Bromsgrove (Chadwick Division) 1820

Bate Thomas, farmer

Coley Edward, farmer

Cooke John, farmer

Cooper George, farmer

Corbett John, farmer

Dickens Benj., farmer

Foley John, farmer

Greaves Austin, farmer

Green William, farmer

Green Wm. jun., miller

Gubb Joseph, farmer

Hobbis Edmund, farmer

Holden John, farmer

Holmes Thomas, farmer

Hubard Thos. attorney

Iddins G. T., farmer

Lander Sampson, farmer

Penn Mrs. victualler

Powell Thomas, smith

Price William, farmer

Seager Edward, farmer

Smith Matthias, farmer

Smith Mrs., farmer

Strain Thomas, farmer

Waldon Moses, farmer

Walker George, farmer

Webley R., shoemaker

Wrights James, farmer

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.


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