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Wakefield comprises the following parishes:

  • Wakefield All Saints, Yorkshire
  • Wakefield St Mary, Yorkshire
  • Wakefield St John, Yorkshire
  • Wakefield St Andrew, Yorkshire
  • Wakefield Holy Trinity, Yorkshire


  • Alverthorpe, Yorkshire also known as Wakefield St Paul
  • Stanley, Yorkshire also known as Wakefield St Peter
  • Thornes, Yorkshire also known as Wakefield St James

Historical Descriptions

The Parliamentary Gazetteer of England and Wales 1851

Wakefield, a parish in the lower division of the wapentake of Agbrigg, union of Wakefield, west riding of Yorkshire. It contains the market-town of Wakefield, the chapelries of Horbury and Stanley, and the townships of Alverthorpe, Thornes, Wakefield, and Wrenthorpe; and is intersected by the Manchester and Leeds railway, which is carried over the Calder at Broadreach by a viaduct of three noble arches, each 63 feet 7 inches on the skew. The North Midland railway, from Derby to Leeds, joins the Manchester and Leeds line a little to the east of Wakefield. Acres 9,390. Houses, in 1831, 4,970 A.P., in 1815, £94,518. Pop. of the parish, in 1801, 16,597; in 1831, 24,538. Poor rates, in 1838, £12,209 13s. The poor-law union of Wakefield embraces 17 parishes and townships. The amount of money expended in the support of the poor in this union, in 1840-1, was £16,271. The manor of Wakefield is above 30 miles in length from east to west, stretching from Normanton westward to the contines of Lancashire. It comprises nearly 150 towns, villages, and hamlets, of which Wakefield and Halifax are the chief. The court-baron of Wakefield has original jurisdiction in matters of replevin, and by statute of 17° Geo. III. jurisdiction for the recovery of debts not exceeding £5. It is held by the steward of the manor, two deputy-stewards, and an eminent barrister. The steward is appointed by the lord of the manor, and receives about £300 per annum of fees. There are usually 19 courts a-year. The population within the jurisdiction of this court exceeds 250,000. Sandal-castle was the court or manor-house of this extensive fee; but the manor-house and moot-hall are now in Wakefield. Read More

Leonard’s Gazetteer of England and Wales 1850

Wakefield, 199 miles N.W. London. Market, Wed. P. 29,992

Source: Leonard’s Gazetteer of England and Wales; Second Edition; C. W. Leonard, London; 1850.


White’s 1853 Leeds and the Clothing Districts of Yorkshire: a Reprint of the 1853 Issue of Directory and Gazetteer of Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, Huddersfield, Wakefield and the Whole of the Clothing Districts of Yorkshire by William White

1847 Directory and Topography of Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, Huddersfield, Wakefield and the Whole Clothing Districts of the West Riding of Yorkshire by William White



Below is a list of people that were declared bankrupt between 1820 and 1843 extracted from The Bankrupt Directory; George Elwick; London; Simpkin, Marshall and Co.; 1843.

Armitage Samuel Harrison, Wakefield; and Matthew Dodgson, Manchester; maltsters, Aug. 3, 1841.

Aynsley George, Wakefield, Yorkshire, victualler, Aug. 10, 1822.

Backhouse Daniel, Spring Mill, Almondbury, Yorkshire; and Joshua Woodcock, jun., Wakefield; dyers, Jan. 12, 1827.

Backhouse Thomas, Wakefield, plumber and glazier, April 24, 1835.

Barthrop Edwin, Wakefield, Yorshire, woolstapler, Dec. 20, 1836.

Bates Richard, Wakefield, linen draper, May 16, 1834.

Billam John Baron, Wakefield, Yorkshire, manufacturer, Jan. 23, 1835.

Billington John, jun., Wakefield, Yorkshire, scrivener, Feb. 11, 1834.

Binney Thomas; Richard Binney; and Mordecai Binney; Wakefield and Morton, Lincolnshire, corn factors, March 9, 1830.

Blackmore Richard; and John Craven; Wakefield, corn millers, Feb. 8, 1842.

Brown Thomas and Benjamin, Wakefield, Yorksh., linen drapers, Sept. 10, 1841.

Burrell George, Wakefield, Yorkshire, cloth merchant, Nov. 14, 1826.

Burrell Richard, jun., Wakefield, Yorkshire, merchant, July 18, 1826.

Burrell William, Thorne’s lane, Wakefield, dyer and merchant, April 20 1824

Burton Benjamin, Wakefield, Yorkshire, cloth manufacturer, May 18, 1827.

Burton John, Wakefield, Yorkshire, woolstapler, March 2, 1832.

Chamock John Henry, Wakefield, share broker and banker. Nov. 27, 1840.

Clapham Charles, Wakefield, wine and spirit merchant, Jau. 30, 1829.

Clarinl Thomas William, Wakefield, Yorkshire, corn factor, Aug. 7, 1840.

Collett Thomas; and Joseph Smith; Ossett, near Wakefield, Yorkshire, cotton spinners, Aug. 2, 1842.

CollinsonThomas, Wakefield, Yorkshire, boat builder, June 29, 1841.

Copley George, Wakefield, Yorkshire, linen draper, Nov. 20, 1827.

Crabtree John, Thorne’s lane, Wakefield, victualler, Aug. 10, 1822.

Crosley Thomas, Wakefield, Yorkshire, currier, Aug. 11, 1826.

Crowther John, jun., Wakefield, Yorksh., corn factor & maltster, Jan. 31, 1824.

Dalton Francis, Wakefield, Yorkshire, liquor merchant, Nov. 3, 1821.

Dunnill Jeremiah, jun., Wakefield, Yorkshire, tailor, M a y 23, 1826

Eccles Richard, Wakefield, Yorkshire, worsted spinner, May 16, 1826.

Elliott Stephen; and John Allen; Wakefield, corn factors, Oct. 11, 1839.

Elliott William, Wakefield, Yorkshire, corn factor, Oct. 4, 1839.

Evers Robert, Wakefield, Yorkshire, corn factor, July 27, 1830.

Fernandes Joze Luis; Nowcll Luis Fernandes; and Joze Luis Fernandes, jun.; Wakefield, Yorkshire, corn millers and merchants, Dec. 16, 1842.

Gawthorp Samuel Thurlstone Wade, Wakefield, corn factor, Jan. 26, 1838.

Gloyne Henry, Wakefield, Yorkshire, grocer, Nov. 7, 1837.

Greenwood Richard; and John Hammerton; Dewsbury and Wakefield, Yorkshire, linen drapers, March 21, 1826.

Haigh William Henry, Wakefield, Yorkshire, flour & malt factor, Aug. 13, 1839.

Halliley Henry, Wakefield, Yorkshire, dyer, March 21, 1837.

Hargreaves Thos., jun., Wakefield, Yorkshire, money scrivener, Nov. 22, 1833.

Hemsbrough Peter Thos. Bradbury,Wakefield, worsted manuf., Mar. 21, 1343.

Hird Richard. Wakefield, Yorkshire, bone and cake crusher, Feb. 4, 1826.

Horsfall William, Wakefield, Yorkshire, spirit merchant, Nov. 29, 1825.

Johnson Thomas, jun., Wakefield, Yorkshire, merchant, Jan. 27, 1821.

Lambron Robert, Wakefield, Yorkshire, linen draper, Nov. 12, 1830.

Lee Tottenham, Wakefield, worsted yarn manufacturer, Dec. 21, 1841.

Lee William Thompson, Heath, Wakefield, merchant, Dec. 15, 1829.

Lockwood James; & George Lockwood; Wakefield, merchants, April 26, 1842.

Lupton James; and John Hudson; Wakefield, wool agents, Oct. 26, 1832.

Magnsy Daniel, Wakefield, Yorkshire, hotel keeper, May 12, 1837.

Mellin Richard John Sutclilï, Wakefield. Yorkshire, dyer, Feb. 21, 1840.

Nichols Richard, Wakefield, Yorkshire, bookseller, April 3, 1835.

Nichols Thomas, Wakefield, Yorkshire, bookseller, May 13, 1834.

Preston Roger Robinson, Wakefield, Yorkshire, innkeeper, Jan. 10, 1843.

Robinson Edward, Wakefield, Yorkshire, hosier, Dec. 7, 1832.

Scott John, Wakefield, Yorkshire, grocer, May 1, 1835.

Scott William; and Joseph Scott, jun.; Wakefield, merchants, June 10, 1821

Senior John Hanson, Wakefield, oil crusher, Jan. 9, 1821.

Shaw George, Wakefield, Yorkshire, grocer, Dec. 14, 1841.

Shaw John, Wakefield, Yorkshire, land surveyor, Feb. 14, 1824.

Sowden John, jun., Wakefield, Yorkshire, corn factor, April 12, 1823.

Stead John, Wakefield, Yorkshire, architect and builder, March 5, 1825.

Tute Benj. Northrop, Wakefield, Yorkshire. printer & stationer, July 27, 1824.

Warneford Francis, Wakefield, Yorkshire, tea dealer & grocer, May 29, 1824.

Webb William, Wakefield, Yorkshire, innkeeper. Feb. 11, 1826.

White John, Wakefield. Yorkshire, carpenter and builder, Dec. 16, 1828.

Wilson William, Stanley Ferry, Wakefield, innkeeper, Jan. 26, 1841.

Wright William, Wakefield, Yorkshire, innkeeper, Jan. 14, 1826.


Wakefield and District 1907: One Inch Sheet 078 (Old Ordnance Survey Maps – Inch to the Mile)

Wakefield (West) 1905: Yorkshire Sheet 248.06 (Old Ordnance Survey Maps of Yorkshire)

Wakefield (North) 1890: Yorkshire Sheet 248.03 (Old O.S. Maps of Yorkshire)

Wakefield (South) 1890: Yorkshire Sheet 248.07 (Old O.S. Maps of Yorkshire)

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