Moseley Billings Directory of Worcestershire 1855

Anderton George, Esq.

Arnold John, Esq.

Bagott Rev. Ralph, B.C.L.

Barrett Mr. Jeremiah, Moor Green

Bird Mr. Joseph, Malvern Place

Bridge Mr.

Briggs Mr. Samuel, Ombersley Terrace, Moseley Road

Cattell Mr. Jas., Moseley Wake Green

Cohen Mr. Josh. Charles E.

Cotton Mr. George

Cranston Mr. Jas., Trafalgar Place, Moseley Road

Davison Rev. J. Robert, M.A., Incumbent

Deakin Mr. Thos., Fir Tree End

Dugard Mr. William

Dutton Captain Chas., Trafalgar Place, Moseley Road

Greaves Mrs., Moseley Road

Greaves Mr. Edwin

Guest John, Esq., Moseley Grove

Harlow John, Esq., Manor House

Hawson Mr. Robert, Ombersley Terrace, Moseley road

Heeley Mrs. Eliza, Park Place

Holmes Mr. Edward

Jennings Mr. A., Ombersley Terrace, Moseley Road

Jennings Joseph, Esq., Moseley Hall

Leary Mr. g. David, Five Lands House

Lyndon Walter Adams, Esq., The Henbury

Newman Mr. Francis, Ivy Cottage, Elms

Palmer William, Esq., Cannon Hill

Parker Thos. Marygold, Esq., Woodfield House

Perkins Thomas, Esq., Moseley Wake Green

Peters Mr. George C., Charlton Cottage

Sabin Mrs. Ann, The Elms

Sabin Mr. Frederick, The Elms

Sherwood Mr. John, Trafalgar Place, Moseley Road

Shorthouse Mrs. Rebecca

Taylor Mrs., Moseley Hall

Taylor Miss, Moor Green

Taylor W. Francis, Esq., Moseley Hall

Tolley Mr. William, Highfield

Tonks Mr. Stephen, Claremont House

Valentine Mr. Thomas

Welch Frederick Isaac, Esq., The Firs

Wescott Mr. Frederick B., Park Place

Wescott Mr. Frederick, Park Place

Wilmot Mr. George

Zair Mr. John, Portland Place, Moseley Road

Austin John, farmer, Moor Green

Averill Thomas, tailor

Bickley Thomas, stationer

Boyce Elizabeth, boarding school, Moseley Wake Green

Brock Robert, shopkeeper

Brooks A., zinc worker

Bullock and Hooper, painters and agents to the Birmingham Fire Office

Cope Benjamin, farmer

Godson William, James, and Isaac, builders

Hadley Thomas, grocer

Harding Thos., solicitor, Moseley Road

Harms Joseph, farmer, Moor Green

Harms William, victualler, Bull’s Head

Johns George, builder

Jones James, hosier

Kirby and Mitchell, blacksmiths and wheelwrights

Knowles John, farmer, Moor Green

Knight Joseph, butcher

Maydue Thomas, blacksmith

McEvoy Mr., surgeon, Portland Place, Moseley Road

Morgan George, confectioner and baker

Nutt William, builder

Powell John, solicitor, Trafalgar Place, Moseley Road

Sanson George, boarding school

Shaddock John, boot and shoe maker

Smith Miss, ladies’ school, Malvern Place, Moseley Road

Still Joseph, farmer, Moor Green

Thrupp Charlotte and Mary Ann, boarding school

Todd Joseph M., victualler, Fighting Cocks

Upton James, shopkeeper

Walker John, farmer, Moseley Park

Wilmot George, road surveyor, Moseley Wake Green

Source: Billings Directory of Worcestershire 1855

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