Chaddesley-Corbett is a parish and village, in the hundred of Halfshire; the village, which is small and pleasant, is 13 miles N. by E. from Worcester, and 5 from Kidderminster, Stourport and Bromsgrove (near the last named town is a station on the Birmingham and Gloucester railway) pleasantly situated on the road leading to Bromsgrove; it is a place, however, of very limited trade, and manufactures there are none. The church, dedicated to St. Cassyon, is a neat structure of red free stone, combining different styles of English architecture, with some Norman portions, of which the latter, the font is considered a fine specimen; and the spire, which surmounts the edifice, is lofty and well-proportioned: the living is a vicarage, in the gift of the crown, and incumbency of the Rev. George Henry Piercy. There is a chapel for Roman Catholics, at Harrington, a hamlet in this parish; and there are two endowed free schools, one of which is conducted on the Lancasterian plan. Population about 1,500.

Belbroughton, in the same hundred as Chaddesley-Corbett, is a parish, divided into four Yields, namely, Belbroughton, Brian’s Bell with Moor-Hall Bell, Forfield, and Broomhill: the village of Belbroughton is situated 3 miles N.E. from Chaddesley-Corbett, 5 S. from Stourbridge, and 6 N.W. from Bromsgrove. There is a considerable manufactory here for scythes, hay knives, &c. A sheriff’s court, for the recovery of small debts, is held on the third Wednesday in every month. The church, dedicated to the Holy Trinity, has received an additional number of sittings, by means of a grant from the society for enlarging churches and chapels, and been otherwise improved; and it is now a spacious and handsome structure, with a lofty spire: the living is a rectory, in the patronage of the president and fellows of St. John’s College, Oxford: the Rev. H. A. Woodgate, M.A. is the present incumbent. An endowed charity school is in the village. The parish contained, in 1831, 1,489 inhabitants.


Barnet Misses, Brokencote house

Brownlow Rev. John, Chaddesley

Bycott William, esq. Brokencote hall

Piercy Rev. Geo. Henry, Chaddesley

Potter Mr. John, Chaddesley-Corbett

Russell Mrs. – , Sion house

Woodgate Rev. H. A., M. A., rector, Belbroughton

Wylde Rev. John, Belbroughton


Ayres & Ellis (boarding) Bluntington

Charity School, Belbroughton – Edward Perry, master

Charity School, Chaddesley-Corbett – John Wigley, head master; Edmund Taylor, second master; Richard Brooke, assistant

Morris Jane, Belbroughton

Morris the Misses, Belbroughton

Newey Miss, Chaddesley-Corbett

Roberts Mary, (boarding and day) Chaddesley-Corbett


Corbett John, Havington

Davis Thomas, Belbroughton

Loines Benjamin, Fairfield

Perry Daniel, Chaddesley-Corbett

Potter John, Chaddesley-Corbett

Price William, Belbroughton

Taylor John, Drayton

Wright John, Chaddesley-Corbett


Bough Samuel, Chaddesley-Corbett

Cole Joseph, Belbroughton

Davis John, Fairfield

Drew George, Chaddesley-Corbett

Duce William, Belbroughton

Maiden Eli, Belbroughton

Pardoe William, Belbroughton

Ruston William, Belbroughton

Scott Thomas, Belbroughton

Tolley William, Belbroughton


Blakeway Chas. Chaddesley-Corbett

Fox Taylor, Belbroughton

Giles Benjamin, Chaddesley-Corbett

Horn John, Chaddesley-Corbett

Price Joseph, Belbroughton

Small Joseph, Fairfield

Spilsbury Thomas, Belbroughton


Bourn Edward, Belbroughton

Broad Charles, Belbroughton

Broad John, Chaddesley-Corbett

Brook John, Chaddesley-Corbett

Dunn John, Belbroughton

Dunn William, Belbroughton


Bate John, Chaddesley- Corbett

Canadine Abraham, Belbroughton

Depper Thomas, Chaddesley-Corbett

Goode George, Belbroughton

Jones Charles, Chaddesley-Corbett

Lacy James (& miller) Belbroughton

Small Joseph, Fairfield


Dog, William Bayles, Chaddesley

Fountain Head, Edwd. White, Chaddesley-Corbett

Fox, John Wright, Chaddesley-Corbett

Queen’s Head, Edward Tandy, Belbroughton

Robin Hood, Joseph Billingsley, Chaddesley

Swan, Thomas Bate, Chaddesley

Swan, Daniel Weaver, Fairfield

Talbot, Thomas Depper, Chaddesley

Talbot, Thos. Spilsbury, Belbroughton

Throckmorton Arms, John Rodgers, Chaddesley Corbett


Bate Elizabeth, Chaddesley-Corbett

Bayles William, Chaddesley-Corbett

Depper Thomas, Chaddesley-Corbett

Fazey John (& corn dealer) Fairfield

Lilley William, Belbroughton

Parkes William, Belbroughton

Wiggin John, Belbroughton


Goode Geo. (& draper) Belbroughton

Jackson & Broad, Chaddesley


Brook Richard (and agent for Birmingham District Fire Office), Chaddesley Corbett

Leek Peter, Belbroughton


Bate John, Belbroughton

Hill William, Fairfield

Taylor Thomas, Chaddesley-Corbett


Hobbes Jonathan Lord, Belbroughton

Jackson Edwd. Chaddesley-Corbett


Bough John & Son, Chaddesley

Durant George, Chaddesley-Corbett

Fox John, Belbroughton

Manning Thomas, Fairfield

Osborne Richard, Belbroughton


Gollins Samuel, Belbroughton

Lilly William, Fairfield

Potter Eleanor, Chaddesley-Corbett

Potter Thomas, Chaddesley-Corbett

Smith John, Fairfield

Taylor William, Chaddesley-Corbett


Bate Thomas, builder, Belbroughton

Mills John, retailer of beer, Fairfield

Osborn Daniel, parish clerk, Belbroughton

Potter Saml. Cooper, Chaddesley-Corbett

Rogers John, hair dresser, Chaddesley

Waldron Thos. & William, manufacturers of scythes, hay knives, &c. Belbroughton.


On the Birmingham and Gloucester line. The nearest station is between 3 and 4 miles E. by S. from Chaddesley-Corbett, called the Bromsgrove Station.

For particulars relating to this, and other Railway lines, see the Railway Tables.

Source: Pigot & Co.’s Royal National and Commercial Directory and Topography of the Counties of Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Rutlandshire, Northamptonshire, Staffordshire and Worcestershire 1841/1842

Notes: Forfield mention in the description may be Fairfield.