Clifton-on-Teme, 10 miles from Worcester, containing 84 houses, and 499 inhabitants. It is a pleasant and diversified part of the county, and was formerly a market town. Sapey Pritchard is a hamlet to this parish.


Bidington Thos., farmer

Bowkett William, shopkeeper

Bury John, butcher

Cartwright Thos., shopkeeper

Caswell Walter, farmer

Corbett Thomas, farmer

Coucher John, Gent.

Coucher Caleb, Gent.

Coucher Martin, farmer

Dipper Jacob, butcher

Downes William, farmer

Eaton Benj., farmer

Fielders John, vict.

Ford Edward, farmer

Gorle William, gent.

Griffiths John, farmer

Haywood Mr. gent.

Haywood Sam., farmer

Haywood Edw., farmer

Haywood Mary, shopkeeper

Holland John, miller

Hughes Rev. Richard

Jones John, farmer

Jones William, farmer

Lewis John, farmer

Martin Wm., glazier

Nash George, farmer

Neville Widow, farmer

Piper Widow, farmer

Price William, farmer

Seward Mr. gent.

Smith T. P., glazier (?)

Tearne Edward, farmer

Watkins Thos., farmer

Webb John, farmer

West Joseph, farmer

West Thomas, mason

Wilcox Joseph, vict.

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.