Apr. 3. William Cope, s. of Edward Cope Hopton, Esq., bur. in the Body of the Church.

Apr. 8. John Rea of St. Martin’s & Elizabeth Gorle of St. Peter’s in Worcester m. lic.

Apr. 27. Langley Hudson of St. Martin’s & Anne Mogridge of the same m. lic.

May 5. James King of the p. of St. Bresill’s in the co. of Gloucester & Mary Hornyblow of Churchhill m. lic.

May 8. Richard Crockett of Salwarp & Hannah Kendrick of the same m. lic.

May 28. Thomas Faizey of Tibberton & Mary Curtiss of the same m. lic.

May 30. Ambrose (?) Peater of Bromsgrove & Hannah Growfoot of the same m. lic.

June 9. Thomas Stillins of Ledbury & Elizabeth Smith of Upton Snodsbury m. lic.

June 10. Elias Gregg of St. Swithun’s & Ann Nott of the same m. lic.

June 11. Thomas Bridges of St. Peter’s & Rebecca Roneden of the same m. lic.

June 12. William Nott of Ombersley & Hannah Randell of the same m. lic.

June 15. George Young of Great Malvern & Elizabeth Hopkins of the same m. lic.

June 27. Joseph Gamond of Dimmock in Gloucestershire & Catharine Boulton of Welland m. lic.

July 3. William Yarranton of Grimley & Mary Lench of the same m. lic.

July 4. John Band of St. Helen’s & Elizabeth Paine of St. Swithun’s m. lic.

July 23. Thomas Weobley of Himbleton & Mary Partridge of St. Andrew’s, Droitwich, m. lic.

July 25. Thomas Southall of St. Martin in Worcester & Rebecca Price of St. Helen’s m. lic.

Aug. 1. Richard Yarnold of Holy Cross in Pershore & Sarah Smith of Severn Stoke m. lic.

Aug. 13. Joseph Tunks of Bewdley & Elianor Burton of Wribbenhall m. lic.

Aug. 20. John Buckley of Bromsgrove & Anne Winwood of Martin Hussingtree m. lic.

Aug. 24. Joseph Parsons of Huddington & Mary Fowler of Bromsgrove m. lic.

Sep. 4. Charles Chantrell of All Saints in Worster & Frizwith Bury of the same m. lic.

Sep. 19. Anne, d. of Edward Cope Hopton, Esqre., & Mary his wife was baptiz’d

Sep. 23. William Yeates of Shrawley & Mary Hunt of Braneford m. lic.

Oct. – (entry erased) …

Oct. 9. John Pennell of St. Swithun’s & Margaret Moore of All Saints

Oct. 13. Benjamine Moore of Martley & Elizabeth Oliver of Clifton m. lic.

Oct. 16. Samuel Barnes of Dormston & Mary Lee of the same m. lic.

Oct. 20. Matthew Rock of Norton by Evesholm & Elizabeth Lunn of Defford m. lic.

Oct. 30. James Board of St. Andrew’s in Pershore & Anne Marshal of the same m. lic.

Nov. 3. Mrs. Grace Clift bur. in the Cloysters.

Nov. 3. Richard Bolter of Eckington & Elizabeth Cole of Twining m. lic.

Nov. 8. Thomas Fitzer of Martley & Mary Collins of the same m. lic.

Fol. 17).

Nov. 10. Thomas Green & Sarah Dipple of St. John’s in Bedwardine m. lic.

Nov. 27. George Britts of St. Martin’s & Elizabeth Cook of St. Helen’s m. lic.

Nov. 29. Thomas Franks of St. Clement’s & Mary Wickfall of All Saints m. lic.

Dec. 1. Richard Hales of Cradley & Katharine Dangerfield of Mathon m. lic.

Dec. 22. Thomas Hale of St. Peter’s in Worcester & Bridget Heming of Holt m. lic.

Jan. 5. Lancellot Jewkes of St. Swithun & Mary Meadowcourt of Claines m. lic.

Jan. 10. Richard Band of St. Helen’s & Martha Lane of the precincts of the college m. lic.

Jan. 19. Thomas Price of Astley & Mary Stevens of the same m. lic.

Feb. 8. James Smith of Upton-upon-Severn & Sarah King of Ripple m. lic.

Feb. 14. William Hough of Hartlebury & Sarah Porter of the same m. lic.

Feb. 16. John Fowler of Stoke & Mary Wheeler of Eckington m. lic.

Feb. 18. Joseph Castle of Norton & Elizabeth Castle of Stoulton m. lic.

Feb. 27. William Plowden, Esqre., bur. in the body of the Church.

Mar. 11. George Yarnal of All Saints in Worster & Anne Castle of Kempsey m. lic.

Mar. 16. John Rea of St. Martin’s & Mary Bradley of St. Andrew’s m. lic.