Manchester – Commercial Directory of the Jews of Gt. Britain. 1894



Balint, Susman, 26a, Lord Street ; Wholesale and retail cloth dealer.

Baum, A., 46, Lord Street ; Baker, grocer and provision dealer.

Burman, H., 68 ; Cigar and cigarette importer.

Cohen, Harris, 27, Elizabeth street ; Retail traveling jeweller.

Cohen, Henry, 47, Tailor and general draper.

Cohen, Jos., 36 ; Wholesale and retail spirits.

Davis, Levy, 34, Park Street ; Tailor and general draper.

Dembowitch, Simon, 6, Clarence street ; Butcher. Sausages and all kinds of smoked and pickled provisions supplied.

Erb, H. & Hyman, D., 14, Shaw Street ; Wholesale and retail tailors.

Farber, Moses, 41a, Lord street; Tobacconist and cigarette manufacture.

Falk, Harris, 28, Park street ; Fashionable tailor, and tailoring for the trade.

Feinberg, H. M. 6, Robert Street; Cap manufacturer.

Fletcher, David, 24, Adeline street ; Wholesale boot shoe and slipper manufacturer.

Franks, M., 12, Robert Street ; Cloth cap manufacturer.

Freedman, E., 4, Adeline street, Eton court ; Wholesale cap manufacturer.

Friedland, L., 58a; Cheetham Tailoring Establishment.

Gilbert, I., 13b, Exchange street ; Wholesale cabinet manufacturer.

Glaskie, Abm., 4, Clarence street; grocer and general provision dealer.

Glaskie, H & Co., 5, Adeline street ; Wholesale and retail grocer, baker, and flour ‘dealer, passover cake and provisions. Orders received.

Glodt, D., 42 ; Watchmaker and jeweller.

Goodman, Moses, Skip place, Park street ; Tailor.

Gordon, Jos., 1c, Park street; Plain and fancy box manufacturer and draper.

Gottberg, J., 85 ; Lace merchant.

Harris, Hyman, 1 6 Adeline street ; Wholesale boot shoe and slipper merchant.

Isaacs, Harris, 12, Robert street; Wholesale and retail tailor.

Kimmelfeld, F., 5, Adeline street; cap-peak and blank manufacturer.

Latter, S., 82 ; Grocer and foreign provision dealer. Orders by post promptly attended to.

Lazarus, David, 32 ; Family and Temperance Hotel.

Levi, J., 45 ; General draper.

Levy, Jacob, 2. Adeline street; Butcher. Worsht and sausage manufacturer.

Light, Henry, 5, Bent terrace, Bent street ; Watchmaker and jeweller for the trade.

Louis, Nathan, 1, Adeline street ; Grocer and dealer in smoked beef, wurst, and finest oils, Spanish olives, cucumbers, Dutch cheese, etc., established 1850.

Marks, A., 12, Robert street; Tailoring for the trade.

Marks, Morris, 63 ; Practical tailor and draper.

Mendel, I. & Son, 59 ; Watchmakers and jewellers for the trade.

Meyer, E., 70 ; Reliable watchmaker and jeweller. Country orders promptly attended to. Est. 1872.

Morris, Eli, 11, Lord street; Baker, grocer, and general provision dealer. Matzos and Passover provisions.

Oleesky, Sam., 40 ; Wholesale and retail Hebrew and English bookseller. Silk and woollen Talaisim merchant.

Plotzker, Bernhard, 46 ; and 95, Strangeways ; Kosher meat salesman, and German sausage manufacturer by gas power. Meat and sausages supplied at wholesale.

Plotzker, Jos., 79 ; and 179, Great Ducie Street, Strangeways ; meat salesman, worsht and sausage manufacturer by gas power. Country orders at reasonable prices.

Raphel, Wm., 43 ; Cap manufacturer.

Ring, David, 27, Johnson street ; Painter, paper-hanger and house-decorator.

Rosenfeld, S., 32, Park street; Dealer in general drapery and cotton, silk and linen thread.

Rosenthal Isaac, 8, Park Place ; Restaurant.

Rotenberg, A., 15, Park street ; Wholesale cap manufacturer.

Sclamberg, L., Exchange Street; Hat and cap manufacturer.

Shemenski, N. & Co., 66a, Family boot and shoe warehouse. Repairs neatly done.

Shiers, S. & Co., 11, Exchange street ; Jewellers and diamond dealer’s,

Vitofski, A., 41, Lord street ; Wholesale and retail baker, grocer and provision dealer.

Vitofski, L., 51; Draper, jeweller and clothier.

Woolf, Hyman, 64; Wholesale and retail baker, grocer and foreign provision dealer. Choice Berlin Matzos and Passover provisions. Country orders attended to.


Danziger, M. & J., 71 ; Merchants and Importers of fancy leather goods.

Finkelstein, Isaac, 118 ; Dealer in new and second-hand furniture. Weekly payments. Furniture bought, sold or exchanged.

Newman, M., 10 & 10a; Fine art dealer and printseller. Wholesale and retail.

Pareezer, Jac., 26, Fennel street ; Clothing manufacturer and tailor for the trade.

Paskin, Harris, 70, Hanover street ; Wholesale slipper manufacturer.

Rottenberg, J., 76 and 62a, Hanover street; Wholesale grocer.

Weinstein, Morris, 172; Tailors’ and cap-makers’ trimmings and general cloth dealer.


Cohen, Sig. Oppenheim & Co., 25 ; Shippers.

Rosenbloom, L. & Son, 36 ; Shippers.

Sternberg, Bros., 25 : Shippers.


Henriques & Co., Merchants and shippers.


Cohen, B., 25, Mayes street; Manufacturer of waterproof garments.

Fletcher & Rosenberg, 12, Back Balloon street; Cap manufacturer.

Gotliffe, S. Lewis & Co., 13 and 15, Mayes street; Waterproof manufacturers.

Hersh, M., 7 ; Wholesale clothier.

Pavion, L. & Co., 10, Back Balloon street; Waterproof garment manufacturers.


Aaronovitch, P., Friday street, wholesale fent dealer.

Ehrlich, H. & Co., 66a ; Merchants.

Goldsmith, I., 7, Nicholas Croft, op. Wellington Hotel ; High-class tailor and outfitter.

Goodman, Jac. E., 24, Edge street ; Wholesale clothier.

Jacobson, B., 17a and 29a, Turner street ; Job and Pent merchant. Wholesale and retail dealer in woollens, calicoes, velvets, cashmeres, &c.

Kandel, Abm., 8a, Turner street ; Job dealer.

King, L. & Co., 20, Thomas street ; Cigar and cigarette manufacturer. London branch, Ludgate Arcade, Ludgate Hill.

Koffler, C. & Lazarus, 22a, High street; Job and fent merchants.

Landes & Reicher, 14a, Turner street; Job merchants.

Lobel, A., 12, Turner street ; General job dealer.

Reicher, Ph., 46a; Wholesale and retail general warehouseman.

Ribatskie, D., 31a, Turner street; Job and fent dealer.

Rosenzweig, D. & Co., 7, Friday street ; Fent merchants.

Sampson, Sampson, 38, Church street ; Print merchant.

Solomon, J. & Son., 20, Thomas street, Furriers.

Taylor, D., 16b. Church street ; Manufacturer of aprons, pinafores, frocks, underclothing, &c. Country orders promptly attended to.


Kolmer, Wm., 251, Waterloo road ; New and secondhand furniture.

Levy, Marks, 71, Bell street ; Butcher and sausage manufacturer.

Marks, E., 248, Waterloo road ; Hairdresser and tobacconist.


Goldman, L., 1, Ashley lane, Derby court ; Tailoring for the trade.

Klainman, P., 1, Ashley lane, Derby court; Wholesale cloth, silk and fancy cap manufacturer.

Libstein, Jac., Irk Mills ; Boot and slipper manufacturer and leather merchant.

Marcus, Jac., Derby court Cabinet works ; Repairs and alterations. Country orders promptly attended to.

Nathan, D., 1, Ashley lane, Derby court; Tailoring for the trade.

Rosenbaum, S., 128; Waterproof garment manufacturer.

Rosenthal, D., i, Ashley lane, Derby court ; Tailoring for the trade.


Balon, R., 28, Edward street ; Tassel and trimming manufacturer.


Alexander, A., 91 : Merchant tailor.

Levien, Benj., 79 ; Tailor and draper.

Lewis’s; .Manufacturers and general merchants. Est. 1879. Liverpool and Birmingham.

Mandleberg, J., & Co., Ltd., The “Albion” waterproof works, Pendleton ; and at 95 and 105a. Waterproof goods.

Moss, J. S. and Sons, 23 ; Wholesale and retail clothiers.

Samuel, H. and Son, 97 and 99. Offices, Marsden square ; Watch manufacturers ; wholesale and retail jewellers.

Sternberg, Nathan, 15 ; Silversmith and jeweller.


Doniger, M., 18 ; Cap manufacturers.

Ellison, L., Edward street ; Wholesale cabinet manufacturer ; Bedroom suites in American walnut, satin walnut, walnut and maple, ash, mahogany and deal, in newest designs.

Frankenstein, P. and Sons, 33; Manufacturers of rubber fabrics. Factories : Victoria rubber works, Newton Heath.

Ginsberg, L, 67 and 69 ; Wholesale and retail general draper and milliner.

Hildesheimer, S. and Co., Lt., 63 ; Manfs. mouldings picture frames, &c.

Marks, H., 25 : Wholesale cap manufacturer.

Mistovski, L. and Co., 59, 61, and 61a, ; India-rubber manufacturers. Works: The “Broadfield” rubber works, Heywood near Manchester.

Rosenthal, S., 27 : Wholesale cap manufacturer.

Singerman, S., Albert bldgs. : cap manufacturer.


Black, O., 5 ; Ladies’ and Gents’ bespoke tailor and tailoring for the trade.

Fraser, Barnet, 67 ; Ladies’ and Gent’s bespoke tailor, and tailoring for the trade.

Hoffman, Sam., 7a, Salford ; Practical tailor.

Wansker, Jos., 6, Button street ; Tassel and trimming manufacturer.

Weiner, Sam., New Bridge street rubber works ; Ladies’ and Gents’ vulcanised waterproof garments. Est. 1869.


Faust, Wm., 59, Tib street, Queen’s bldgs. ; Tailoring for the trade.

Koffman, Louis, 13, Henry street ; Wholesale cabinet manufacturer.


Behrens, Louis and Sons, 131 ; Merchants and manufacturers.

Ellinger, and Co., 127 ; Shipping merchants.

Hesse, Max, 4 ; Agent for foreign manfs.

Hirschberg and Co., 100; Merchants and manufacturers.

Langstein, M. and Co., 4 ; Printers.

Sassoon, David and Co., 113; Shipping merchants.


Kaufman, L., 44 ; Merchant.


Cohen, Louis, 43, Fernie street : Matzo baker, flour dealer and grocer.

Friedman, A., 29, Verdon street ; Wholesale clothier.

Sniderman, H. 47, Fernie street ; Clothing and piece-goods.


Kaufman, D,, 43, Cable street ; Wholesale furniture manufacturer and warehouseman.


Frankenburg, L : Rubber fabrics.

Sieff, E., 52, Broughton road; Cotton and woollen rag merchant.

Sugarman, Nachman, 120, Greengate street; Picture-frame maker.


Babrovskie, Weinberg and Co., 17, Bradshaw street : Waterproof manufacturers and leather goods.

Barder, A., 20, Thomas street; Manufacturer and importer of fancy leather goods. Bags, purses, albums, cigar and cigarette cases, fans, photo frames, &c.

Friesner, Emanuel, 39, Thomas street; Tailoring for the trade.

Friesner, L., 39, Thomas street Tailoring for the trade and clothing manufacturer.

Goldman, M., 4, Dantzic street ; Wholesale clothing manufacturer.

Jacobson, S., 22, Bradshaw street ; Stay and corset manufacturer.

Levy, A., 42, Hanover street; Wholesale cap manufacturer.

Markus, Bernard, 6, New street ; Waterproof garment manufacturer and leather goods.

Michaels, Israel and Co., 38, Dantzic street ; Boot, shoe and slipper manufacturers.

Pavion Bros., 55, Hanover street ; Cap manufacturers.

Steel A., 8, Thomas street; importer of English and Geneva watches. Watchmakers’ and jewellers’ materials and tools.


Backner, Carl, 121, Gt. Ducie street; Wholesale and retail tobacco and cigars.

Barron, J., 8, Bury New road; Wholesale and retail drapery.

Berman, M., 21, Bury New road; New and second hand furniture. Weekly payments taken.

Cohen, A., 37, Briddon street, Hat and cap manufacturer.

Cohen, M., 15, Bury New road; Kosher butcher, sausages and all kinds of pickled and smoked provisions supplied.

Cohen. Sol., 76, Moreton street; Baker, grocer and general provision dealer.

Cornofsky, L., 22, Bury New road: Baker, grocer and general provision dealer.

Davis, Isaac, Room 27, Empire bldg., Moreton street ; Tailoring for the trade.

Dovidovich, I,, 171, Gt. Ducie street ; Manufacturer of aprons, pinafores, &c.

Dryer, Jac., & Co., 72, Moreton street ; Loan office.

Feinberg, Jac, 107, Moreton street; Grocer and general provision dealer.

Feineman, H. 103, Moreton street; Custom tailor and tailoring for the trade.

Freedman, H. & Co., 37, Briddon street; Wholesale cap manufacturers.

Freizer, Morris, 8, Boundary street; Master tailor for the trade.

Frendt, A., 97, Gt, Ducie street ; Practical tailoring and tailoring for the trade.

Gardie, M., 20, Bury New road ; General grocer and provision dealer.

Gilbert, S., 25, Briddon street; Master tailor for the trade.

Goldberg & Bloom, Room 40, Empire bldg., Moreton street ; Tailoring for the trade.

Goldstone, Louis, Room 6, Empire bldg., Moreton street ; Tailor and cloth merchant.

Goldwater, J., 132, Moreton street; Custom tailor and tailoring for the trade.

Green, Solomon, 91, Gt. Ducie street; Working jeweler, electro-plate gilder and tobacconist.

Hyman, A., 62, Gt. Ducie street; Baker and provision dealer, reliable matzo baker and Passover provisions.

Hyman, M., 81, Moreton street; General draper.

Kersh, J., 25, Briddon street; Master tailor for the trade.

Kolomer, Nathan, 18, Bury New road; Bedsteads and bedding, spring mattresses and upholsterer.

Koffler, Chas., 43, Julia street ; Hat and cap manufacturer.

Landes, Max H., 14, Howard Street; General dealer in cashmeres, silks, velvets, &c.

Lang Bros. & Co., Briddon Street; Hat and cap manufacturers.

Levene, Barnet, 83, Moreton street; Wholesale and retail tailors’ trimmings.

Levinson, Simon, Room 9, Empire bldg., Moreton street ; Rag merchant.

Lewis, Harris, 97, Moieton street ; Master tailor for the trade.

Linskie, T., 26, Briddon street; Practical tailor.

Lipoloskie, I., 126, Moreton street; Baker, grocer and provision dealer, reliable matzo baker and Passover provisions.

Maimon, A. & Co., 43, Bury New road ; Wholesale and retail provision merchants.

Nathan, F., 4, Southall street ; Tailoring.

Nathan, N., 11, Moreton street; Wholesale cap manufacturer.

Normie Bros., 10, Little Bridge street; Wholesale cabinet manufacturers to the trade. Dining and bedroom suites, and kitchen furniture of every description of wood.

Plotzker, David, 179, Great Ducie street; Meat salesman, wurst, and sausage manufactured by gas power : special attention to country orders.

Ranbach, M., 13, Nightingale street; and 25 and 43, Bury New road ; Grocer and provision dealer. Dealer in all kinds of tailors’ trimmings. Hebrew and English bookseller. Silk and woolen talaisim.

Rosenberg, D., Room 4, Empire bldg. ; Wholesale cap manufacturer.

Sampson, Sol., 43, Bury New road; Choice green-grocer and provision merchant. Country orders received.

Simons, Jos., 101, Moreton street; Tailoring for the trade.

Stern, J., 38, Gt. Ducie street; Watchmaker, working jeweller and repairer of musical boxes.

Verberlovski, Ph., 8, Boundary street ; Master tailor for the trade.

Wansker, Benj., 64, Moreton street ; Trimming manufacturer.

Wiener, P. B., 4, Southall street; Waterproof manufacturer.


Meyerstone, H., 33, New Brown St. ; Master tailor.


Goodman, I. & Co., 52; Complete house-furnisher.


Elder, H. & Co., Victoria Quilt Co.


Aaronsberg, W. & Son, 12; Ophthalmic opticians. Instrument makers to Her Majesty the Queen.

Source: Commercial Directory of the Jews of the United Kingdom 1894 by Harfield, Eugene G.

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