The greater portion of the ancient Parish of Claines is now designated “South Claines,” and is comprised within the limits of the City of Worcester. The Names of the Residents are given under Worcester.

DISTANCE TO CLAINES CHURCH – 2 miles N. of Worcester.

POPULATION – In 1901 (North Claines), 2100. Acreage, 3530.

POSTAL INFORMATION – Post and Telegraph Office, Fernhill Heath; James Henry Barnett, Sub-Postmaster. Letters and Parcels arrive by messenger from Worcester at 7.55 a.m., and 3.0 p.m. ; despatched by rail at 10.55 a.m. and 6.35 p.m. on week-days; delivered 7.55 a.m. and despatched at 11.5 a.m. on Sundays. Telegraphic, money order, and savings bank business is transacted from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m. Express letters are received for delivery between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Post Office, Claines (opposite the Church) – George Pritchard, Sub-Postmaster. Letters arrive by messenger from Worcester at 7 a.m. ; despatched at 8.5 a.m. and 5.5 p.m. on week-days, arid at 11.45 a.m. on Sundays.

The Wall Letter-box at Bevere Knoll is cleared at 7.5 a.m. and 6.O p.m. on week-days only.

The Wall Letter-box at Northwick Hall is cleared at 6.35 a.m. and 6.25 p.m. on week-days only.

The Wall Letter-box at Dilmore Lane is cleared at 5.55 p.m. on week-days, and at 11.25 a.m. on Sundays.

PARISH CHURCH (ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST) – Rev. Canon Alfred Stephenson Porter, M.A., F.s.A. (and rural dean), Vicar; G. Shrewsbury Smith and John Harvey Hooper, M.A., Churchwardens; Arthur Whinfield, Organist; George Pritchard, Sexton.

CLAINES CHURCH INSTITUTE AND WORKING MEN’S CLUB – Rev. A. S. Porter, M.A., F.S.A., President; George Pritchard, Secretary and Caretaker.

CLAINES ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – Walter Kibblewhite, Master; Mrs. Harriet Kibblewhite, Mistress.

HINDLIP ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (boys and girls), Fernhill Heath – John A. Wheeler, Master.

BAPTIST CHAPEL (in connection with Sansome Walk Baptist Church, Worcester), Fernhill Heath – Preachers various.

WORCESTERSHIRE HUNT – Kennels at Fernhill Heath; C. P. Mills, Master.

FERNHILL HEATH CRICKET CLUB – John Munslow, Secretary.


COUNTY POLICE STATIONS – Joseph Charles Speak, Constable for Fernhill Heath ; Edwd. Sadler, Green lane, Constable for Claines.

AN OMNIBUS TO WORCESTER (in connection with the Worcester Tramways) leaves Fernhill Heath during the summer months at 10.15 a.m., 12 noon, 3.20, 4.50, 6.20, 7.50, 9.20 p.m. on week-days, and at 3.20, 4.50, 6.20, 7.50, and 9.20 p.m. on Sundays. The Ombersley Omnibus passes through Hawford five times daily on week-days, and three times on Sundays.

FERNHILL HEATH RAILWAY STATION (Great Western Railway) – Wm. Christopher, Station Master.


Allington John, farmer, Astwood

Ames Captain Fredk., J. P. , Hawford lodge

Andrews Mrs. E., Ye Virgin Tavern, Tolladine road

Andrews Thos., farmer & dealer, Astwood

Ashton Mrs., Morton house, Fernhill heath

Baldwin Henry, gardener, Ombersley road

Baldwin Thomas, joiner, Ombersley road

Barfield Zachariah R., Chatley villa, Droitwich road

Barker D. W., Ltd., brick manufacturers,Worcester patent brick works

Barnard Frederick Wm., farmer and dairyman, Bevere Green farm

Barnes Alfred, Hawford Inn

Barnett James Henry, sub-postmaster, Fernhill heath post office

Beck Albert, Mug House Inn, Claines churchyard

Beck Charles, farmer and dairyman, Corn Meadow farm

Beck F., dairy farmer, The Firs farm

Bennett S., Porter’s hill farm

Betteridge Wm., farmer, Great Tolladine

Bill Mrs. Susannah, miller, Mildenham mill

Bishop Charles, baker and grocer, Fernhill heath

Bough George, shopkeeper, Churchyard

Bowers Miss, shopkeeper, Fernhill heath

Brazier Fredk. Jas.. Lindhurst, Station rd.

Brewer Edwin, mkt. gardener, Green lane

Broadhurst John, gardener, Old Workhouse

Brown Mrs. Mary, Elm cottage, Station road, Fernhill heath

Bucknell John, White Hart Inn, Fernhill heath

Burgess E., 3 Station road

Burrows Fred., solicitor, Hill ho., Bevere

Callow Samuel, farm bailiff, Astwood

Carless W. Stanley, farmer, Raven farm and Moat house farm ; res., Worcester

Cartridge Arthur, Upper Tapenhall farm

Castle Mrs. E., Hawford house

Cave William Perry, farmer, Ladywood

Charke Miss, Elbury cottage, Tolladine rd.

Clunes Mrs., The Elms, Fernhill heath

Cook G. W., Hawford

Copple Mrs. Mary, The Laurels, Fernhill hth.

Christopher Wm., station master, Station road, Fernhill heath

Crofts Tom John, Rose vil., Fernhill heath

Curtler Frederick Lewis, Bevere house

Davidson William John, Oakfield

Davies Mrs. E., Keephill cot., Fernhill hth.

Dore Charles, engineer, Little Perdiswell

Dufty Chas., mkt. gardener, Droitwich road

Dutton Chas., Portfields villa, Tolladine rd.

Etheridge Albert, furniture remover, 2 Whinfield villas

Ewart Mrs., Northwick house

Firkins Joseph, farmer, Hawford

Griffiths Thomas, gardener, Corn meadow

Griffiths William, gardener, Corn meadow

Griffiths Wm. H., rope manufr., Wheatfield villa, Station road, Fernhill heath

Hancocks George, Cedars, Fernhill heath

Hard wick Miss, 2 Granville villas, Ombersley road

Harper Thomas, head gardener to Henry Walker, Perdiswell hall gardens

Hetherington Jos. Howard, Glenthorn

Hirons Arthur, New Inn, Ombersley road

Hogg James, Mount Elbury, Tolladine road

Hooper John Harvey, M.A., Tutnall

Horniblow Freeman, land surveyor, The Firlands, Fernhill heath

Horniblow Wm. Thorneloe, Fernhill heath

Hudson James, Fernhill heath

Hunt James, Northwick

Jackson J. A., miller, Porter’s mill

Jackson Mrs. Mary, farmer, Hill top, Bevere

Jackson Robert, farmer, Little Tolladine (and in Warndon parish)

Jacomb H. E., Northwick hall

Kibblewhite Walt., schoolmstr., Claines

King Mrs., 1 Grantham villas

Lane Geo., beer retailer (Halfway House],Fernhill heath

Langstone Robt., coml. travlr., 2 Hadley vils.

Larkworthy John Lavington, 1 Hadley villas, Droitwich road

Loch Captain George E., Bevere Manor

Lock C. P., Danes Green farm

McLeod Mrs., Bevere knoll

McNaught Arnold, Dilmore house, Fernhill heath

Manning John, agent, Fernhill heath

Medway Albt. Edwd., commercial traveller, Rose lawn, Fernhill heath

Morton Frederick William, Fernhill heath house

Moseley William, Moat farm, Astwood

Munslow John, grocer, &c., Fernhill heath

Mytton Hubert, butcher, Fernhill heath

Nash Mrs., Woodbine, Station road, Fernhill heath

Newbury Wm., gardener, &c., Northwick ; and fruiterer, &c., Worcester

Nicholas Nicholson, Elm pl., Fernhill heath

Nind Frederick, baker, Fernhill heath

Norckett Frank, head gardener, Hawford

Oldnall Capt., The Firs, Bevere

Peake Capt. W. H., Northwick Grange

Penney George, School lane, Fernhill heath

Philips Jas., The Linacres Farm. Milk, butter, and eggs supplied in the city twice daily.

Philips Robert, farmer & dairyman, Church farm

Pitchford E., engineer, Chatley villa, Droitwich road

Porter Rev. Alfred Stephenson, M.A., F.s. A. (vicar of Claines, rural dean of East Worcester, and hon. canon of Worcester Cathedral), The Vicarage

Powell William, coal agent, Lyttelton villas, Fernhill heath

Pratt Harry K., The Laurels, Fernhill heath

Price William, farmer, Blackpole

Prior-Wandesforde Hy. Wallis, The Grange

Pritchard George, sub-postmaster and parish sexton, Claines post office

Prosser Mrs. L., Dilmore lodge, Fernhill ht.

Pugh R. W., gasfitter, 5 Grantham villas

Ranford Harry, Raven Inn, Droitwich road

Reid W. G., engineer, Old Northwick

Ridlington Tom (Robert Allen & Co.)

Rigden E. Fownes, Rose place

Roper Walt. J., Church cot., Fernhill heath

Rossiter Geo., mkt. gardnr., Ombersley rd.

Rowe W. B. & Son, nurserymen and seedsmen, Barbourne nurseries

Rowe William Broad, The Nursery house

Sadler Edward, police constable for Claines

Salkeld Mrs. Jane, Gorse cot., Tolladine rd.

Sanderson Mrs. Frances Maria, Tapenhall house, Fernhill heath

Sansome Isaac John, farmer, Oak farm

Sherwood Mrs. Harriet, Fernhill heath

Shipway Maurice Alfred, farmer, Holy Claines farm; res,, London rd., Worcester

Smith Edwd., dairyman, near Claines church

Smith Geo. Shrewsbury, Common hill ho.

Smith H., general builder, &c., Station road, Fernhill Heath. Jobbing work and repairs promptly attended to

Smith Oscar, foreman iron worker, Perdiswell cottage

South Wales & Cannock Chase Coal & Coke Company, Ltd., dep6t at Fernhill heath station ; William Powell, Agent

Speak Joseph Charles, police constable, The Hollies, Fernhill heath

Taylor Jas, Colenso villa, Fernhill heath

Thomas Ernest Percy, Clifton villa, Fernhill heath

Thompson Mrs., Ellerslie vil., Fernhill hth.

Tolley Chas. Ed., Lings villa, Fernhill heath

Tolley Henry, bricklayer, Fernhill heath

Topham F., farm bailiff, Old Northwick

Turner Ephraim, farmer, Daniel’s farm

Turner Henry, Tapenhall farm

Turner John C., Goodwood ho., Fernhill ht.

Twinberrow John, Elbury house

Wakefield H., Live & Let Live, Fernhill hth.

Walker Arth.. manufactr.. Little Perdiswell

Walker Henry, D.L. , Perdiswell hall

Walker Thomas, gardener to Captain Loch

Walsh Frederick, Fernhill heath

Warner Mrs. Henrietta, miller, Hawford mill, Claines. Corn, wheat, bran, barley, beans, flour, &c.

Watkins William, farmer, Astwood

Webb William Wentworth, commercial traveller, Dilmore, Fernhill heath

Weimholt Miss, Fernhill Heath house

Wheeler John A., master of Hindlip elementary school, Fernhill heath

Whinfield Arthur, Severn grange

White Geo., gas fitter, 1 Florence villas, Whinfield road

White Henry, blacksmith, Fernhill heath

White Henry, assistant overseer, Station road, Fernhill heath

White Walter,, clerk, 4 Granville villas, Ombersley road

Whiting George, Corn meadow

Wiggall Alex. Arth., Bull Hotel, Fernhill ht.

Williams Mrs., Blackpole

Williamson Rev. John, 2 Grantham villas, Ombersley road

Wood Wm., Old Workhouse, Fernhill heath

Woodyatt Charles, farmer, Spellis farm (and in Hindlip parish)

Worrall John, Station road, Fernhill heath

Stanton Geo., letter carrier, Fernhill heath

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.