brazier, Bridge street

Dyson Edward, Net Maker, Market place


Edge Daniel, Draper, and Agent to the Phoenix Fire Office, Bridge street

Ellcock Samuel, Plumber and Glazier, High st


Field George, Gardener, High street

Fincher John, Grocer and Druggist, Bengeworth

Fisher Misses, Gentlewomen, Bengeworth

Fletcher Sarah, Staffordshire Warehouse, Market place

Foster Thomas, Oil Mills, High street


Gibbs Henry, Cooper, High street

Glover Francis, Cooper, Bridge street

Gregory J & E Drapers and Clothiers, Bridge st

Green Miss, Straw Bonnet Maker, High street

Grove William, Vict. Farrier’s Arms, Vine street

Guion James, Vict. White Hart, Cole street


Hardy William, Vict. Crown, Bridge street

Harris Miss, High street

Harris Robert, Wine & Spirit Merchant Bridge st

Hartland and Co Bank, Bridge street

Hathaway Abraham, Gent. Bridge street

Hawley Thomas, Shopkeeper, Bengeworth

Haynes Thomas, Glazier, Bridge street

Hill Thomas, Hosier, Bridge street

Hill John, Clock and Watch Maker, Bridge st.

Hill Thomas, Gent. Bridge street

Hill Robert, Owner, Bengeworth

Hitch George, Hair Dresser, Bridge street

Hobday – Scupltor, High street

Horn R. Draper, Market-place

Horn Miss, Vine street

Horseman E. Grocer and Tea Dealer, Bengeworth

Huband Thomas, Clerk, Bengeworth

Hughes David, Currier, Bengeworth

Hughes Samuel, Gardener, Vine street

Hughes – Gardener, High street

Humphris John, Butcher, Bridge street

Hunter John, Hop Dealer, Bridge street

Hyde Daniel, Saddler, High street


Izod J. W. Surgeon, High street

Izod Robert, Cooper, High street


Jackson John, Painter and Glazier High street

Jarrett John, Cabinet Maker, Bridge street

Jarrett Joseph, Appraiser and Auctioneer, Bengeworth

Jarrett John, Grocer, High Street

Jenks Edmund, Baker, High street

Jenks Samuel, Gardener, Vine street

Jones J. Grocer and Tea Dealer, High street


Kelsall Elizabeth, Shoe and Salt Warehouse, Bridge street

Kempson Miss, Ladies Seminary, High street

Kerry John, Sen. Wood Turner and Broker, High street

Kerry John, jun. Wood Turner, Market place

Kinsey Samuel, Solicitor, High street

Klipseh J. P. Surgeon, High street

Knight B. Tailor, High street

Knight William, Gardener, High street


Lavender J. W. Solicitor, High street

Laurence George, Vict. Rose & Crown, High st.

Lies John, Shoemaker, Bridge street

Lewis Charles, Surgeon, Bengeworth

Lewis Richard, Gardener, Vine street

Lloyd T. Wool Dealer, Cole street


Malin T. Oil and Colourman, Bengeworth

Mann J. Silk Manufacturer, Vine street

Mann Miss, Ladies Seminary, Vine street

Marriott Edward, Gent. Bridge street, Agent to the Globe Insurance Company

Marshall Henry, Grocer and Cooper, Bengeworth

Mathews Samuel, Vict. Dun Cow, Cole street

Melen John, Baker, Bengeworth

Millington Richard, Vict. Angel Inn, Bengeworth

Moades – Gent. Bridge street

Monk John, Hat Manufacturer, Bridge street

Moore E. Cabinet Maker, Bengeworth

Moulting William, Vict. Bell Inn, High street

Murrell S. Milliner, High street

Murrell W. Grocer, Bridge street

Murrell Thomas, Grocer and Chandler, Vine st.


New Caleb, Draper, High street

New Anthony, Woolstapler, Vine street

New J. Currier and Leather Seller, Cole street

New John, Gardener, High street

New James, Vict. King’s Head, High street

New George, Farmer, Bengeworth


Oldaker, Day, Lavender, and Murrell, Bank, High street

Oldaker Francis, Clothier, Bridge street

Oldaker F. Master of the Blue School, Bengeworth

Osborne J. Whitesmith, Cole street


Padgate Benjamin, Baker, Bengeworth

Paine E. & R. Parchment Makers, Bengeworth

Paine John, Seedsman, High street

Paine Miss, Milliner, Bridge street

Partington William, Butcher, High street

Peam Thomas, Grocer, High street

Pearce James, Grocer, Bridge street

Pearce William, Maltster and Hop Merchant, Bengeworth

Pearce Mrs. Staffordshire Warehouse, Bengeworth

Penny William, Vict. and Hop Merchant, Royal Oak, Vine street

Phelps W. L. Solicitor, Bridge street

Phillips William, Solicitor, Vine street

Phillips Miss, Vine street

Phoenix Fire Office, Bridge street, D. Edge, Agent

Porter Thomas, Esq. Bengeworth

Pratt George, Cabinet Maker, Bengeworth

Pratt Benjamin, Butcher, Bengeworth

Prew E. and R. Milliners, Bridge street

Price William, Gardener, Bengeworth

Proctor John, Baker, Maltster, and Farmer, High street

Prosser Mrs. Widow, Bengeworth


Reynolds Richard, Corn Dealer and Timber Merchant, High street and Harvington Mill

Rodd Richard, Draper, High street

Roberts Humphrey, Baker, High street

Roper Mary, Vict. Red Horse, Vine street

Roper Anthony, Tanner, &c. Bengeworth

Rose William, Glazier, Bridge street

Rudge Edward, Esq. Abbey Manor House

Ruff James, Gardener, High street

Russ Robert, Butcher, Bridge street

Russ James, Butcher, Market place


Savage Edward, Solicitor, High street

Savage Mrs. Widow, Market place

Scott Jeremiah, Grocer, Bridge street

Shaw Rev. John, Bengeworth

Skey John, Vict. Angel Inn, Bengeworth

Smart Benjamin, Skinner and Felmonger, Bengeworth

Smith John, Gent. Bridge street

Smith William, Vict. Wool Pack Inn, Bengeworth

Smith William, Miller, Bridge street

Smith Henry, Carpenter, Bridge street

Smith E. Vict. Golden Anchor, Bewdley street

Smith John, Vict. Red Lion, Market place

Soley William, Grocer, Bridge street

Souch – Vict. Green Dragon, Oat street

Stamp Office, Daniel Edge, Bridge street

Stephens Charles, Whitesmith, Bengeworth

Stratton Matthias, Spirit Merchant, Vine street

Suffield Joseph, Saddler, Bridge street

Suffield John, Brazier, Bridge street


Taylor G. Vict. Northwick Arms Inn, Bengeworth

Taylor William, Butcher, High street

Taylor William, Skinner, Vine street

Thomas Isaac, Excise Officer, High street

Taylor James, Vine street

Thomas John, Chemist and Druggist, Bridge street

Trotman William, Vict. Cross Keys, High street

Tustin Joseph, Shopkeeper, High street

Tustin Robert, Bricklayer and Slater, High st

Tymbs Samuel, Vict. Horse and Jockey, Vine st.


Walker Stephen, Vict. Black Bear, Bengeworth

Walker Joseph, Cooper, Bengeworth

Walker Joseph, Millwright, Bengeworth

Walker J. Ironmonger and Maltster, Bengeworth

Walter William, Ironmonger, Bridge street

Warner John, Sen. Clock and Watch Maker, High street

Warner John, jun. Clock and Watch Maker, Bridge street

Watkins Joseph, Vict. Horse Shoe, Bengeworth

Wheatley Josiah, Boot and Shoe Maker, Bridge St.

Whitford J. Schoolmaster, High street

Whitford Thomas, Slaterer and Plasterer, High st

Whitford Henry, Vict. and Plasterer, Lamb, High street

Whitford Richard, Hair Dresser, Bridge street

Whitford James, Shoe Maker, Bridge street

White Henry, Wheelwright, Vine street

White John, Tailor, Bridge street

White Thomas, Currier, High street

Whiting Mrs. Ladies Seminary, High street

Wickins Thomas, Stay Maker, Bridge street

Wilks William, Grocer, & Tea Dealer, Bridge st.

Williams Jane, Confectioner, Bridge street

Winter Humphrey, Gent. Bengeworth

Winstone Anthony, Vict. Duke of York, Bridge st.

Workman B. Solicitor, Bengeworth


Young John, Dealer, in Flour, Hops, &c. Bridge street


From Different Inns.


London – Mail every Afternoon at five, except Saturday, when it goes at four.

Worcester – Mail every Morning at half-past eight

London – Coach every Morning at half-past six.

Ditto ditto Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Mornings at half-past six.

Worcester – Coach every evening at eight.

Ditto ditto Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings at eight.


London – Coach every Morning at half-past six.

Worcester – Coach every Evening at seven.


London – Coach every Afternoon at three.

Worcester – Coach every Morning at half-past seven.

Done’s Waggons to Worcester, Upton, Stow on the Wold, &c. twice a week.

Dufty’s ditto ditto twice, a week.

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.