Hagley Lewis Worcestershire Directory 1820

Hagley, 2 miles from Stourbridge, containing 104 houses, and 621 inhabitants. The chancel of the church was rebuilt in 1754, and the floor paved with marble at the expense of the late Lord Lyttelton.

Anden John, smith

Bleany T., wheelwright

Briscoe P., shoemaker

Brooke R. V. gent.

Colebatch George, miller

Dugard William, farmer

Grove Thomas, steward

Hill Joseph, gent.

Holden Thomas, farmer

Hollier Mrs. Ann

Howard Wm., keeper

Jackson T., stone mason

Jackson J., stone mason

Kenny John, gent.

Lea Thomas, farmer

Lea Thomas jun., farmer

Lyttelton Rt. Hon. Lord

Mathews Daniel, vict.

Mathews Hannah, widow

Partridge Wm., butcher

Robins William, esq.

Rogers Daniel, esq.

Rowland John, grocer

Shutt Ezekiel, gent.

Smith Nathaniel, miller

Smith Thomas, miller

Tanner Joseph, carpenter

Thomas William, smith

Timmings William, vict.

Tolley Thomas, farmer

Tomkyss E. wheelwright

Turner Rev. John

Whittaker Wm., farmer

Willcox John, gent.

Willetts John, smith

Woodhouse Matt mason

Wyatt William, maltster

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.

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