Astley Lewis Worcestershire Directory 1820


Blayney Nancy, farmer

Brown Thomas, farmer

Bunce Thomas, farmer

Chidley John, farmer

Cooke Wm., farmer

Cookes Rev. D. J. J.

Crane John, farmer

Dickens Walter, farmer

Fisher Richard, farmer

Flutton John, farmer

Green John, farmer

Griffen Thomas, farmer

Hammond James, farmer

Harper Edward, farmer

Hughes Thomas, farmer

Hughes and Co. brick makers

Jackson John, farmer

Mucklow Samuel, farmer

Overton John, farmer

Preen Joseph, saddler

Rumney L., farmer

Rutter John, farmer

Smith Thomas, farmer

Taylor James, farmer

Vernon T. S. Esq.

Wilson John, farmer

Winnell T. H. gent.

Winnell Samuel, farmer

Winnall John, farmer

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.

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