King’s Norton (with Balsall Heath, King’s Heath, Moseley and Wythall) 1855

KING’S NORTON is a very large parish (formerly a market town), situate about 5 miles from Birmingham, and containing, with the above places, a population of 7,759 inhabitants.

King’s Norton received the grant of a market from James I, but it has long since fallen into disuse, and in the reign of Charles I., 1654, Hawkesley House, then belonging to the Middlemore family, was burnt down by the Royalists.

BALSALL HEATH is a very populous locality, adjoining the borough of Birmingham.

KING’S HEATH is situate about 2 miles N.E.

MOSELEY is a very extensive village, about 2 miles from Birmingham, and is a highly respectable neighbourhood. It is distinct for ecclesiastical purposes, but subject to the parish in all parochial affairs.

WYTHALL is a large chapelry to King’s Norton, about 8 miles from Birmingham; the population is returned with the parish.

The CHURCH, dedicated to St. Nicholas, is a very fine old structure, in the decorated style of English architecture. It has a massive square tower, with eight bells, and a lofty, handsome, ornamented spire. Rev. Joseph Amphlett, M.A., Vicar; Mr Isaac Clulee, Clerk. Service – 11 a.m., and 3 p.m.

The DISTRICT CHURCH, Balsall Heath, is a very handsome edifice. Rev. W. B. Benison, Incumbent; Mr. Thomas Robins, Clerk.

The CHURCH, Moseley, is a large and commodious structure, situate about in the centre of the village. Rev. J. R. Davison, Incumbent; Mr. Thomas Averill, Clerk. Service – 11 a.m. and 3 30 p.m.

The CHURCH, at Wythall, is a brick edifice, with a small tower and one bell. Rev. Launcelot C. Bathurst, Incumbent; Mr. R. Pountney, Clerk. Service – 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. There are two Chapels at King’s Norton, one for the BAPTISTS, and one for the METHODISTS. No stated Ministers. Service – 2 30 and 6 p.m.

There are two CHAPELS at Wythall, belonging to the BAPTISTS and UNITARIANS. Service – 10 30 a.m. and 2 30 p.m.

There was a FREE GRAMMAR SCHOOL founded at King’s Norton, by Edward VI., but the privileges have been in a great measure lost. Mr. Thomas Simpson, Master.

There is an INFANT SCHOOL, lately erected, at King’s Heath. Elizabeth Meaby, Mistress. Average number of scholars, 30.

The NATIONAL SCHOOL, Moseley, is about a quarter of a mile from the village. It is supported by contributions and the children’s payments. Mr. G Sansome, Master. Average number of Scholars, 100.

There is a SCHOOL at Wythall, supported by contributions and the children’s payments. Esther Pountney, Mistress. Average number of scholars, 40.

There is a COUNTY POLICE STATION at King’s Norton. Richard Edwards, Officer.

There is also a COUNTY POLICE STATION at King’s Heath. Richard Humphries, Officer.

There is a UNION WORKHOUSE in the parish. Mr. George Thurlow, Governor; Mrs. Thurlow, Matron; Rev. Joseph Amphlett, Chaplain; Mr. Thomas Lowe, Surgeon; Miss Elizabeth Ratcliffe, Schoolmistress; Mr. Ralph Docker, Clerk. Board day, Wednesday, fortnightly.

Amphlett Rev. Jos., Vicar

Amphlett Mrs.

Baldwin Jas., Esq., Magistrate, Cotteridge

Ellis Mr. John, Wichall House

Gem Miss, Brandwood End

Holt Mr. William, Junction

Lee Mr. Richard

Miles Mr. Wm., Bredon House

Nash Mr. John, Lifford House

Prosser Mrs., High House

Richards Mr. Charles, Tysall House

Stock Joseph, Esq., Barnbrook Hall

Allen Joseph, farmer

Allen William, farmer, Upper Inkford

Ashmore George, famrer, Lindworth Hill

Avery Isaac, carrier

Avery Thomas, farmer and maltster, Haunch Farm

Barber John, dairyman

Barnes Joseph, tailor

Berwick Thomas, farrier and farmer, Kingswood

Boston Charles, saddler

Brant George, grocer and miller

Brant Isaac, coal dealer

Bridgens Henry, farmer, Brandwood End

Bryan James, farmer, Dadd’s Lane

Bushell Thomas, farmer

Bushell William, farmer, Walker’s Heath

Cash Joseph, farmer, Red House Farm

Chinn William, farmer, Row Heath

Clulee Isaac, carpenter, shopkeeper, Parish Clerk, and Registrar of Births and Deaths

Clulee James, builder

Cooper William, farmer

Corbett Wiliam, farmer, Hollywood House

Crutchley George, farmer

Deadicott John, farmer, Wichall Farm

Deakin William, and Son, gun-barrel makers and cutlers

Edwards Richard, police constable

Edkins George, farmer, Lilly Croft

Ellis Charles, and Sons, Wichall Rolling Mills

Evans Abraham, beer retailer and butcher, Boat

Foster Elizabeth, beer retailer

Foster Richard, beer retailer, Old Bell

Foster Roger, shopkeeper and shoe maker

Hadley Thomas, wheelwright

Hems Richard, tailor

Hems William, tailor

Hobbis William, beer retailer and coal dealer, Plumbers’ Arms

Humphries William, farmer, Strutley st

Huskisson Charles, farmer, Hazelwell Hall

Izon John P., surveyor

Jordan Arthur, shopkeeper and beer retailer, British Oak

Knowles James, farmer and butcher

Knowles Thomas, shopkeeper

Lamb Charles, butcher and shopkeeper

Lane Thomas, farmer, Moundsley Hall

Lawrence Joseph, blacksmith, Strutley st

Lea Mary F., victualler, Saracen’s Head

Lester George, farmer

Lilley William, farmer, Money Hill Hall

Lilley William, farmer, West Heath

Lovelace William, shopkeeper and school-master, Strutley st

Manton H. Y., farmer, Alcester Lane End

Marshall Joseph, farmer

Miller Joseph, farmer, Hedley Heath

Nash George, shopkeeper and baker

Newey William, carrier

Petford Felix, farmer, Oakes

Phillips John, farmer, New House

Phillips John, wheelwright

Phipps Henry, farmer, Holly Moor

Phipps Henry, victualler and brickmaker, Three Horse Shoes

Pinfold Mr., miller, Hurst Mill

Powers John, farmer, Alcester Lane End

Pritchett John, Assistant Overseer

Rogers John, victualler, Navigation

Roston John, beer retailer, Black Lion, Strutley st

Sergeant Isaac, beer retailer, Hazelwell Tavern

Saxelby Thomas, farmer, Kingswood

Simms William, farmer, Warstock Farm

Smith James, shoe maker

Smith Mrs., blacksmith

Thompson Joseph, painter

Tongue Edward, victualler and blacksmith, Bull’s Head

Twigg Sophia, farmer, Ivy House

Waldron John, farmer, Ford House

Wallace William, shopkeeper

Warden John, Metal Rolling Mill

Wheildon Joseph, shopkeeper

Wheildon Thomas, farmer, Malt House Farm

The Post Office, King’s Norton, is in the centre of the village. Elizabeth Simpson, Sub Postmistress. Delivery, 9 30 a.m.; despatch, 4 p.m.

Source: Billing’s Directory of Worcestershire 1855

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