1. & 2. Hall J. & F., Ltd., ironmongers, iron merchants, and iron founders
  2. Cock Joseph, fruit and vegetable store

Mann & Sons, Limited (oil warehouse)

  1. Ward Mrs. Edith and Son, butchers
  2. Taylor Mrs. Clara, provision dealer
  3. & 8. Webb W. & F., Ltd., house furnishers (goods entrance)
  4. Davis Mrs. Mary Ann, butcher
  5. Andrews Walter Matthew, butcher
  6. Andrews Walter William, butcher
  7. Thompson George, fish and game dealer
  8. Andrews Lawrence, butcher
  9. Smith & Co., brush manufacturers
  10. Shapland James, fish and game dealer
  11. Thomas Henry, Butchers’ Arms Inn

16 ½. Winkle John, china & earthenware dlr.

17 & 18. Elt Albert, boot and shoe factor (see advt)

  1. Bozward William, fruiterer

Here Is The Butter And Poultry Market

Bozward Wm., jun., fishmonger

  1. Poiton William, Coach and Horses Inn
  2. Boulter John H., butcher
  3. Embling Benj., confectioner (sweets)
  4. Fildes Arthur, furniture dealer

Here Is Pump Street


  1. James John, fruiterer
  2. Plaister Henry Lionel, fried fish shop
  3. Griffin Mrs. Georgina, greengrocer
  4. Maggs Robert William, clothier
  5. Public Benefit Boot Company
  6. Cofield William J., New Market Inn

Here Is The Meat And Vegetable Market

City and County Arcade – Hopkins P. J. and E., general hardware dealers

Here Is Market Passage

  1. void
  2. Millis Edward Thomas, fried fish shop
  3. Excelsior Works – Cam William Henry & Sons, mechanical and electrical engineers (see advt.)
  4. Allen A. E., supply stores

Allington John, New Greyhound (back of)

  1. Barker R. J., grocer
  2. Brewer Alfred, butcher
  3. void
  4. Till Charles, jun., butcher
  5. Burgess Edward Douglas, hairdresser

Silverthorn H., Old Greyhound (back of)

  1. Tyler Henry, butcher
  2. Andrews Mrs. Mary, butcher
  3. Baker Henry, Liverpool Vaults
  4. Baker Mrs. Jane, greengrocer
  5. Jones Mrs. Eliza, fishmonger
  6. Pearks’ Stores, Ltd., provision dealers
  7. Fudger Henry, butcher
  8. Blackford Charles, butcher
  9. Till Richard, butcher
  10. Smith William, junr., butcher
  11. Blackburn Edward, butcher
  12. Till Charles, butcher

Sparshott & Milton, grocers, &c.

Here Is Mealcheapen Street; Also St. Swithin Street

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.