Bones S, corn factor, 9 Coventry rd

Briley F J, building contractor, Coventry rd

BROWN J B, draper, milliner, hosier, glover and haberdasher, etc. Manchester house, 52 Coventry rd

Bulls Head Inn, Coventry rd – R Russell

Burley C and Co, cycle makers, Red Hill rd

Comley T J, confectioner, Lincoln house

Derrington and Sons, brick mnfrs, Speedwell rd

Durnell Mrs M, grocer, 27 Coventry rd

Eastmans Ltd, family butchers, 39 Coventry rd

ELLIS A, pawnbroker, Kings rd. The oldest and best known pawnbroker in the district

Everitt J, hairdresser etc, 49 Coventry rd

Franklin J E, grocery and provision stores, 54 Coventry rd

Frazer Bros, bedstead mnfrs, Kings rd

Glaze F, pawnbroker, Lombard house

Goodwin and Son, butchers, 59 Coventry rd

Gwyther Coffee House, Coventry rd – W Palmer

Hadley E, the boot mart, 79 Coventry rd

Hall Dr, surgeon, Highfields, Coventry rd

Hardie T, fancy draper, 13 Coventry rd

Harris C, baker, 25 Coventry rd

Harrison R E, butcher, 3 Coventry rd

Hay Mills Furnishing Stores, 50 Coventry rd

Hay Mills Tavern, Coventry rd – R C Harrison

Hemming J, fruiterer, 5 Coventry rd

Hewlett A, tea and coffee house, 7 Coventry rd

HILEY A F, coal dealer, 20 Coventry rd. All orders promptly attended to

HILEY MRS J, stationer, bookseller, newsagent, glass, china and earthenware dealer, 20 Coventry rd

Hoskin Bros, woven wire mattress mnfrs, Francis rd

Hunter T jun, fruiterer etc, 58 Coventry rd

Jacques A jun, boot and shoe maker, 43 Coventry rd

Jacques, Holbeche and Jacques, bakers, 41, 125 and 127 Coventry rd

KESSELER MRS, dressmaker, milliner and fancy draper, hosier, glover, haberdasher etc, Coventry rd

Kilby W W, tobacconist, 17 Coventry rd

Latch and Batchelor Ltd, Wire Mills

LEONARD W H, ironmonger, hardware and general dealer, oil and lamp mcht, 75 Coventry rd

Lombard Cycle Co, Coventry rd

Madge C, fruiterer, 57 Coventry rd

Mansell J, baker, 30 Coventry rd

Mansfield C, grocer etc, 131 Coventry rd

Marriott Cycle Co Ltd, Kings rd

Marston W, fruiterer, 23 Coventry rd

Matthews C, tobacconist, 22 Coventry rd

Matthews G, ironmonger, 29 Coventry rd

Meadows T S, Red Hill House Dairy, Coventry rd

NEWMAN A, grocer, provision mcht, and corn dealer, 1 Redhill rd, Coventry rd

Owen A, sugar boiler, 31 Coventry rd

Pendered J T, confectioner, 15 Coventry rd

Penfield T, furniture remover, Coventry rd

Plough and Harrow, Coventry rd – T Dunn

Price C, butcher, 60 Coventry rd

SHOVELBOTTOM C J, the Original Hay Mills tobacco shop, 45 Coventry rd. Tobaccos of best brands

SPENCER W, dispensing and family chemist by examination, 11 Coventry rd

Spokes and Co, cycle mnfrs, Red hill

Terry W, jewellers etc, Time house, Coventry rd

Terry W jun, butcher, 83 Coventry rd

Trussler J, grocer and draper, Post Office, Coventry rd

Tulk W, pork butcher, 53 Coventry rd

Turner T, tripe dresser, 5 Coventry rd

WALTON & SONS, carpenters, joiners, and general builders, 65 Coventry rd

Ward G, Quadrant Drug Stores, 129 Coventry rd

Whitfield, ironfounder, Kings rd

Whitlock H, newsagent, Coventry rd

Wood S B, grocer, 23 Coventry rd

Wright T, butcher, 26 Coventry rd

Young J, grocer, Coventry rd

Source: Bennetts Business Directory (Worcestershire Section) 1899; Bennett & Co. Printers and Publishers, Birmingham.