Shipston upon Stour is a market town, in the parish of its name, forming, with the parishes of Tidmington and Tredington, a detached portion of the upper division of the hundred of Oswaldslow, county of Worcester; the town of Shipston being locally situate in the hundred of Kington, county of Warwick; 83 miles N. W. by W. from London, 33 S. S. E. from Birmingham, 29 S. by E. from Worcester, 16 S. by W. from Warwick, and 6 N. by E. from Moreton-in-the-Marsh, in Gloucestershire. As its name implies, it is seated on the river Stour, within two miles of the railway from Stralford upon Avon to Moreton; and its prefix is derived from having been formerly one of the largest markets for sheep in the kingdom; but, at the present period, it is a place of little trade. The dean and chapter of Worcester, who possess the manorial rights, hold a court-leet annually, at which a constable is chosen. Shipston is appointed, under the new Boundary Act (an appendage to the Reform Bill), one of the polling stations, at the election of members to represent, in parliament, the eastern division of the county of Worcester.

The places of worship are, the parish church, dedicated to St. Edmund, and chapels for baptists, Wesleyan methodists, and the society of friends. The living of Shipston is a rectory, with the perpetual curacy of Tidmington annexed, in the patronage of the dean and chapter of Worcester, and of the principal and fellows of Jesus’ College, Oxford; the former presenting to every third vacancy: the Rev. William Evans is the present incumbent. Endowments for the instruction of children were bequeathed by John Pittway in 1706, and by George Marshall in 1747; and there are various small bequests for the poor of the town. The country around Shipston is fertile, rather hilly, and presenting, at several points, some pleasing and extensive views. The market is held on Saturday; and the fairs on the third Tuesday in April, the 22nd of June, the last Tuesday in August, and the first Tuesday after the 10th of October. The parish contained, by the census for 1821, 1,562 inhabiiants, and by that for 1831, 1,632; being an increase, in thirty years, of 339 persons.

Brails is a parish, in the division of its name, of the hundred of Kington, county of Warwick: the village, which is four miles E. by S. from Shipston, is very pleasantly situate, being surrounded by a country abouuding with pasture aud other land, highly cultivated. A manufactory for shag, belonging to Messrs. Gilletts’, is the only establishment, in a commercial point of view, worth mentioning. The church, which is dedicated to St. George, is a stone structure, with a tower, containing a peal of six bells. The living is vicarage, in the patronage of J. Bailey, Esq.: the present incumbent is the Rev. Cornwall Smalley, and his curate the Rev. George Cromwell. The charities consist of a free school, endowed in the 23rd year of Elizabeth, for boys; a charity school for girls, and one for infants. The parish contained, in 1821, 1,233 inhabitants, and in 1831, 1,272.

POST OFFICE, Shipston, Richard Brain, Post Master.— Letters from London and the South arrive (by mail cart) from Chipping Norton every morning at seven, and are despatched every evening at seven — Letters from the North arrive (by mail cart) from Birmingham every evening at seven, and are despatched every morning at seven.


Brain Miss Hannah, Shipston

Cromwell Rev. George, Brails

Diokins William, esq. Sherington

Eastcourt Rev. Edmund, Wolford

Evans Rev. William, Shipston

Findon Mrs. Ann, Shipston

Freeman Mrs. Jane, Shipston

Hodgkin the Misses Mary and Susannah, Shipston

Miles Mrs. Ann, Shipston

Nicholl Rev. T. Cherington

Parry Mr. Thomas, Shipston

Phillips Sir George, bart. Weston house

Sheldon Edward, esq. M. P. Brails house

Snow Rev. Thomas, Tidmington

Wright Mrs. Mary, Shipston

Academies & Schools.

Free School (boys’), Brails— J. Long, master

Girls’ Charity, Brails— Isabella Attwoode, mistress

Hemmings Mary Ann (boarding) Shipston

Hoult Robert, Shipston

Infants’ School, Brails — Winifred Pickering, mistress

Poollin John, Museum academy

Savage Mary, Shipston

Snow Margaret (boarding) Shipston

Turner Sarah (preparatory) Shipston


Banister Edward, Shipston

Bellamy John B. Shipston

Clarke John Henry, Shipston

Findon Frederick Francis, Shipston

Nail George, Shipston

Bakers & Flour Dealers.

Coleman John, Shipston

Jarrett Stephen, Shipston

Stephens Richard, Shipston


Cobb Timothy, Timothy Rhodes & Edward — (draw on Jones, Loyd & Co. London)— Thomas Wells, agent

Stourbridge & Kidderminster Banking Company (branch of) — (draw on Smith, Payne and Smiths, London)


Hands John, Shipston

Hands Thomas, Shipston

Sadler William, Shipston

Sturch William, Shipston

Booksellers & Stationers

Colbourne Jane Wright, Shipston

White Samuel, Shipton

Boot & Shoe Makers,

Bailey John, Brails

Banner John, Shipston

Bolton Thomas, Shipston

Cockhill Richard, Shipston

Gibbs William, Shipston

Marshall Charles, Shipston

Braziers And Tin-Plate Workers.

Colbourne Robert, Shipston

Lovett Robert, Shipston

Savage Thomas, Shipston


Gillett Edmund, Shipston

Grimmett Timothy, Shipston

Hawks Francis, Shipston

Hunt George, Shipston

White John, Brails

Wiggin Solomon, Shipston

Worrall Robert, Shipston

Chymists & Druggists.

Hemmings Willliam, Shipston

Sale Henry, Shipston

Wilson Charles, Shipston

Curriers And Leather Cutters.

Lyne William, Shipston

White John Higgins, Shipston

Fire, &C. Office Agents.

County, John Hy. Clarke.Shipston

Phoenix, Thomas Parry, Shipston

Grocers & Tea Dealers.

(See also Shopkeepers, &c.)

Badger Richard (& tallow chandler) Shipston

Hemmings William, Shipston

Sale Henry, Shipston

Sturch Joseph, Shipston

Hat Manufacturers.

Chadband Henry, Shipston

Richardson Stephen, Shipston


Bell, Thomas Payne, Shipston

George (& posting) John Starling, Shipston

White Horse (& posting, & excise office), Richard Brain, Shipston


Gardner Robert, Shipston

King David, Shipston

Parker George, Shipston

Slatter Joseph, Shipston

Linen & Woollen Draprs.

Badger John, Shipston

Clayton Richard, Shipston

Davis Thomas & Richard (& grocer) Brails

Greenhill John, Shipston

Hall & Clarke, Shipston

Rogers John, Shipston


Hemmings Daniel, Shipston

Jarrett Stephen, Shipston

Marshall William, Shipston

Stephens Richard, Shipston

Milliners & Dress Makrs.

Cooke Caroline Mary, Shipston

Savage Mary, Shipston

Smith Ann, Shipston

Summerton Rose, Shipston

Painters, Plumbers And Glaziers.

Pimm William, Shipston

Sheldon Joseph, Shipston

Worrall Eleanor, Shipston

Patten Makers.

Chamberlain Thomas, Shipston

Lovett Ann, Shipston

Simmonds William, Shipston

Saddlers And Harness Makers.

Dowdeswell Samuel, Shipston

Payne Thomas, Shipston

Prew Richard, Shipston

Ray Thomas, Shipston

Shag Manufacturers.

Gillett Joseph & William, Brails

Shopkeepers & Dealrs In Groceries & Sundries.

Field Samuel, Brails

Freeman Edward, Shipston

Gardner William, Shipston

Godson Edward, Shipston

Greenhill Thomas, Brails

Grimes Ann, Shipston

Hawks Francis, Shipston

Knott John, Shipston

Lyne Jane, Shipston

Parker George, Shipston

Sturch Charlotte, Shipston

Watcham Robert, Shipston


Collier Frederick, Shipston

Horniblow William, Shipston

Smiles William, Shipston

Wright Edward Welchman, M. D., Shipston


Ashfield James, Shipston

Baldwin Joseph, Shipston

Godson Edward, Shipston

Godson Thomas, Brails

Hyde Thomas, Shipston

Potter Daniel, Shipston

Taverns & Public Houses.

Black Bear, William Hands; Shipston

Black Swan, Daniel Hemmings,Shipston

Coach & Horses, Jeremiah Howse, Shipston

Crown, William Marshall, Shipston

Falstaff, William Pimm, Shipston

George, James Baldwin, Brails

Harrow, Joseph Harrison, Shipston

Horse Shoe, George Blackall, Shipston

Plough, Thomas Wood, Shipston

Red Horse, Elizabeth Marshall, Shipston

Talbot, Thomas Gardner, Shipston

Unicorn, Robert Watcham, Shipston

White Bear, John Green, Shipston

Retailers of Beer.

Hopkins William, Shipston

King David, Shipston

King William, Shipston

Savage William, Brails

Strong John, Shipston

Usher James, Shipston

Watch & Clock Makers.

Best Henry, Shipston

Wells George, Shipston

Wells Thomas, Shipston


Baldwin James, brewer, Brails

Blackwell John, cooper, Shipston

Bradley Richard, haberdasher, Shipston

Calloway Thomas, glover, Shipston

Churchley John, basket maker, Shipston

Colbourn Robert, ironmonger and stamp distributer, Shipston

Coopper Thomas, cooper, Shipston

Day Emanuel, gardener, &c. Shipston

Gillett Thomas, hosier, Shipston

Grafton John, tanner, Shipston

Hendley Thomas, stone mason, Shipston

Henshaw Stephen, steelyard makr, Shipston

Hughes Jos. rope & twine maker, Shipston

Insall William, auctioneer and surveyor, Shipston

Mace William, china, glass, &c. dealer, Shipston

Marklew Thomas, architect, &c. Shipston

Milligan Alex, stay maker, Shipston

Phillips Edward, fellmonger, Shipston

Salmon Thomas, wheelwright, Shipston

Stephens William, miller, Shipston

Whitford Edward, hair dresser, Shipston


To LONDON, the Union (from Shrewsbury) calls at the George Inn, every evening at half-past seven— the Tantivy (from Birmingham) every forenoon at a quarter before eleven; and the Erin-go-bragh calls at the White Horse, every night at twelve; all go through Woodstock and Oxford.

To BIRMINGHAM, the Tantivy (from London) calls at the White Horse, every afternoon at half-past four, & the Erin-go-bragh, every afternoon at half-past two; both go thro’ Straftord-on-Avon.

To SHREWSBURY, the Union (from London) calls at the George, every morning at three; goes thro’ Stratford, Birmingham and Wolverhampton.


To LONDON & BIRMINGHAM, — Jolly’s Waggons from the White Horse, daily

To BANBURY, George Godson & Joseph Bailey, from the White Horse, every Tuesday and Saturday

To BIRMINGHAM, — Eggleston, from the Plough, and Robert Nicholes, from his house, every Tuesday.

To CAMPDEN, Joseph Penson, from the White Bear, every Satuiday.

To CHIPPING NORTON, John Ward, from the Black Bear, every Tuesday and Saturday— and — Eggleston, from the Plough, every Saturday.

To STRATFORD-UPON-AVON, Wm. Coldecote, from his house, every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday — Robert Nicholes, from his house, every Tuesday — and Joseph Penson, from the White Bear, every Saturday.

To WARWICK, Robert Nicholes, from his house, every Saturday.

Source: Pigot and Co’s National Commercial Directory 1835.