Kings Heath Billings Directory of Worcestershire 1855

Boucher Mr. James

Cooper Mr. Henry

Ingleby Clement, Esq., King’s Heath House

Payne Rev. Edward, Baptist Minister

Simmons John, Esq., Heathfield House

Todd Mrs.

Tomlinson Mr. George

Adams Charles, beer retailer and shopkeeper, Bell

Attwood George, cattle dealer

Badham Richard, stone mason

Bamford Charles, cattle dealer

Bate James, victualler, Cross Guns

Bate Thomas and Isaac, maltsters

Carr Elizabeth, victualler, Hare and Hounds

Chinn Henry, farmer

Cox Samuel, farmer

Davies Phoebe, shopkeeper

Faulkner Mary, shopkeeper

Greaves Seymour, farmer

Griffiths Edward, draper

Hands Benjamin, shoe maker

Humphries Richard, Superintendent of Police

Kemp George, brick maker

Knowles George, farmer and butcher

Payton Charles, beer retailer, George

Todd Edward, castrator

Wharton John, shoe maker

Wilkinson Geo. H., gardener and seedsman

Source: Billing’s Directory of Worcestershire 1855

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