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Bromsgrove, a market-town in the parish of its name, in the upper division of the hundred of Halfshire, is 116 miles N. W. from London, 13 N.E. by N. from Worcester, the like distance S. W. from Birmingham, and 13 N. W. from Alcester. This place, anciently called Bremesgrave, was a royal demesne at the time of the Conquest, and continued to be so till the reign of Henry III. During the parliamentary war it was the head quarters of a party of royalists employed in the siege of Hawkesley house, about three miles distant, which, in 1645, was fortified and garrisoned by the parliament. The town is cheerfully seated on the small river Spadesbourn (which falls into the Severn after passing Droitwich) and upon the great western road from Birmingham; deriving a considerable share of prosperity from such thoroughfare situation: added to which, there is an extensive manufactory of silk buttons, which furnishes employment to many hands, particularly children; and the making of nails, and malt are also branches of consequence. In the reign of Edward I, Bromsgrove returned two members to parliament, but it has for a long period ceased to enjoy such privilege. The town is within the jurisdiction of the county magistrates: a bailiff and other officers are annually appointed at the courts-leet of the lords of the manor, Earl Amherst and John Drummond, Esq.; and a court baron is held every three weeks for the recovery of debts under forty shillings.

The church, which is dedicated to St. John the Baptist, is a very ancient and beautiful structure, combining portions in the Norman style, and others in the early decorated and later styles of English architecture, of which last, the tower add spire, and most of the exterior of the church, are fine specimens. The tower is surmounted by a lofty, well-proportioned spire; and the edifice is approached one way by a flight of sixty-two steps: the interior contains many curious and interesting monuments. The church-yard is large, and from it may be contemplated most extensive and pleasing prospects, over a fertile country, varied by hill and dale, and irrigated by clear streams of water. The living is a vicarage, with the perpetual curacy of King’s Norton annexed, in the patronage of the dean and chapter of Worcester. The other places of worship are a chapel each for the baptists, Wesleyan methodists, and unitarians. The principal charities comprise a free grammar school, founded in the reign of Edward VI, with scholarships and fellowships to Worcester College, Oxford; and some endowed almshouses. The neighbourhood of Bromsgrove is adorned with several fine seats, amongst which are Hewell Grange, belonging to the Hon. Robert Henry Clive, M. P.; and the elegant residence of the Right Hon. and Rev. Lord Aston, at Tardebigg. The market is held on Tuesday; and the fairs on the 24th of June for horses, 1st October for horses, cattle, &c, and a statute meeting for hiring servants on the 24th of September; besides which there are toll free markets for fat cattle, on the last Tuesday in the months of February, March, April, May and August. The parish of Bromsgrove contained, by the census taken in 1821, 7,519 inhabitants, and by that for 1831, 8,612.

Stoke Prior is a parish, in the middle division of the hundred of Oswaldslow; the village being situate about two miles, south, from Bromsgrove. Some extensive salt, soap, and vitriol works are in this parish. The church is dedicated to St. Michael, and the living is a vicarage, in the same patronage as that of Bromsgrove. The parish contained, in 1831, 1,100 inhabitants.

Tardebigg is a parish, partly in the upper division of the hundred of Halfshire, and extending into the Alcester division of the hundred of Barlichway, county of Warwick: the village, which is three miles E. S. E. from Bromsgrove, is pleasantly situate upon the banks of the Worcester and Birmingham canal.

The church, which is dedicated to St. Bartholomew, is a neat stone structure, and being placed upon an eminence, presents an object from the road pleasing and picturesque. The living is a vicarage, in the incumbency of the Hon. and Rev. Lord Aston. The parish, (which includes the hamlets of Bentley, Redditch, and Webheath Yields,) contained, at the last census (1831), 4,145 inhabitants.

Upton-Warren is a parish, in the upper division of the hundred Halfshire; the village being situate on the main road leading to Bromsgrove and Droitwich, two miles and a half S. S. W. from the former, and three miles and a half N. N. E. from the latter town. The church, which is dedicated to St. Michael, was some years since partly rebuilt, and the interior is neatly fitted-up: the living is a rectory, in the patronage of the Earl of Shrewsbury. The parish contained, in 1821, 463 inhabitants, and in 1831, 474.

POST OFFICE, High-street, Bromsgrove, Ann Gardner, Post Mistress.— Letters from London arrive every morning (Monday excepted) at a quarter past nine, and are despatched every afternoon (Saturday excepted) at half-past four. — Letters from the North arrive every morning at a quarter past nine, and are despatched every afternoon at half-past four. — Letters from the South arrive every afternoon at four, and are despatched every morning at a quarter before ten. — Letters from the West arrive every morning at three, and are despatched every evening at half-past nine.


Ashwell Rev. Thomas, High st

Aston Right Honourable and Rev, Lord, Tardebigg

Biggs Rev. George, Upton Warren

Browne Capt. William, Strand

Campbell Rev. Henry,

Clive Honourable Robert Henry, M. P. Hewell grange

Harward Rev. John N. Bromsgrove

Roe — , esq. Grafton house

Rufford George, esq. Grafton manor


Allen James (day) Worcester st

Brunton Daniel (day) King Edward Sixth’s Grammar School, Worcester street— G. A. Jacobs, master

Knight the Misses (boarding & day), High st

Lea Measham (day) High st

Pearce Esther Ann (brdng) High st

Rose William (day) Hanover st

Simpson Joseph (brdg) Worcester st


Doogood William, High st

Lawrence John, St. John’s st

Robeson Messrs. High st

Vernon & Minshall, St. John’s st


Johnson William, High st

Ward Thomas, High st


Baylis William, Worcester st

Cooke Thomas, High st

Fawke John, St. John’s st

Harrison William, Worcester st

Holt Richard, High st

Tench James, High st

Webster George, Strand


Rufford and Co. High st— (draw on Spooner, Attwoods & Co. London)

Stourbridge & Kidderminster Banking Co. (branch of— draw on Smith, Payne and Smiths, London)

Savings’ Bank, High street— Oliver Williams, secretary


Butler Ralph, Catshill

Croft Samuel, Worcester st

Harbach Thomas, Worcester st

Hartle William, High st

Ledbury William, Worcester st

Morris William, High st

Sutton Solomon, Bedlam


Maund Benjamin (& sub-distributer of stamps) High st

Scroxton John, High st


Burton William, High st

Butler James, St. John’s st

Davis William, St. John’s st

Devenport, Edward, High st

Evans John, Worcester st

Groves John, Worcester st

Hughes Thos. Catshill

Lacey Mary Ann (shoe warehouse), High st

Morris William, Worcester st

Penrice Henry, Hanover

Tandy James, High st

Webb Elizabeth, High st

Wild William, Strand


Allbut Thomas, Worcester st

Brooke Charles, High st

Morris Edward, High st

Troth Benjamin, High st

Watton Edward, Worcester st


Buggins William, Worcester st

Read Joseph, High st


Beresford James, Strand

Bott Peter, Worcester st

Brasier Benjamin, Worcester st

Bullingham Henry, High st

Gardner William, Catshill

Harvey Joseph, High st

Haynes John, High st

Knight Henry, Worcester st

Layton James (pork) High st

Leek Richard, High st

Manly Joseph, Worcester st

Martin Francis, High st

Mills John, High st

Pardoe James, Worcester st

Snell John, Worcester st

Troth Benjamin (pork) High st

Wall William, High st

Watton William, High st


Barley Thomas, Catshill

Bott Thomas, Birmingham road

Brooke Joseph, St. John’s st

Edwards Thomas, High st

Jones John, Catshill

King William, Worcester st

Skidmore James, High st

Wright Robert, High st


Blent Charles, High st

Wildsmith William, Worcester st


Llewellyn William, Worcester st

Tench James, High st


Cullwick John, High st

Greening Thomas & Son, High st

Haines John Jenkins, High st

Maund Benjamin, High st

Parry William, High st


Connard Joseph, High st

Dowler William, St. John’s st


Drury Ann (& hasket maker) High st

Featherstone Wm. Hope, High st

Nokes Moses, Worcester st


Kitchen John, High st

Wall Francis & Son, High st


Crane John Bell, High st

Tandy George, High st


Birmingham, John Holyoake, High street

Exeter, and West of England, John Dipple, High st

Norwich Union, Benjamin Maund, High st

Protector, John Hartell, High st

Sun, Thomas Ward; High st


Amos William, Worcester st

Burton William, High st


(See also Shopkeepers, &c.)

Amiss James, High st

Caswell & Son, Worcester st

Greening Thomas & Son, High st

Jones Robert Edward, Market place

Parry William, High st

Pearsall William, High st

Penn E. & P. High st

Tweedle John, High st

Wilson Thomas, High st


Cox Samuel, High st

Houghton Robert, Worcester st

Powell John, Worcester st

Sealey Charles, High st


Garfield John, Worcester st

Nowell Richard, Worcester st


Crown, Sarah Culwick, High st

Royal Hotel, Chas. Smith, High st

Star & Garter, Elizbth. Gill, High st


Dipple John, High st

Hedges Samuel, High st

Morris Edward, High st


Curtler Henry, High st

Exley Matthew, High st

Hartell John, High st

Holyoake John, High st

Thomas Thomas Davies, High st

Weaver William, High st


Curtler James, Worcester st

Gilbert Richard, High st

Greening Thomas & Son, High st

Holt Richard, High st

Llewellyn William, Worcester st

Parkes William, Catshill

Perks Benjamin, Worcester st

Taylor Benjamin, Strand

Ward James, High st

Ward William, High st

Watton William, High st


Freeman Charles, Lickey’s end

Harris William, Stoke Prior

Harrison Thomas, Worcester st

Milton Joshua, Mill


Charles Elizabeth, Hanover st

Downes Ann, High st

Holmes Sarah, High st

Kings Mary Ann, High st

Moore Avis, High st

Sealey Sarah, High st

Skidmore Phoebe, High st

Steward Ann, St. John’s st

Yates Charlotte, Worcester st


Buckley John, Birmingham road

Langley William, Worcester st

Parkes Amos, Catshill


Blew Joseph, High st

Chidley George, High st

Ellins George, High st

Ellins Henry, High st

Green James and Co. (and general factors) High st

Juggins Thomas, High st

Miles Thomas, High st

Perkins Francis, High st

Roberts John, Catshill

Scroxton Thomas, St. John’s st

Stanley Jabez, High st

Ward Jeffrey, Catshill


Brown William, High st

Clarkson James, Worcester st

Dalton Joshua, Strand

Juggins John, Highst

Rogers John, High st


Price Richard, Worcester st

Walker Joseph, Worcester st


Duffill John, High st

Ledbury Edward, Mill lane


Fisher Thomas, High st

Palmer Thomas. High st

Sealey James, High st


Fardon, Gossage & Co. (& soap & vitriol manufacturers) Stoke Prior

Parker Richard, Stoke Prior


Banner Job, Catshill

Dalton Joshua, Strand

Fletcher William, St. John’s st

Griffin John, High st

Hartle Sarah, Worcester st

Lamb Sarah, Hanover st

Leek Isaac, High st

Llewellyn William, Worcester st

Mil’s John, High st

Read Joseph, High st

Skidmore Elizabeth, Strand

Steel William, High st

Trueman John, Strand

Vincent Charles, Holy lane

Witheford Benjamin, Worcester st


Cleague Mary, Worcester st

Frayne Louisa, High st

Pearce Ann, High st

Wiles Jane, High st


Haines Richard Jenkins, High st

Horton George, High st

Horton John, High st

Kenwrick Thomas, High st


Barrett Henry, Worcester st

Chance Edward, Hanover st

Halfpenny John, Worcester st

Hall Thomas, High st

Houghton Edward (& draper) High st

Lacy Joseph, High st

Manning Job, Worcester st

Miles Benjamin, St. John’s st

Redding John, Strand

Robinson Samuel, Worcester st

Wilde John, High st


Bell, Henry Smith, High st

Bird-in-Hand, Charles Webb, High st

Black Cross, John Green, Worcester st

Crabb Mill, Wm. Flowers, Birmingham rd

Crown, Thomas Smith, Catshill

Dolphin, Richard Gilbert, High st

George, Mary Gabb, High st

Golden Lion, Thos. Amphlet, Worcester st

Green Dragon, Daniel Whitehouse, High st

Hop Pole, John Irish, High st

King’s Head, Charles Tidmarsh, High st

Mitre, Charles Wright, High st

Plymouth Arms, John Durham, Tardebigg

Red Lion, William Penn, Worcester st

Roebuck, James Ward, High st

Sampson, Joseph Witheford, Worcester st

Shoulder of Mutton, Catherine Bourne, St. John street

White Horse, Thos. Evans, Worcester st

Retailers of Beer.

Barley Thomas, Catshill

Bolding Thomas, Worcester st

Davis Thomas, Worcester st

Dolphin Francis, Hundred house

Holt Richard, High st

Houghton John, Kidderminster road

Juggins William, Birmingham road

Lacy Joseph, High st

Leek Isaac, High st

Miles Thomas, High st

Pardoe William, Strand

Perks Benjamin, Worcester st

Read Joseph, High st

Smith Thomas, Worcester st

Tabberer James, High st

Vincent Charles, Holy lane


ELastic Steel.

Byng William, Putcheon

Miles Thomas, High st


Price Simeon, Worcester st

Walker Joshua, Worcester st


Court Joseph, High st

Dutton Frederick N. High st


Cole William, High st

Croft Samuel, Worcester st


Austin Joseph, brush maker, High st

Austin William, confectioner, High st

Boulton Anthony, dyer, Worcester st

Frayne William, hosier, High st

Grove Benjamin, gardener, &c. High st

Grove Sarah, seed dealer, High st

Haines Thomas & Co. linen, &c. bleachers, and manufacturers, High st

Hughes Mary, pork dealer, Worcester st

Jakeman Joseph, tanner, High st

Johnson William, cork cutter. High st

Langley Wm. machine maker, Worcester st

Male Edward, gunsmith, Worcester st

Nicholls Robert, glover & breeches maker, High street

Price Edward, veterinary surgeon, High street

Rose Joseph, stone cutter, St. John’s st

Sanders Benjamin and Sons, silk button manufacturers, High street

Taylor Charles, umbrella maker, High st

Tipper John, pawnbroker, Worcester st

Tipper John, jun. cabinet maker, Worcester street

Tranter James, brick and tile maker, Catshill

Ward Thomas, upholsterer, High st

Webb Charles, land surveyor, High st

White John, fellmonger, Worcester st

Woodhouse William, builder, Strand


The Mails call alternately at the Crown & Royal Hotel: the other Coaches call at the Crown, except the Alert & the York House which call at the Royal Hotel.

To BATH, the York House (from Birmingham) every morning at a quarter before ten) goes through Droitwich, Worcester, Tewkesbury, Gloucester and Cheltenham — and the Mercury, every morning (Sunday excepted) at ten; goes thro’ Droitwich, Worcester, Tewkesbury, Gloucester and Petty France

To BIRMINGHAM, the Royal Mail (from Worcester) every afternoon at half-past four— the Star, every morning (Sunday excepted) at half-past nine— and the True Blue, every day at half-past twelve— the Alert (from Cheltenham) every afternoon at a quarter before two; and the Defiance, every afternoon (Sunday excepted) at two— the Wellington (from Bristol) every afternoon (Mon day excepted) at half-past four; & the Hero, every evening (Sunday excepted) at six— the Mercury (from Bath) every evening at six; and the York House every evening at half-past six.

To BRISTOL, the Royal Mail (from Manchester) every night at a quarter before ten— and the Wellington (from Birmingham) every morning (Monday excepted) at nine; both go thro’ Droitwich, Worcester, Tewkesbury, Gloucester, Cambridge Inn and Newport— and the Hero (from Birmingham) every mormng (Sunday excepted) at half-past eight; goes thro’ Droitwich , Worcester, Tewkesbury, Cheltenham, Glo’ster. &c

To CHELTENHAM, the Defiance (from Birmingham) every day (Sunday excpt.) at half-past twelve; & the Alert, every afternoon at half-past one; both go thro’ Droitwich, Worcester & Tewkesbury.

To MANCHESTER, the Royal Mail (from Bristol) every morning at three; goes through Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Stone, Stafford, &c.

To WORCESTER, the Royal Mail (from Birmingham) every morning at half-past nine — the Star, every afternoon (Sunday excepted) at five— & the True Blue, every evening at half-past seven; all go through Droitwich.


To BIRMINGHAM, from whence goods are forwarded to all parts of the Kingdom, Thomas Allbut, from Worcester street, and John Weaver, from the Strand, every Monday & Thursday – John and William Ashmore, from their warehouse, every day (and general carriers to all parts) – Charles Parton, from High street, every Monday, Thursday and Saturday— William Douglass, from the George, every Saturday— and — — Webley, from the same place. Thurs.

To DROITWICH, William Douglass, and — Webley, from the George. Friday.

To REDDITCH, William Bray, every Tuesday and Saturday.

To WORCESTER, John and William Ashmore, every day – Charles Parton, from High street, and Thomas Allbut from Worcestet street, every Wednesday and Saturday— and John Weaver, from the Strand, every Saturday.

Source: Pigot and Co’s National Commercial Directory 1835.