Stourbridge (inc. Himley) Worcestershire Universal Directory 1791

Is a neat pleasant town, in the parish of Old Swinford, at the north extremity of the county, seated on the Stour, a very small river, over which there is a bridge, from whence it has its name. A church or chapel was built here by contribution, to the amount of near 2000l and, by an act of parliament in 1742, made a parish-church, separate from, and independent of, Old Swinford. Also several meeting-houses of Protestant dissenters. The town is governed by a bailiff, &c.

The manufactories of this town and its vicinity consist in glass, iron, cloth, and bricks; so considerable is the manufactory of glass, that that article alone pays to government 20,000l duty, per annum. Here are about ten glass-houses, where are made drinking-glasses, bottles, and window-glass, together with fine stone pots and crucibles for the glass-makers to melt the metal in, the clay of which they are made being peculiar to this place, and carried in great quantities to other manufactories. The mines in its vicinity consist of coal, iron-stone, and clay; the last of which, for its excellence and use in the manufactory of glass, is unequalled in the world.

Stourbridge is one hundred and twenty-six miles north-west from London, twelve west from Birmingham, sixteen east from Bridgenorth, ten south from Wolverhampton, ten north from Bromsgrove, and twenty-two from Worcester.

The market is on Friday; and it has two fairs in the year, viz. on the 29th of March, a very considerable one for horses; and the 8th of September, for horses, cattle, &c. besides one lately established on the 8th of January. It has a good free-school, founded by King Edward VI the revenues, &c. of which are considerable; there are eight governors, gentlemen of the town and parish. The school has a library of good books, given from time to time by the governors, and gentlemen educated thereat. – Near the town is a blue-coat school, founded and endowed, in the year 1667, by Thomas Foley, Esq. of Witley Court, in this county; under the direction of nineteen feoffees, for the clothing, maintenance, and education, of sixty poor boys, who, at the age of fourteen, are apprenticed out to trades, when they receive two suits of clothes and four pounds as an apprentice-fee.

BANK – Messrs. Hill, Waldron, and Co. draw on Sir James Esdaile, Esdaile, Hainett, and Esdaile, Lombard-street. The hours of attendance are from nine to one o’clock, and from two to five, Sundays excepted.

The post-office opens for receiving letters from London, Liverpool, &c. at four o’clock in the evening; shuts at eight o’clock next morning. Opens for receiving letters for Kidderminster, Bewdley, Bristol, and all westerly parts, at nine o’clock in the morning; and shuts at two.

A coach from the Crown inn, to the Swan inn, Birmingham; and Bull and Mouth inn, Bull and Mouth street, London; every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, mornings, at eight o’clock: fare to London, 1l 12s 6d.

WAGGONS – A wagon, from F. Rufford’s warehouse, through Bromsgrove, Alcester, Shatford, Shipston, and Oxford, to the Bull and Mouth inn, Bull and Mouth streets, every evening at four o’clock, Sundays excepted. – A wagon from the same warehouse to Kidderminster and Bewdley, every Saturday morning early; returns the same evening. – A ditto from the same warehouse to Bridgenorth every Monday and Saturday. – A ditto from the same warehouse to Broseley, Colebrook-Dale, &c. every Monday. – A ditto from the same warehouse, to Wolverhampton and Walsall, every Monday. – A ditto from the same warehouse to Dudley, Wednesbury, and Walsall, every Wednesday. – A ditto from the Mitre inn to Birmingham, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. – A ditto from the Crown inn, to Smith’s warehouse, Friar street, Worcester, every Saturday morning at eleven o’clock. – A ditto from the Mitre inn, to Liverpool and Manchester, every Thursday morning. – A ditto from the same inn to Sheffield every Monday morning.

A cart from William Harper’s warehouse to Birmingham every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, mornings, early; returns the same evenings. – A cart to Wolverhampton every Wednesday and Saturday mornings; returns the same evenings.

Boats, for the conveyance of goods to all parts of the kingdom by the canal, go off every spring-tide. By the late constructed canal, it has communication with the rivers Mersey, Dee, Ribble, Ouse, Trent, Darwent, Severn, Humber, Thames, Avon, &c. which navigation, including its windings, extends above five hundred miles in the counties of Lincoln, Nottingham, York, Lancaster, Westmoreland, Chester, Stafford, Warwick, Leicester, Oxford, &c. – The following are the principal inhabitants:

Gentry, &c.

Amphlett John, Esq. (F.) Clent-hall

Brettell Tho. Gent. (F.) Summer-hill

Dews Bernard, Esq. (F.) Hagley

Dixon Oliver, Esq. Old Swinford

Dudley Thomas, Esq. (F.) Shutend

Gibbons Benjamin, Esq. (F.) Shutend

Grove George, Gent.

Harpurs John, Esq. Wollescott

Hickman Edward, Esq. Old Swinford

Homfray Thomas, Esq. Grange

Homfray John Addenbrook, Esq. (F.)

Hornblower John, Gent.

Idains John, Gent. (F.)

Jeffe Mrs.

Jones Mrs.

Liel Thomas, Esq. Clent

Littlewood Mr. Benjamin

Male Mrs.

Oliver Hungerford, Esq. (F.)

Oliver Edward, Esq. (F.)

Owen Joseph, Gent.

Perrott Mrs.

Phillips Walford, Esq.

Pidcock John, Esq. the Plaits

Pidcock Thomas, Esq.

Pidcock Nathaniel, Gent.

Stokes Francis, Esq. (F.) Red-hill

Swain Joseph, Gent.

Tilt William, Gent.

Waldron William, Esq. (F.) Hagley

Waldron Thomas, Esq. (F.)

Wheeler Thomas, Gent. (F.)

Witton Francis, Gent. (F.)

Witton Richard, Gent. Old Swinford


Cumming Rev. Joseph, A. B. Curate of Old Swinford

Downing Rev. John, Envil

Durant Rev. John, Rector of Hagley

Foley Rev. Robert, A. M. Rector of Old Swinford

Pattinson Rev. John, A. M. Minister of the Chapel, and Head Master of the Grammar-school

Perry Rev. Lyttleton, Vicar of Clent

Phillpott Rev. Other, A. M. Rector of Pedmore

Phillpott Rev. Thomas, A. M. Curate of Pedmore

Willets Rev. Richard, A. M. Second Master to the Grammar-school, and Curate of King’s Swinford, Stafford


Causer and Dixon, (F.) Surgeons and Apothecaries

Coltman George, (F.) Druggist, &c.

Evans John and William, (F.) Surgeons

Freer William, Surgeon and Apothecary

Shaw Henry, Surgeon and Apothecary


Brettells Messrs. (F.) Attorneys

Brettell Benjamin, jun. Attorney

Harris Cha. and Wm. (F.) Attorneys

Hickman Richard, Attorney

Peshall Sparry, Attorney

Robins Joseph, (F.) Attorney

Roberts Henry, Attorney


Allden John Taylor and Habit-maker

Alport Susannah, (F.) Milliner

Alport Edward, (F.) Mercer and Draper

Andrews Richard, Taylor

Arundel Thomas, Baker and Maltster

Arundel Mary, Milliner

Ash Thomas, Wine and Spirit Merchant

Ashley Mary, Hatter

Badger Richard, (F.) Currier

Bagley Dudley, Miller

Bancks William and Co. (F.) Brierley Iron-works

Barker Wm. Agent to Bancks and Co.

Bate Susannah, (F.) Mercer and Draper

Bate Samuel, (F.) Fellmonger and Woolstapler

Bate Joseph, Victualler

Bate James, Breeches-maker

Bate John, Victualler

Baylis Jeffe, Chain-maker

Baylis Thomas, Chain-maker

Beavington William, (F.) Watchmaker

Best Thomas, (F.) Plumber and Glazier

Biddle James, Grocer and Chandler

Biggs Thomas, (F.) Maltster

Bird James, (F.)Joiner

Biven Thomas, Victualler

Blakemore and Price, Spade-makers

Blakeway Elizabeth, Shopkeeper

Blew William, (F.) Clothier and Dyer

Blew Hannah, Victualler

Bolton George, Butcher

Bond Thomas, Staymaker

Bourn John, (F.) Schoolmaster

Bowler William, Victualler

Bradley Richard, (F.) Glass-manufacturer

Brettell Benjamin, sen. Coalmaster

Bridgens William, Grocer

Briscoe George, (F.) Iron-master and Nail-factor

Brittain George, Confectioner

Brittell John, Brick and Clay Merchant, and Builder

Brocksopp Benjamin, Potter

Bromfield William, (F.) Builder and Joiner

Brown Robert, Victualler

Brown John, Locksmith and Victualler

Burden Thomas, (F.) Clothier

Burden William, Shopkeeper

Caddick Thomas, (F.) Joiner

Cardo Joseph, (F.) Brush-maker and Maltster

Caswell Joseph, Victualler

Caswell Jeremiah, (F.) Victualler

Chambers John, Hop-merchant

Cheverhall Sarah, Taylor

Coats Richard, Taylor and Habit-maker

Coley Richard, Clothes-dealer

Collis George, (F.) Wine and Liquor Merchant

Compson Nathaniel, Shoemaker

Compson Joseph, (F.) Shoemaker

Cooke Richard, Locksmith

Cooper John, Plumber and Glazier

Court Harry, (F.) Land-surveyor

Cox Sam. (F.) Woolcomber and Clothier

Cox Joseph, (F.) Tanner

Cox Benjamin, Timber-merchant

Cox John, Woolcomber

Cozen and Lewis, Milliners

Crampton Jonathan, Victualler

Crosfield Joseph, Schoolmaster

Crow James, (F.) Taylor and Habit-maker

Croydon John, (F.) Maltster and Baker

Davis William, Wheelwright

Devey Jas. (F.) Upholsterer, Appraiser, and Auctioneer

Dewce William, Victualler

Douglas William, Peruke-maker

Dovey James, Glass-cutter

Edge Samuel, (F.) Potter

Edwards Evan, Shoemaker

Edwards Joseph, Bricklayer

Edwards John, Victualler

Ellen John, (F.) Maltster and Baker

Fletcher John, Hair-dresser

Foster Henry, (F.) Spade-maker

Fowler John, Maltster and Cheese-factor

Franklin Edward, (F.) Shoemaker

Gardener Edward, Victualler

Geary Thomas, Maltster and Victualler

Gibbons Josiah, Stuff-maker

Gibbons T. W. and B. Iron-masters

Giles Thomas, Plane-maker

Gill Jeremiah, (F.) Currier

Grafton John, Taylor and Habit-maker

Grafton Elizabeth, Grocer

Grayland John, Hatter

Grazebrook Tho. and Michael, (F.) Glass-manufacturers

Groutage William, (F.) Coal-dealer

Grovenor Richard, Ropemaker

Grundy Isaac, (F.) Victualler

Guest Joseph Woollaston

Gwinnet John, Fishmonger

Hall Mary, Milliner

Harper William, Skinner

Harrison Arthur and Co. Scythe-makers

Haward Wm. (F.) Builder and Joiner

Hemus Joshua, Baker

Hickman Gregory, Coal-merchant

Hildreth Ann, Victualler

Hill Samuel, Schoolmaster

Hill Edward, Victualler

Hill Mary, Shopkeeper

Hill and Hampton, Ironmongers

Hill and Waldron, (F.) Glass-manufacturers

Hill Edward, Locksmith

Hill Francis, Scythe-smith

Hill John, Nail-factor

Hodgson Richard, Miller and Baker

Hodgson Samuel, Grocer and Chandler

Hollington Ambrose, (F.) Grocer and Chandler

Holloway John, Gardener and Seedsman

Honeyborne Robert, Flint Glass-maker

Honeyborne Thomas, Coal-master

Hopkins Charles, (F.) Mercer and Draper

Hornblower Thomas, Clothier

Irons Joseph, Shoemaker

Jackson Thomas, Stonemason

Jackson Edward, Joiner

Jeavons Joshua, (F.) Nail-factor

Jesson Robert, Milkman

Jones Robert, Victualler

Jones Martha, Victualler

Jones John, Baker

Jones William, Iron-master

Jones John, Brickmaker

Kenrick Hugh, Mercer and Draper

Kettle James, Clothier

Lane Francis, Victualler

Lloyd Rebecca, Cooper

Lowe John, Shoemaker

Lucas Elijah, Boarding-school

Marston John, Nail-factor

Matthews Daniel, Innholder

Matthews Paul, Baker and Maltster

Matthews Joshua, Clothier

Meredeth – , Scythe-smith

Mills William, Victualler

Millward Joseph, sen. Locksmith

Millward Joseph, jun. Locksmith

Moseley William, Ironmonger

Newbrough Elizabeth, Dealer in Glass and Earthen-ware

Newbrough Joshua, Plumber & Glazier

Newbrough Jasper, Cooper

Newnam John, Wheelwright

Owen and Hodgson, Spade-makers and Manufacturers

Overs Thomas, Staymaker

Oliver William, Iron-founder

Page John, (F.) Gardener

Palmer Richard, Cooper

Pargeter Thomas and John, Scythe-smiths

Pargeter Nicholas Hancox, Nail-factor

Pargeter Joseph, Grocer

Parker Samuel, Grocer

Parkes Joseph, (F.) Hop and Cider Merchant

Penn John, Timber-merchant

Penny James, Blacksmith

Perkes Thomas, Locksmith

Perkes John, Locksmith

Perry John, Scythe-smith

Phillips Benjamin, Joiner

Pidcock John and Sons, Glass-manufacturers

Pike Benjamin, Taylor and Dealer in Clothes

Pinches Thomas, Milkman

Poole Miss, Milliner

Price Moses, Taylor

Quarman Robert, Coachmaker

Randle William, Gardener

Randle John, Victualler

Rathbone John, Victualler

Rawley John, Butcher

Rawley Edward, Baker

Raybould Thomas, (F.) Scythe-smith

Richards Bate, (F.) Maltster and Hop-merchant

Richards Benjamin, Victualler

Richards Thomas, Sadler

Richards William, Grocer and Chandler

Richards Thomas, (F.) Maltster and Baker

Richards Henry, Blacksmith

Rogers John, Sadler

Rufford Francis, (F.) Carrier

Saunders Samuel, (F.) Brazier

Savage Mary, Post-mistress

Scott Wm. and John, (F.) Clothiers

Seager William, Potter

Seager William, Cast Iron-founder

Share Joseph, Victualler

Shipley James, (F.) Hop-merchant

Shirt Edward, (F.) Baker

Siddons Henry, Butcher

Siddons Skidmore, (F.) Butcher

Siddons Paul, Butcher

Sillitoe George, (F.) Currier

Skidmore Joseph, Victualler

Skidmore Joseph, Hair-dresser

Smallwood John, Gardener

Smith Joseph, Baker

Smith John, Mercer, Draper, and Milliner

Southall Thomas, Shoemaker

Steel John, Victualler

Steward Dorothy, Pawnbroker

Stokes George, (F.) Iron-master and Nail-factor

Styles Thomas, Innkeeper

Talbot William, Victualler

Taylor Joseph, Baker

Thomas John, Blacksmith

Thompson Benjamin

Tidman John, Breeches-maker

Tilley James, Bricklayer

Tilley James, Locksmith

Timmins Ann, Dealer in Sweets

Tipper Richard, Clothes-dealer

Tomkinson Samuel, Painter

Venable John, (F.) Victualler

Wade and Green, Ironmongers and Braziers

Waldron William, Scythe-smith

Walker Francis, (F.) mercer & Draper

Walker Edward, Joiner

Wallent John, Victualler

Ward James, Pump-maker

Webb Thomas, Victualler

West John, Printer, Bookseller, and Stationer

West Mary, (F.) Tea-dealer and Confectioner

Westwood Edward, Victualler

Wheeler Joseph, (F.) Clothier

Wheeler Richard, Dealer and Chapman

Wheeley Thomas, Boat-owner

White John, Joiner and Builder

Wiley John, Innkeeper

Wilkes Walter, Grocer and Chandler

Willcox Harry, Staymaker

Willetts Thomas, Victualler

Willetts Thomas, Miller and Glass Pot-maker

Wilson John, Baker

Winter William, Shoemaker

Witton Serjent, (F.) Glass-manufacturer

Witton John, (F.) Maltster

Wood John, Grocer and Chandler

Wood Thomas, (F.) Shovel-maker

Wooldridge and Wallins, Anvil-makers

Wragg and Wilson, Mercers and Drapers

Wyers Edward, Locksmith

Young Phebe, (F.) Grocer

The principal seat in the neighbourhood of Stourbridge are, those of the Earl of Stamford, at Envil, described vol. ii. P. 247. – Lord Viscount Dudley and Ward, at Himley. – Lord Westcote, at Hagley, described vol. ii. P. 246. – Major Halliday, at the Leasowes, described vol. ii. P. 243. – And the Hon. Edward Foley, at Prestwood: the town being nearly in the centre of them all.

In the parish of Himley there is a blade-mill, at which scythes, reaping-hooks, axes, hatchets, and the like tools, having been forged by the whitesmiths, are ground to a fine edge. All these instruments are made of iron first, softened with fat unctuous bodies, as butter, oil, wax, suet, &c. for that sue, as irons for carts, plough-shares, horse locks and shoes, nails and buckles, are of iron, hardened by art.

Source: Universal British Directory 1791

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