Addenda Lewis Worcestershire Directory 1820

Below are the Addenda for the Directory found in the rear of the book.


Ballinger John, Maltster, Quay street

Bentley George, Auctioneer, Foregate street

Carden Thomas, Esq. Paradise-row, Tything

Carden George, Clerk to the Commissioners of Taxes, and Agent to the Phoenix Fire Office, Savings Bank

Clifton Henry, Proctor, College green

Corles Captain, College yard

DeCourcey Patrick, Solicitor, Bridge street

D’Egville Mr. Tything

Doughty Thomas, vict. Dog and Duck, Garden market

Higgs William, Auctioneer, Foregate street

Hughes Thomas, Cashier, Old Bank

Humphreys Alexander, Academy, Butts

Newman John, M. D. Tything

Ridler John, Guildhall Coffee-house

Sandford William, Surgeon, Rainbow-hill

Taylor John, vict. Boat, Lowesmoor

Wheeler Rev. Allen, College-green

Wilkins William, Organ Builder, Broad street


Bevan and Powell, Straw Hat Makers, Broad st.

Davis William, Liquor Merchant, Mealcheapen st.

Hill George, Draper, cross

Lombe W. H. Bookseller, High street

Lewis David, M.D. college Yard

Munn Ali. Apothecary, Sidbury

Newman Josiah, gent. Foregate street

Newport J. W. Esq. Tything

Newport William, Coach Maker, Tything

Newton Edward, Tallow Chandler, Broad street

Powell Joseph, Grocer, Corn market

Prowett R. and S. Booksellers, High street

Silvester John, Millwright, Lowesmoor

Sill Mr. Sansom street

Summerfield John, Upholsterer, Bridge street

Tindall Captain, Commandry, Sidbury

Weston Mrs. Academy, Sidbury


Dods Adam, M. D. (omitted in list of Physicians)

Jones Thomas, S. Master of the National School, Frog lane

Kite Benj. Three Tuns, Salt lane

Orange Mrs. Harriet, gentlewoman, Hartlebury

Perrott Charles Wigley, Esq. Fladbury

Pointon James, Pavior, Henwick

Stretch T. B. (omitted in list of Schools.)

Wakeman Mrs. Mary, gentlewoman, Little Malvern

Wall Samuel, Esq. Hallow Park

Watkins Thomas, Vict. Black Horse, Lowesmoor

Webb Thomas, Esq. Alstone

Welch William, Esq. Hawford

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.


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