Mar. 31. Thomas Higley of Shelseley Beauchamp & Katherine Bird m. lic.

Apr. 28. Edward Lloyd of Meadley & Mary Nash of St. Andrew’s in Worster m. lic.

May 3. James Ross of Warndon & Mary Cawsier of the same m. lic.

May 4. Henry Saunders of Ombersley & Jane Guise of the same m. lic.

May 16. Susanna, d. of – & Alice Lewis baptized.

May 27. William Butler of Chalmarsh in Salop & Susanna Butler of Woolverley m. lic.

June 12. Franciss Hale of Claines & Susanna Bradford of the same m. lic.

June 14. Benjamine Read of Kidderminster & Hannah Silk of the same m. lic.

July 18. Samuel Churchill of Broadway & Sarah Berry of the same m lic.

July 18. George Goodere of Shrawley & Anne Cooke of the same m. lic.

July 24. Richard Ockey of Little Whitley & Mary Pickendal of the same m. lic.

Sep. 8. James Kennion of Liverpool & Joyce Cooksey of St. Clement’s m. lic.

Sep. 9. Benjamin Bearcroft of Tiberton & Amphilis Skinner of the same m. lic.

Sep. 15. David Evans of St. John’s & Elizabeth Skudder of St. Michael’s m. lic.

Nov. 10. Edward Deeves of Norton & Margaret Castle of the same m. lic.

Oct. 24. William Steed of Powick & Mary Baynham of Castle-froom m. lic.

Nov. 25. Thomas Hill of St. Martin’s & Mary Hampton of St. Peter’s m. lic.

Dec. 15. William Woodhouse of Salwarp & Elizabeth Oakley of the same m. lic.

Dec. 18. John Castle of the p. of Leigh & Mary Hundley of Cotheridge m. lic.

Dec. 27. Thomas Congreve of Birmingham & Elizabeth Hollyday of Bromsgrove m. lic.

Dec. 28. Robert Moore of Birmingham & Anne Webb of Great Shelsley m. lic.

Jan. 8. Henry Baggot of St. John’s & Alice Smith of the same (over an erasure) m. lic.

Jan. 19. William Soley of Birlingham & Mary Mansell of Pershore m. lic.

Jan. 29. Benjamine Glover of Great Malvern & Sarah Bullock of the same m. lic.

Feb. 10. Richard Franciss of Powick & Laetitia Yeats of Mathon m. lic.

Feb. 12. William Bowl of Churchill & Mary (?) Thawket of the same m. lic. (over an erasure).

Feb. 19. Thomas, s. of the Revd. Mr. The. Miles & Mary his wife was baptized.

Feb. 29. Humphrey Hill of Astley & Anne Tolley of St. Nicholas m. lic.

Fol. 15 b).

Feb. 12. Thomas Spilsbury of St. John’s & Mary Wright of Broadwas m. lic.

Feb. 17. Richard Weston of St. Andrew & Mary Warner of St. Peter’s m. lic.

Mar. 3. Edward Brown of St. Swithun’s & Catharine Reading of Pershore m. lic.

Mar. 19. William Barber of Great Malvern & Margaret Merriman of the same m. lic.

Mar. 11. William, s. of Edward Cope Hopton, Esqre., & Mary his wife baptised.