Left Side From St. Oswald’s

Britannia Lodge – Quarterman Arthur, professor of music

  1. Whitehouse Edwin, carver and gilder
  2. Ivy Cottage – Wheller John, inspector N.S.P.C.C.
  3. & 48. Willoughby Mrs. Jane, fancy draper
  4. Quarterman John, butcher
  5. & 44. Gregory Harry (Plume of Feathers)
  6. Morris John, pork butcher

St. George’s Place (1.) Boelter R. W. offices of the Linna syndicate

St. George’s Place (2.) James Miss Harriet, apartments

St. George’s Place (3.) Whiteman Bros., hardware dlrs.

  1. Copson Mrs. Jane, Coach & Horses Inn

Here Is Court No. I

  1. Mosley William, watchmaker, &c.
  2. Venice House – Higgs Miss L., milliner
  3. Smith Hugh, tobacconist and hairdresser
  4. Martin P. A., butcher
  5. Thorpe James, fruiterer
  6. & 30. Morgan Robt., bookseller & stationer
  7. Hughes Henry, baker, &c.

Here Is Hebb Street; Also Barbourne Road

Right Side From St. Oswald’s

St. Oswald’s Hospital and Church (re-built 1875) – Rev. George Francis Hooper, M.A., Chaplain

St. Oswald’s – Hooper Rev. George Francis, M.A., (chaplain of St. Oswald)

Worcester High School for Girls, Ltd. –Miss Alice Ottley, Head Mistress

The Whistones – Leicester Hubert Aloysius

The Mall – Wilding L. J., M.R.C.S.

The Priory – Boodle D. Gore & Co., dentists

Whiteladies House – Hillard Fredk. Arth., M.A., (head master of Worcester Royal Grammar School)

Whiteladies House – Scruby F. S., B.A., Crowe G. L. (assistant masters at Grammar School)

Worcester Royal Grammar School (Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation) – Frederick Arthur Hillard M.A., Head Master

Queen Elizabeth’s Almshouses (20) – erected by the Six Governors and Supervisors of the Free School and Almshouses

Here Is Little London; Also Barbourne Road

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.