Kempsey Lewis Worcestershire Directory 1820

Kempsey, 3 miles from Worcester, on the Bath road, containing 166 houses, and 845 inhabitants. It has the Chapelry Norton and the hamlet of Stoulton.

Amphlett Benj., butcher

Bell Mr. gent.

Best T. W., farmer

Bick James, surgeon

Blandy Joseph, farmer

Boulter Thomas, farmer

Bowyer James, gent.

Chapereau Francis, gent.

Clarke William, farmer

Costley Captain Theo.

Crisp Mrs. widow

Crump Miss

Dalby William, butcher

Dalby Richard, farmer

Danter Wm., bricklayer

Derrington W. H., gent.

Farmer George, tailor

Firkins J., shoemaker

Foster Thomas, currier

George John, maltster

Gibbs – , hay dealer

Godsall John, farmer

Gorle Mrs. widow

Gorle John, gent.

Gorle Thomas, farmer

Grant Colonel

Green Mrs., vict.

Green Samuel, farmer

Griffiths Wm., maltster

Harper Mr., gent.

Hartwright Geo., farmer

Hammond Mr. gent.

Hay William, gent.

Henderson Col. George

Hobbs Wm., blacksmith

Holland Thomas, farmer

Howell Mrs., farmer

Hurdman John, farmer

Hurdman Thos., farmer

James Samuel, farmer

Johnstone Lockart, gent.

Kent William, mason

Little Colonel, Joseph

Lock Mrs., farmer

Lunn Rev. Matthew

Moore John, farmer

Munn Joseph, tailor

Munn Mrs., widow

Munn T., baker

Newman Thos., farmer

Nutting J., farmer

Panting J., farmer

Pillow Miss, ladies seminary

Pugh Thomas, gent.

Purser J., butcher

Randle William, owner

Ross James, farmer

Rudd Mrs., widow

Sargeant Thomas, gent.

Shoreland Miss

Smith Joseph, gent.

Smith William, maltster

Smith John, blacksmith

Southouse T. W., gent.

Spark Miss

Stanton J., carpenter

Stanton T., carpenter

Stonall Mrs., widow

Stretton J. M., gent.

Tandy William, farmer

Timbrill Thomas, surgeon

Turner Wm., carpenter

Warner Miss

Wheeler Thomas, farmer

White Joseph, farmer

White Hannah, farmer

Whitehouse Miss

Whitesides – , academy

Wilbraham Captain

Williams John, farmer

Williams Captain Robert

Willis Thomas, gardener

Wilson Francis, gent.

Wiltshire James, farmer

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.