Right Side From Ombersley Street

Here Is West Street (No thoroughfare)

Start of West Street :-

Albert Villa – Knight Harry, blacksmith

Guildford Villas – (2) void

Guildford Villas – (1). – Wade J. W., traveller

Brookin Henry, manager

Thomas Daniel, saw mill proprietor

Thomas Mrs. D., furnished apartments

Wells Edward, ganger

Priddy Mrs.

End of West Street

Causier James, labourer

York Villas – Jackson John

York Villas – void

York Villas – Nelmes Rev. Thomas (Baptist)

Busfield John

Love Samuel, coachman

Hiam George, ticket collector

Malt House Cots. – Colley Thos., platelayer

Malt House Cots. – Cotterill Wm., labourer

Malt House Cots. – void

Malt House Cots. – Tomkins Miss

Victoria Cots. – Deakin Reuben, carter

Victoria Cots. – Baylis Wm., labourer

Victoria Cots. – Rickinson Arthur, draper

Here Is St. Nicholas Street

St. Nicholas Street (no thoroughfare)

Start: –

Curran Thomas

Rawlings Charles, gunsmith

Bridgewater Harold, grocer’s assistant

House void

Hyde Mrs.

Wilmore Mrs.

Powell Miss

Owens James, exciseman

Sturgin William, labourer

Colley Mrs. Jane, charwoman

Hunt J. E., insurance agent

Longdon Cottage – Wood Joseph

End of St. Nicholas Street

Four houses in course of erection

Albert Cots. – Harris Mrs.

Albert Cots. – Perkins Mrs.

Albert Cots. – Bourne Thomas, salt worker

Here Is A Lane Leading To Miller Street

Left Side From Ombersley Street

Westbury Ter. – Manning Mrs. C.

Westbury Ter. – Sherwin William, gardener

Westbury Ter. – Jorden Mrs.

St. Elmo – Yates Miss A. E.

Roseville – Harbach Francis, coal agent

Wood Harvey Jones, j’man bricklayer

Hunt James, labourer

Albert Villas – Thornborough Mrs. Elizbth.

Albert Villas – Williams Miss, dressmaker

Albert Villas – Davis Mrs.

Green Herbert (Green & Sons), draper

Bloxham Percy James, tea dealer

Dingle Villa – Power William

Wych Cot. – Power Miss Rachel, aprtmnts.

Here Is A Lane Leading To Burrish Street

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.