Hill End (Bromsgrove Road) Droitwich 1905

Right Side From Chapel Bridge

Round & Downs, coal merchants

Sturges Frederick George, baker

Baptist Chapel – Rev. Thos. Nelmes, Pastor

Burnham Henry, Freemasons’ Arms

Haughty George, labourer

Haughty Henry, gardener

Turner Miss Martha

Noake Edwin, salt worker

Bourne James, waterman

Noake William, labourer

Coldicott John, labourer

Sparkes Mrs.

Maycroft Henry, blacksmith

Thomas Arthur, sawyer

Greaves Mrs.

Massie Henry, Old House at Home

Here Is Back Lane

Woodfield Terrace – Dedicott Arthur, carter

Woodfield Terrace – Harrison Thomas, salt worker

Woodfield Terrace – Price Mrs. Sarah

Woodfield Terrace – Cooper Fred, watchman

Woodfield Terrace – Sparkes Reuben, labourer

Woodfield Terrace – Evans Mrs. Ann

Woodfield Terrace – Harris Thomas, j’man bricklayer

Woodfield Terrace – Freeman George, postman

Price Samuel, bargeman

Evans Mrs. Mary

Guise Mrs. Mary, charwoman

Chillingsworth Mrs. Sarah

Harris Mrs. Hannah

Maycroft Henry, labourer

Plain George, labourer

Maycroft George, bricklayer

Impney- Spencer Colonel

Jordan Frank, head gardener

Hoare Arthur, coachman

Left Side From Chapel Bridge

Smith Mrs. Catherine, charwoman

Bourne George, bargeman

Rooke Thomas, Hole in the Wall

House void

Sherrett James, labourer

Bridgewater William, gardener

Edmunds Mrs. Annie, seamstress

Here Is Crutch Lane

Voyce Miss washerwoman

Wood Edward, labourer

Willis Miss

Smith Alfred, painter

Sankey John, salt worker

Haughty Thomas, gardener

House void

Harrison William, labourer

Harrison George

Sankey Mrs.

Evans George, labourer

Here Is A Lane Leading To Crutch Lane

Evans Mrs, laundress

Partridge Richard, labourer

Harrison George, salt worker

Nicklin Frederick, salt worker

Harrison Edward, labourer

Knowles George, coachman

Rogers Henry, platelayer

Causier George W., labourer

Pearce George, waterman

Guise Aaron, platelayer

Here Is Church Lane

Church Lane start :-

Church Terrace – Bourne John Henry, j’man carpenter

Church Terrace – Price Mrs.

Church Terrace – Rogers David, labourer

Church Terrace – Baylis Thomas, labourer

Church Terrace – Bourne Edw. T., j’man bricklyr

Church Terrace – Fowkes Mrs.

Church Terrace – Guise Geo., j’man shoemaker

Church Terrace – Guise Mrs. Eliza

Church Terrace – Lowe Ernest, gardner

Church Terrace – Oliver Wm., j’man gardener

Here Is Crutch Lane

Dodderhill Church – Rev. Clement Price, M.A., Vicar

The Vicarage – Price Rev. Clement, M.A., (vicar of Dodderhill)

Hill Court – Everitt F. Douglas

Dodderhill Court – Hall Herbert, estate agent to Thomas Corbett

End of Church Lane

Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.