Butts (The) Worcester 1905

Right Side From Shaw Street

Goodman & Sons, ironmongers, &c.

Tustin Solomon John, horse breaker and livery stable keeper

Price Ernest William, shoeing smith

Here Is Infirmary Walk

Groves Percy, Paul Pry Inn

Rea W. G., saddler and harness maker


Lane Harvey, horse dealer

Healey Mrs. E.

The Midland Counties Agricultural Supply Association, Ltd., Showrooms and workshops

Watkins Walter, livery stables

Whitgrove J. carriage builder (workshops)

Ash Tree Cottage – Borman George, mangr. Callow Park Dairy Company

Callow Park Dairy Yard

Local Board of Health Yard

Netherton Vil. – James Mrs. Mary, laundress

Netherton House – Carmichael Thos. (Carmichael & Sons)

Here Is Netherton Lane

Wood Joseph & Sons, builders, contractors, steam sawing and planning mills (see advt.)

Here Is Croft Walk

Nash’s Almshouses

Dovey John, boiler maker

Cattle and Sheep Market – Charles Hughes, Collector

Here Is Croft Road; Also North Quay

Davies William, dealer


Sutton John, fish merchant

Barnes’s Cottages – Void

Barnes’s Cottages – Crockett Henry, labourer

Barnes’s Cottages – Mayne Mary Ann, charwoman

Barnes’s Cottages – Lavender William, labourer

Bozward William, jun., fish & fruit merchant

Campbell Fredk. John, j’man coach painter

Bird John Lancaster, Ewe and Lamb Inn

  1. Vine Cots. – Reynolds John, j’man carpntr.
  2. Vine Cots. – Wiltshire Henry, wheelwright
  3. Vine Cots. – Allen Charles, labourer
  4. Vine Cots. – Morgan John, labourer

Netherton Works – Turton William Henry, engineer and millwright

Here Is Rack Alley

Carmichael & Sons, carriage builders

Wood Joseph & Sons, blacksmiths’ yard

North Wall House – Grammar School for Girls, Mrs. W. Rodway Barnes, Principal

Bath House – Void

Bath Cottage – Dovey John, boiler maker

Fathers Lewis, j’man farrier

Veterinary Infirmary and Shoeing Forge – Carless William Stanley, M.R.C.V.S.

Hills R. J., M. Ad. VS., veterinary surgeon’s assistant

Angel Street Congregational Sunday School (George Windus, Caretaker)

Here Is Angel Place; Also Shaw Street

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.

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