Warley Wigom Lewis Worcestershire Directory 1820

Adams John, clock maker

Birch James, farmer

Bloxcidge Richard, farmer

Brinton Benj. Farmer

Chambers Benj. Farmer

Chambers Isaac, farmer

Clift George, farmer

Good William, farmer

Hanson Martha, vict.

Haywood S. farmer

Hoggetts Samuel, farmer

Hoggetts J. schoolmaster

Holloway Thos. farmer

Hurley Joseph, vict.

Johnson Widow, farmer

Lewis Sam. nail master

Miller Richard, farmer

Mole William, farmer

Newby Henry, farmer

Paris Rev. Mr.

Parkes Richard, farmer

Parkes Mrs. farmer

Powell Thomas, farmer

Smith William, farmer

Smith Nancy, farmer

Thompson Samuel, vict.

Underhill William, farmer

Underhill W. jun. farmer

White George, farmer

Whitehouse Jos. farmer

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820

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