Leeds – Commercial Directory of the Jews of Gt. Britain. 1894



Forster, J. M. ; Fashionable Tailor, and scientific cutter.

Goldstein & Davies, 117; Master Tailors.


Cohen & Josephy ; Woolen merchants.


Lubelski, D., Beeston Road Clothing Works ; Wholesale clothing manufacturer. Est. 1873.


Kino Bros, ; Merchant Tailors.

Marcan, L., 20, Aire street ; French consul.

Marcan, M., New Station street ; Woolen merchant.

Sloman, J., 23, Royal Exchange ; Teazle and cigar merchant.


Alexander, Joseph, 51 ; Greengrocer, fish dealer and Tobacconist.

Altshuler, S. H., 26 ; Wholesale and retail tobacconist and cigarette manufacturer.

Cohen, H., 11; and 51, Regent street; Family grocer and provision dealer.

Cohen, Louis, 57 ; Grocer, and wholesale and retail wine dealer. Special “Kosher” wines for passover. Country orders solicited, and will receive prompt attention. Also at 86, Regent street ; Baker and grocer.

David, Harris, 46; and at 103, Regent street; Family butcher and poulterer. Country orders attended to.

Fisher, Louis, 18 ; Family butcher and poulterer. Orders from summer resorts, promptly attended to.

Freedman, Israel, 15 ; Dealer in job fent, and all kinds of cloth. Est. 1878.

Freedman, M., 60 ; Family butcher and poulterer.

Goldberg, H., 25; Dealer in woolen remnants and job lots.

Harris, Hyman, 54 ; and at 30, Hope street ; Family butcher and German wurst and sausage manufacturer and poulterer. Est. 1876.

Hyman, Morris, 36 ; Wholesale and retail dealer in tailors’ trimmings, cloths, etc.

Hyman, Samuel, 39 ; Family grocer and provision dealer.

Israeli, Abm. M., 71 ; Brunswick loan office.

Kleinberg, Ephraim, 65 ; Family butcher and poulterer.

Morris, Israel, 66 ; Baker, grocer, and provision dealer.

Rooms, Jacob, 59 ; Wholesale and retail dealer in imported spirits and liqueurs.

Rosenbloom, Mrs. E., 13; Family grocer and provision dealer. Est. 1878.

Rosencrantz, J., 35 ; Tailor, and cigar and tobacco dealer.


Fox, J. Dealer in China-ware.

Friend & West, 66 ; Bespoke Tailors.

Harrison, D., Wood street ; Wholesale and retail clothier.

Hyam & Co., ltd. Clothiers, etc.

Marks, Morris, & Co. Professional true-fitting tailors.

Wolf, H. Tobacconist.

Wolf, S., Harrison street, Lead dealers.


Blasebalk, M., 1 1, Brunswick terrace. Wholesale and retail jeweller. Est. 1856.

Blashkey, Morris, 8, Samuel street ; Bespoke Tailor and draper.

Cainer, Simon, 30, St. Alban’s street ; Wholesale slipper and boot manufacturer.

Cohen, Chas. H., 46, Glover street; Master Tailor and draper.

Fineberg, S., Brunswick terrace ; Master tailor.

Frieder, L. & Son, Grove House Lane ; Boot and slipper manufacturers.

Goodman, Morris, 1 1 , Rockingham street ; Wholesale and retail grocer and provision dealer.

Hernberg, Hyman, 41, Rockingham street ; Bespoke tailor and outfitter.

Joseph, Benj., 6, Brunswick terrace; Wholesale clothier.

Joseph, Davis, 6, Brunswick terrace. Wholesale clothier.

Ludski, Mrs., 26. Boarding house.

Rosenbaum, Harris, 19, Rockingham street. Bespoke tailor.

Rosenbaum. Jac., 4, St. Alban’s street. Tailor and outfitter.

Rosenberg, Lazarus, 36, Cobourg street. Family grocer and provision dealer, and jeweler.

Saipe, J. M., 82, Elmwood street ; Bespoke tailor and outfitter.

Schultz, Wm., 25, Cobourg street ; Draper, and dress and mantle maker, and ladies tailor. Est. 1881.

Simons, Morris, 11, Elmwood street; Workshop, Three Legs Yard, Lowerhead Row ; Wholesale cloth manufacturer.

Sinofsky, Sol., 32, Cobourg street; Bespoke tailor.

Starfield, Herman, 20, St. George’s terrace ; Wholesale jeweler and watch manufacturer. Est. 1874.

Umanski, Moses, 13, Cross Belgrave street; Physician

Weinstein, Rev. S., Belgrave street ; Reader Marion pole synagogue.


Hirsch & Josephys ; Woolen merchants.


Isaacs, D. ; Jeweller.

Niman, Mark, 7 ; High-class Tailor, and wholesale and retail tailor’s trimming merchant.


Cohen, Rev. J., Reader, Polish Synagogue.

Frais, Jac., 28 ; Master tailor.

Harris, Moses, 81 ; Boot, shoe, and slipper manufacturer.

Levinstein, Simon, 81 ; Joiner and cabinet maker.

Levy, Ph., 22 , Master tailor, Melbourne street mills.

Moses, Henry, 24 ; Master tailor.

Oldman & Isaac, 28 ; Master tailors.

Pearlman, S., 32; Leather merchant and currier.

Rubenstein, M., 22 ; Wholesale cabinet manufacturer.

Rosenthal, H., 85-7 ; Leather merchant.

Saffer, Nathan, 24 ; Master tailor.

White Bros., 22 ; Master tailors.


Lightman, V., Globe Works ; Cabinet maker.


Brash, J., Wholesale and retail jeweler.

Cohen, M., Jeweler.

Levi, Isaac, 74 ; Piece-goods and fent dealer.


Altman, H., 32 ; Bespoke tailor.

Cohen, Saml,, 31 ; Mechanic.

Fineberg, Morris, Old Workhouse yard ; Master tailor.

Fox, Ph., 33-40; Picture dealer, frame maker, and house-furnisher.

Friedenson, J. W., 31 ; Hebrew and general printer.

Friend, Herman, Old Workhouse yard; Master tailor.

Geskofsky, A., 36 ; Surgical instrument maker, and cutler.

Goldman, Elkan ; Boot, shoe and slipper manf.

Goldman, Simon, Pollard’s Yard, Millgarth street ; Master tailor. Est. 1871.

Greenberg, E., 2, Quarry Hill; Draper.

Joseph, Simon, Bainbridge buildings, Millgarth st. ; Master tailor.

Layman, Archer, Old Workhouse yard ; Master tailor.

Leventhall, J., 2, Millgarth street ; Provision importer and oil merchant.

Ludman, Harris, Bainbridge buildings, Millgarth street ; Master tailor.

Saipe, Saml., 10; Wholesale and retail tailors’ and dressmakers’ trimmings.

Weiner, J., Pollard’s yard, Millgarth street ; Master tailor,

Wine, B., & Son, 30 ; Leather merchants.


Cohen, A., 14; Jeweler.

Gordon, Warwickshire Furnishing Co.

Wolf, A. ; House-furnisher.

Wolf, H. ; Clothier.


Adelstone, D. ; Slipper manufacturer.


Berkovitch, B., 753 ; Tailor and wholesale and retail clothier.

Bland, Morris, 31 ; Wholesale and retail tailor.

Galfskey, M., 67-9 ; also 59, Kirkgate. Baker, provision dealer, and confectioner.

Goldman, S. (I. Priceman), 72 ; Wholesale and retail clothier.

Wine, Saml., 42 ; Wholesale and retail clothier and outfitter.


Cohen, Moss, 52 : Tailor and draper.

Lipman, M. L., 3 ; High-class tailor.


Alexander, Louis, 3, Crimbles street; Watchmaker and jeweler.

Cohen, Joe, 24, Crimbles street ; Tailor and draper and general dealer.

Levi, J., 42, Crimbles street ; Wholesale sponge and brush importer, and chamois leather dresser.

Wolfson, H., 163 ; Tailor and outfitter.


Levy, Archie, Low Fold Mills ; Master tailor.

Harrison, Marks, Low Fold Mills ; Master tailor.

Narunsky, Morris, Low Fold Mills ; Wholesale boot and shoe manufacturer.

Abrahams, I. & Co., 117, Templar street ; Passover cake manufacturer and Passover provisions. Country orders received.

Baim, Saml., 19, Templar street ; General grocer and biscuit manufacturer, and Passover provisions and matzo baker.

Landa, C. 5-7, Templar street: Wholesale and retail dealer in drapery, cloths, and fents.

Levi, I., 41, Luke street; Bespoke tailor.

Parisian Tailoring Co., 173; Merchant tailors and costume makers. Samples and particulars.

Raisman, M., aud Son, 62, Templar street ; Wholesale and retail wine and spirit merchants.


Aber, David, 38, Byron street ; Wholesale boot, shoe and slipper manufacturer.

Abrahamson, M., 28, Byron street ; Wholesale and retail tailors’ trimmings.

Benjamin, H., 23, Trafalgar street, and 13, Nile st. ; Wholesale boot, shoe and slipper manufacturer.

Berinstone, Harris, 25, Nile street ; Wholesale and retail tailors’ trimmings and woolens.

Bodlender, Abram, 2, Carlton terrace ; wholesale clothing manufacturer.

Cohen, Benj., 13, Byron street; Master tailor.

Cohen, Max, 41, Byron street; Family grocer and provision dealer and tobacconist.

Cohen, Mrs. W., 30 , Milliner, and English and and German draper.

Forleser, Rev. F. H. 3, Northfield villas; Reader, Gt. Synagogue, Belgrave street.

Frieze, Myer, 54, Byron street ; Retail draper, and pinafore dealer.

Goldman, Hyman, 46, Byron street ; Retail poulterer. Country orders attended to.

Grossman, F., 47, Byron street ; Wholesale boot, shoe, and slipper manufacturer.

Harris, Jacob, 27, Trafalgar street; Jeweler and watch dealer.

Hyman, A., 13, 14, Darley street ; Wholesale and retail jeweler. Est, 1871.

Jacobs, A., 95 ; North of England furnishing Co.

Labovitch, J., 105, Templar street; Grocer and provision dealer.

Landey J., 19. Trafalgar street, and 18, Nile street ; Wholesale boot and slipper manufacturer.

Levy, Reuben, 28, Trafalgar street ; Tailor, woolen merchant, and general outfitter. Excelsior loan office.

Levy, Rev. S. J., 36, Albert grove ; Reader New Briggate Synagogue.

Lewis, A., Lovell street ; Boot, shoe, slipper, and ankle-strap manufacturer for home and export. Est. 1878.

Lewis, Isaac, n, Nile, and 10, back Nile street; Wholesale and retail dealer in woolen goods and drapery.

Lewis, Jahob, 33, Concord street; Wholesale slipper manufacturer.

Lieberman, Julius, 43, Byron street; Family butcher Country orders attended to.

Miron, Simon, 44, Byron street ; Family grocer.

Myers, Mrs. R., 72, Byron street ; Dealer in English and German drapery and trimmings.

Newstead, J., 56, Stamford street ; Beadle and collector, Gt. Synagogue, Belgrave street.

Rosenthal, B., 10, Byron street ; Family grocer and provision dealer.

Wolfson, S., 15, Northfield terrace ; Jeweler.


Blackston, Morris, & Sons, Park Lane Mills ; Hat and fancy cap manufacturers, and general merchants.

Camrass, S. & Son, New Park-st. Mill ; Wholesale clothing manufacturers.

Myers, Jacob, New Park street Mill ; Wholesale hat and cap manufacturer.


Agulsky, Harris, 99 ; Confectioner and greengrocer.

Benjamin, L., 15, Saint street. Boot, shoe, and slipper manufacturer.

Davison, Marks, 80. Family butcher and poulterer.

Glicksman Sam, 107. Family baker. Country orders attended to.

Gombenski, C., 62. Family grocer and baker.

Goldman, A., 32. Family grocer and provision dealer.

Listfield, Simon, 99½ ; Family grocer and provision dealer.

Manham, Mrs. A., 95. Wholesale tea and provision dealer. Est. 1878.

Marks, Harris, 70. Wholesale and retail tailor and trimmings dealer.

Olofski, Eli, 7, Busfield street. Wholesale and retail boot, shoe and slipper manufacturer.

Price, Joseph, 23. Draper, clothier, and waterproof garment dealer.

Scheinberg, Marks, 28. Tobacconist, earthenware and general dealer.

Silman, Louis, 41. Family grocer and provision dealer.

Ziff, Louis, 42. Leather merchant and grindery dealer ; and boot and shoe manufacturer.


Rayman, Julius, 2ja. Jeweler and watchmaker. Est. 1887.

Stone, J., 11, Louis street, Jeweler.


Fox, Louis, 109. Grocer and provision dealer, and Master tailor.

Goldberg, J. M., 41, Duke street. Broker and dealer in second-hand goods.

Taylor, Louis, 107. Wholesale Clothier, Tailor and outfitter.


Abrahams, Rev. M., 19; Min. Gt. Syn., Belgrave street.

Lyons, Jac., 59 ; Pawnbroker and clothier.


Cohen, Wolf, Low Close Mills. Master tailor.


Isaacs, Henry, 32; Importer of watchmakers’ tools and materials.


Cohen, Sol., 26, Black Swan yard; Master tailor.

Goodman, Lewis, 26 ; Wholesale and retail tailors’ trimmings.

Shapiro, J. H., 26, Black Swan yard ; Master tailor.

Velinski, Simon, 20 ; tailor and outfitter.


Livingstons, L., 66 ; Family butcher and sausage manufacturer.


Zabludow, S. J., 54 ; and at 82, Burley road. Fashionable Tailor. Est. 1888.


Ash S. & L., 2 ; Woollen manfs., and merchants.

Myers Bros., 27 ; and Queen street ; Wholesale hat and cap merchants.

Zossenheim & Partners ; Woolen marchants.

Source: Commercial Directory of the Jews of the United Kingdom 1894 by Harfield, Eugene G.