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Transcription of the Kidderminster Worcestershire Poll Book 1868. Lists surname, first name and address of where in Kidderminster they lived.
Kidderminster Borough Election 1868

Copy of the Poll

Candidates: Thomas Lea, Esq., Kidderminster; William Thomas Makins, Esq., Holland Park, London.

Number of Votes Given

For Mr. Lea … 1262

For Mr. Makins … 802

Majority for Mr. Lea … 460

Total Votes Polled … 2064

NB. * are Lodgers

Adams, John, St. John-street

Adams, Joshua, Worcester-street.

Adams, Samuel, Constitution-hill

Adams, Thomas, Love-lane

Adams, Thomas Hall-street

Adams, William, Leswell-place

Ainsworth, Daniel, Blackwell-street

Ainsworth, James, Coventry-street

Ainsworth, John, Mount Pleasant

Alexander, James, New Wood-street

Allbutt, James, Clensmore-lane

Allbutt, William, 15, South-street

Allcock, Benjamin, Coventry-street

Allcock, Benjamin, Bewdley-road

Allcock, Charles, Mill-street

Allcock, George, Habberley-street

Allcock, John, Chapel-street

Allen, Benjamin, Hoo-lane

Allen, James, Brussells-street

Allen, James, Bird-lane

Allen, John, Bewdley-street

Allen, John, Brussells-street

Allen, Richard, Hoo-lane

Allen, Richard, Coventry-street

Allen, William, Wood-street

Allingham, Benjamin, Worcester-street

Amos, William, Dudley-street

Amyes, Edward, Comberton-hill

Anderson, Wm. Henry, Oxford-road

Andrews, George, The New Closes

Andrews, James, Coventry-street

Andrews. Walter, Bird-lane

Anglin, Robert, Mill-street

Ankrett, Benjamin, Arch-hill

Ankrett, Henry, Comberton-hill

Ankivtt, Richard, New-road

Arkill, William, George-street

Arnold, Benjamin, Broad-street

Arnold, Edwin, Bewdley-road

Arnold, Joseph, Worcester-cross

Arnold, William, Horsefair

Ashcroft, Samuel, Wood-street

Askin, Francis, Townshend

Askin, George, Broadwatere

Asprey, Frederick, St. George’s-fields

Aston, James, St. Mary’s-street

Austin, Edward, Aggborough

Austin, George, Upper Habberley-street

Avery, William, Wood-street

Ayers, Jas., St. James’-row, George-st

Ayers, John, senior, Broad-street

Ayers, William, Raekfields

Ayers, William, Broad-street

Aymer, George, Bromsgrove-street

Aymer, Thomas, Leswell

Ayres, Richard, Sutton-common

Bacchus, William, Mill-street

Bach, John, High Habberley

Badger, Alfred, Windmill-row

Badland, Charles Davies, Short-heath

Bailey, Robert, Prospect-row

Baines, Charles, Mill-street

Baker, Alfred, Back Queen-street

Baker, Alfred, St. John-street

Baker, John, Chapel-street

Baker, John, George-street

Baker, Richard, Bromsgrove-street

Baker, Richard, Leswell-place

Baker, Thomas Dod, Church-street

Baker, William, Blacliwell-street

Baldwin, John, Leswell-place

Bale, Alfred, Hoo-lane

Bale, Herbert, Wood-street

Bale, Thomas, Lion-hill

Ball, Charles Broad, Franche *

Ball, Frederick, Broad-street

Ball, George, Back-lane, Bromsgrove-st.

Ball, Samuel, York-street

Ball, Silvanus, Lark-hill

Bamfield, Henry, The Closes

Bamfield, John, Bird-lane

Banks, George, Oxford-road

Banks, Richard, Wood-street

Banks, Thomas, Leswell-house

Barber, Benjamin, York-street

Barber, Charles, Waterloo-street

Barber, Joseph, Churchfields

Barber, Thomas, New-road

Barber, William, Bromsgrove-street

Barber, William, York-street

Bark, William, Worcester-street

Barker, George, Cemetery-row

Barker, James, Park-lane

Barker, James, Sutton-common

Barker, John, Lark-hill

Barker, Moses, George-street

Barker, Richard, Chapel-street

Barker, Thomas, New Wood-street.

Barker, William, Constitution-hill

Barlow, Richard, Stourbridge-street

Barlow, Thomas, Stourbridge-street

Barlow, William, Stourbridge-street

Barnes, Henry, Rackfields

Barnes, Henry, Worcester-street

Barnes, James, Hoo-lane

Barnet, Alfred James, Worcester-street

Barnsley, Thomas, Blackwell-street

Barratt, G., Oakland, St. George’s-fields

Barth, Henry, George-street

Barth, John, Bewdley-street

Barton, John, Farfield

Barton. John Everard, Vicar-street

Bash, John, Oxford-road

Batchelor, James, Park-lane

Bate, William, Back Queen-street

Bate, William, Swan-street

Bayes, David, Cussfield

Bayes, Isaiah, Boulter’s-lane

Bayes, John, George-street

Bayes, John, Mill-street

Bayes, Thomas, Broad-street

Baylis, A., St. James’-row, George-st

Baylis, Frederick, Bewdley-street

Baylis, John, Bromsgrove-street

Baylis, Thomas, Park-street

Baylis, William, Back Queen-street

Baynham, James, Stourbridge-street

Baynton, Thomas, Farlield

Beach, Alfred, Old Workhouse-yard

Beach, Jesse, Broad-street

Beach, John, Farfield

Beach, Joseph, Bromsgrove-street

Beach, William, York-street

Beams, Charles, Blackwell-street

Beams, William, Orchard-street

Beard, Alfred, Bird-lane

Beddoes, Thos. Blankley, Oxford-road

Bedford, James, George-street

Beech, Benjamin, Worcester-street

Beeston, William, Coventry-street

Belcher, Paul, St. John-street

Bell, Charles, Comberton-hill

Bell, Henry, Lion-street

Bell, James, Farfield

Bell, Robert, Comberton-hill

Bell, Robert, Farfield

Bell, William, Hoo-lane

Bellamy, Henry, Back of South-street

Benbow, Joseph, Fair-street

Bennett, Charles, Bird-lane

Bennett, Edward, Chapel-street

Bennett, Henry, Mill-street

Bennett, Herbert, Bromsgrove-street

Bennett, Herbert, High-street

Bennett, James, Coventry-street

Bennett, John, Blackwell-street

Bennett, John, Clensmore-lane

Bennett, Joseph, Lark-hill

Bennett, Luke, Paradise-street

Bennett, Stephen, Wood-street

Bennett, Thomas, Broadwaters

Bennett, Thomas, Church-street

Bennett, William, Bewdley-street

Bennett, William, George-street

Bennett, William, Horsefair

Bennett, William, Lark-hill

Bennett, William, Oxford-road

Bennett, William, Stourbridge-street

Best, Joseph, Blakebrook

Best, Elijah, Churchfields

Best, Henry, Coalfield-row

Best, Henry, Mount Pleasant

Bevan, James, Love-lane

Bevan, William, Sutton-common

Bickerton, William, Broad-street

Bigg, Alfred, Hoo-lane

Biggs, William, Rackfields

Billingsley, John, Broad-street

Billingsley, Joseph, Broadwaters

Billingsley, Richard, Broadwaters

Bingham, Benjamin, Churchfields

Binnian, James, Мill-street

Binns, Henry, Sutton-common

Bint, John, Broadwaters

Birch, Peter, Leswell

Bird, Benjamin, Stourbridge-street

Birt, William, Bull-ring

Bishop, George, Oxford-road

Bishop, Thomas, Back Queen-street

Bishop, Thomas, Mill-street

Bishop, William, Back Queen-street

Blackford, James, Cussfield

Bladen, James, Chapel-street

Blagborough, Thomas, Chester-lane

Blakeway, Henry, St. John-street

Blandford, Tom R., 18, Habberley-st *

Blent, Charles, Mill-street

Blount, William. Mill-street

Bluck, Thomas, Sutton-common

Blunt, Thomas, Bull-ring

Blowen, William, Duke-street

Bodell, William, Orchard-street

Boese, Bernard, Bull-ring

Bond, Charles, High-street

Bond, James, Duke-street

Bond, John, Worcester-street

Boraston, Charlee, St. George’s-fields

Bosley, George, Broadwaters

Boucher, Charles, Marl Pool

Boucher, James, Bull-ring

Bouet, Jean, Blakebrook

Bough, Thomas, Mill-street

Boulter, George, York-street

Boulter, William, Love-lane

Bourne, Henry, Worcester-street

Bowen, Edward, Broad-street

Bowen, Thomas, Stourbridge-street

Bowen, William. 88, Bromsgrove-street

Bowler, James, Sutton-common

Bowman, John, New-place, Bird-lane

Bowyer, Emanuel, Worcester-street

Bowyer, George, The New Closes

Bowyer, James, Park Lane-court

Bowyer, John, Woodfield-street

Bowyer, Joseph, 8, Constitution-hill

Bowyer, Josiah, St. John-street

Boyle, John, Union-street

Boyle, Martin, Waterloo-street

Brace, Samuel, Waterloo-street

Bradford, Thomas, New Wood-street

Bradley, Alfred, Stourbridge-street

Bradley, Frederick, Wolverley

Bradley, Joseph, New-place, Bird-lane

Bradley, Richard, Dudley-street

Bradley, Thomas, Blakebrook

Bradley, William, Park-butts

Bradney, Richard, Whitville

Bradshaw, William, Blackwell-street

Braggington, William, Worcester-cross

Branford, James. Boulter’s-lane

Branford, John, Bewdley-street

Branford, John, Chapel-street

Bray, Thomas, Duncan’s-yard, Mill-st

Brazier, Joseph, Bewdley-street

Brazier, William, Hoo-lane

Breadney, John, Boulter’s-lane

Breeze, John, Stourbridge-street.

Brewer, John, Milk-street

Brewster, John, Broadwaters

Brewster, Robert, Broadwaters.

Brighton, Benjamin, Brussells-street

Brinton, John, Moor Hall, Stourport

Britton, Joseph, Oxford-road

Broadfield, Edward, Church-street

Broadfield, Thomas, York-street

Bromley, Thomas, Coventry-street

Brommage, Edward, Hill-street

Brommage Joseph, Mill-street

Bromwich, Joseph, Brussells-street

Brookin, Edward, Broadwaters

Brooks, Charles, Bromsgrove-street

Brooks, Charles, Chapel-street

Brooks, George, Bird-lane

Brooks, James, Worcester-street

Brooks, John, Bird-lane

Brooks, John, Churchfields

Brooks, John Thomas, Hill-street

Brooks, Joseph, Bromsgrove-street

Brooks, Richard, St. George’s-fields

Brooks, Samuel, Love-lane

Brooks, Thomas, Chapel-street

Broom, Edward Alfred, Comberton-rd *

Broom, Henry William, Broadwaters

Broom, Russell, Comberton Hall

Broom, Samuel, Comberton Hall

Broom, William, Coventry-street

Broom, William, New-road

Brothers, William, Duke-street

Brown, Edward, Mount Pleasant

Brown, George, Coventry-street

Brown, Joseph, George-street

Brown, Joseph, St. George’s-fields

Buckley, Edwin, Love-lane

Bucknall, Thomas Silvester, Farfield

Bucknall, William, Orchard-street

Bullin, John, Oxford-road

Bullock, Alfred, Dudley-street

Bunting, Thomas, Horsefair

Burchall, Charles, Churchfields

Burchall, John, Churchfields

Burden, James, Broad-street

Burden, Joseph, Hall-street

Burford, Jarvis, sen., Orchard-street

Burford, Jarvis, jun., Bewdley-street

Burgin, William, St. John-street

Burlingham, John, Earfield

Burns, Daniel, Blackwell-street

Burns, James, Mount Pleasant

Burns, John, Stourbridge-street

Burrows, George, Hoo-lane

Burtonwood, Isaiah, Back Queen-street

Bury, John, Whitville

Butcher, Daniel, Cussfield

Butcher, George, New-road

Butland, William, Court, Mill-street

Butler, John, Park-lane

Butler, Joseph, Hall-street

Butler, Thomas J., Mill-street

Butler, William, Broad-street

Butler, William, Stourbridge-street

Butterworth, James New Wood-street

Butterworth, John, Cemetery-row

Bytheway, Charles, Waterloo-street

Bytheway, Clement, Mount Pleasant

CaldwalL Henry, Stourbridge-street

Caldwell, John, Stourbridge-street

Cale, Richard, Bird-lane

Campbell, John, St. George’s-fields

Cane, John, Bewdley-road

Cantrell James, South-street

Cantrell John, York-street

Carpenter, John, George-street

Carradine, Benjamin, Oxford-road

Carter Charles, Swan-street

Carter, Edward, Bromsgrove-street

Carter George, Franche-road

Carter, John, Mill-street

Carter, Thomas, Comberton-hill

Carter, Thomas, Waterloo-street

Carter, William, Milk-street

Carter, William, 30, Oxford-road

Cartright, Elijah, Farfield

Cartwright, Edwin, Mount Pleasant

Castleman, Henry, Leswell-place

Caswell, James, Farfield

Caswell, James, Love-lane

Caswell, John, Waterloo-street

Chadwick, Robert, Mill-street

Chalk, Charles, Cemetery-row

Chalk, George, Bewdley-road

Challoner James, Habberly-street

Chamberlain, J., Old Workhouse-yard

Chamberlain, Thos., Habberley-street

Chamberlain, Thos., junior, Horsefair

Chambers, James, Bird-lane

Chambers, James, Hall-street

Chatterton, Robert, Backfields

Chatterton, Thomas, York-place

Cheshire, Geo. Thos., Sutton-common

Chesshire, Thomas, Park-lane

Chesshire, Wm., Woodfield-street

Christie, John, Bromsgrove-hill

Christie, Robert, Coventry-street

Church, William, Love-lane

Churchett, Benjamin, St. James’s-row,

Churchett, George, Silver-hill

Churchett, John, Bewdley-street

Clark, Alfred, Worcester-street

Clark, James, Broadwaters

Clark, Jeremiah, Broadwaters

Clark, Thomas, Cemetery-row

Clark, William, Sutton-common

Clarke, Henry, Sutton-common

Clarke, William, Orchard-street

Clee, Edgar, New Wood-street

Clee, William, New Wood-street

Clewer, John, St. George’s-fields

Clews, William, Park-butts

Clode, William, Leswell-place

Clymer, Samuel, New-road

Coates, Richard, Bewdley-street

Coates, Richard, Cross-street

Coates, William, Blackwell-street

Cobbin, Ingram, Worcester-street

Colburn, Wm., Constitution-hill

Cole, Charles John, Love-lane

Cole, Frederick, Coventry-street

Cole, George, Jerusalem-walk

Cole, Henry, Broadwaters

Cole, Henry, Chapel-street

Cole, Wm., Foxholes, Stourbridge-st

Colerick, Benjamin, Pitt’s-lane

Colley, Richard, South-street

Collins, John, Broadwaters

Collins, H., Near Town Mills, Mill-st

Colsey, John, Bromsgrove-street

Colsey, William, 100, Mill-street

Connerton. Brien, 3, Milk-street

Conway, Thomas, Bromsgrove-street

Cook, Alfred, Jerusalem-walk

Cook, Alfred John, South-street

Cook, Benjamin, Sutton-common

Cook, Edwin, Stourbridge-street

Cook, George, South-street

Cook, George, Sutton-common

Cook, Henry, Broadwaters

Cook, Henry, Mill-street

Cook, James, George-street

Cook, James, Habberley-road

Cook, James, Mount Pleasant

Cook, John, Churchfields

Cook, John, Prospect-row

Cook, Joseph, Love-lane

Cook, Richard, Arch-hill

Cook, Thomas, Love-lane

Cooke, Edwin, Whitville

Cooke, James, Franche

Cooke, John, Sutton-common

Cooke, Joseph, Franche

Cooke, Noah, Bromsgrove-street

Cooksey, Edward, Horsefair

Cooksey, Henry, Mill-street

Cooksey, John, Love-lane

Cookson, Chas., jun., Bird-lane

Cookson, Frederick, Worcester-street

Cookson, Samuel, New-road

Cookson, William, Dudley-street

Coombes, John, 95, Bromsgrove-street

Coombes, William, Bewdley-road

Cooper, Alfred, Love-lane

Cooper, Arthur, Kempsey -cot., Farfield

Cooper, Enos, Brussells-street

Cooper, George, Mill-street

Cooper, George, Rock-terrace

Cooper, Henry, New-place, Bird-lane

Cooper, James, Chester-lane

Cooper, John, Bromsgrove-street

Cooper, John, Stourbridge-street

Cooper, John, Constitution-hill

Cooper, John, Dudley-street

Cooper, John, Duke-street

Cooper, Joseph, Coventry-street

Cooper, Joseph, Queen-street

Cooper, Sml. Jehu, Summer-place

Cooper, Simon, St. George’s-fields

Cooper, Simon, Summer-place

Cooper, Thomas, Caldwall-row

Cooper, Thomas, Churchfields

Cooper, Thomas, New-place, Bird-lane

Cooper, William, Back Queen-street

Cooper, William, New Closes

Cooper, William, New-road

Cope, Abraham, jun., Pitt’s-lane

Cope, Isaac, Farfield

Cope, John, Brussells-street

Cope, John, senior, Love-lane

Cope, Richard, top of Broad-street

Corfield, George, Whitville

Corfield, Henry, Pleasant-arbour

Corfield, John, Churchfields

Costello, James, Waterloo-street

Cotton, John, Constitution-hill

Cotton, William, Constitution-hill

Coundley, Edward, Chester-road

Court, James, Horsefair

Cowell, James, Mill-street

Cowell, Thomas, Upper Habberley-st

Cox, John, Coventry-street

Cox, Joseph, sen., Rock-terrace

Cox, Samuel, Sutton-common

Cox, William, Farfield

Cox, William, York-street

Coxon, William, Blackwell-street

Coyne, Barnaby, Union-street

Crabtree, James, Farfield

Crabtree, James, Worcester-street

Craddock, Alban, Leswell

Crane, Henry, Oxford-road

Crane, John, Broad-street

Crane, Samuel, Franche-road

Crannage, Charlee, Dudley-street

Crannage, Henry, Clensmore-lane

Crisp, John, Clensmore-lane

Crisp, Joseph, Cemetery-row

Crisp, Thomas, top of Broad-street

Crisp, William, top of Broad-street

Critchley, Joseph, Broadwaters

Crook, William, Habberley-road

Crotty, Thomas, Blackwell-street

Crow, Joseph, Blackwell-street

Crowley, Dennis, Blackwell-street

Crump, John Evans, Blackwell-street

Crump, Samuel, Bird-lane

Crump, Samuel, Clensmore-lane

Crumpton, Benjamin, Park-street

Crumpton, Joseph Lewis, Farlield

Cull, Henry, Pleasant-arbour

Cull, James, Coalfield-row

Cull, Thomas, Churchfields

Curran, James, Cussfield

Curtiss, Henry, Wood-street

Curtiss, Isaac, Lion-hill

Curtiss, John, Court, Horsefair

Curtiss, John, Duncan’s-yard

Curtiss, Joshua, the New-closes

Curtiss, Thomas, Broad-street

Curtiss, Thomas, Cussfield

Curtiss, William, Bewdley-street

Curtiss, William, Boulter’s-lane

Cutler, George, Bird-lane

Cutler, James, Duke-street

Dallow, Frederick, 15, New-road

Danby, Arthur, Wood-street

Dance, Joseph, George-street

Danks, Walter, George-street

Daniels, Alfred, Park-lane

Davies, George, 42, Love-lane *

Davis, Alfred, Morton’s-yard

Davis, Edward, Hill-street

Davis, George, Broadwaters

Davis, George, Woodfield-streat

Davis, James, Comberton-hill

Davis, James, Stourbridge-street

Davis, John, Ball’s-hill

Davis, John, St. Mary’s-street

Davis, Robert, Witnell’s-row

Davis, Thomas, Dudley-street

Davis, Thomas, Bromsgrove-street

Davis, William, Bewdley-street

Day, John Tyler, Cemetery-row

Deacon, William, Hoo-lane

Deakin, Charles, Oakland-place

Denning, James, Backfields

Denning, Joseph, Love-lane

Denning, Thomas, Love-lane

Depper, George, St. John-street

Depper, Henry, Worcester-street

Devellen, Michael, senior, Dudley-street

Devellen, Michael, junior, St. John-st

Deverall, John Love-hme

Dixon, Charles, Love-lane

Dixon, Henry, Franche

Dixon, Henry Jecks, Greatfield

Dobbins, Henry, New-road

Dodgson, Samuel, 62, Love-lane

Donaldson, Jas. Skinner, Franche-road *

Done, Joseph, Farfield

Doolittle, George, Lion-square

Dorrall, George, St. John-street

Dovey, Luke, Clensmore-lane

Dovey, Thomas, Proud-cross

Downes, Matthew, New-road

Downing, Jno. Turton-st. Green-hill

Downton, Charles, Lion-street

Downton, Henry, Coventry-street

Draper, George, Mount-pleasant

Dredge, Charles, senior, York-street

Dredge, Charles, junior, York-street

Dredge, Edwin, 109, Mill-street

Drinkwater, Jno. Stourbridge-street

Drury, John, Worcester-street

Dudley, Samuel, Blackwell-street

Dudley, William, senior, Blackwell-st

Dudley, William, junior, Lark-hill

Duffield, James, Love-lane

Duffield, John, Love-lane

Dugard, Edward, Hall-street

Dugard, William, Orchard-street

Duncan, George, Whitville

Dutfield, Edward, Broodwaters

Dutton, Herbert, New-road

Dutton, William, Blackwell-street

Dyer, George, Mill-street

Dyson, Job, St. Georges’s-fields

Earp, Edwin, Friar-street

Ebsworth, Edwin, Orchard-street

Ebury, George, St. George’s-fields

Edmunds, George, Mount-pleasant

Edwards, Alfred, New-road

Edwards, Charles, Bird-lane

Edwards, Charles, Sutton-common

Edwards, Ed. Morton’s-yd, Chch-fds

Edwards, Isaac, Horsefair

Edwards, James, Fair-street

Edwards, John, Hoo-lane

Edwards, John, Stourbridge-street

Edwards, Joseph, Blackwell-street

Edwards, Lewis, Lark-hill

Edwards, Thomas, Bewdley-street

Edwards, Thomas, Blackwell-street

Edwards, Thomas, Chapel-street

Edwards, William, Broad-street

Edwards, William, Broadwaters

Edwards, William, Hoo-lane

Edwards, William, Love-lane

Edwards, Wm. Chs. Habberley-st

Elcock, James, South-street

Eldred, Thomas, Seily, Franche-road

Elkington, Thomas, Clensmore-lane

Elliston, Thomas, New-road

Elvis, William, Hall-street

Elvis, Thomas, St. John-street

Ensell, Henry, New Wood-street

Evans, David, Boulter’s-lane

Evans, James, Love-lane

Evans, John, Bromsgrove-street

Evans, John, Lark-hill

Evans, John, Long-acre

Evans, John, Worcester-street

Evans, Joseph, Mount Pleasant

Evans, Thomas, Pleasant-arbour

Evans, William, Bromsgrove-street

Everley, James, Cemetery-row

Fairbank, Alfred, Leswell

Fanton, George, Park-street

Farlow, Samuel, Hoo-lane

Farlow, William, Worcester-street

Farmer, George, Wood-street

Farmer, Moses, Blackwell-street

Farmer, William, Love-lane

Farmer, William, Mount Pleasant

Fawcett, Francis Best, New-road

Fawcett, Samuel, Whitville

Fawcett, William Lea, New-road

Fawke John, Mill-street

Fearnall, Joseph, York-street

Fearnott, John-, Park-lane

Fehrenbach, Benedict, Mill-street

Felton, Michael, Cemetery-row

Felton, Thomas, Chester-road

Fidkin, Samuel, Bromsgrove-street

Field, James, Bromsgrove-street

Field, James, Oxford-road

Field, Joseph, Bromsgrove-street

Fincher, Abraham, Wood-street

Fincher, John, Boulter’s-lane

Findon, John, Worcester-street

Finlow, Thomas, Sutton-common

Fisher, Thomas, Dudley-street

Fisk, Thomas, Chester-lane

Fitzgerald, James, Leswell

Fitzpatrick, James, Silver-hill

Fitzpatrick, Martin, Blackwell-street

Fitzpatrick, Thomas, Blackwell-street

Flannagan, John, Union-street

Fletcher, Henry, South-street

Fletcher, John, Chapel-street

Footman, John, Court, Worcester-st

Ford, Samuel, High-street

Foster, Ambrose, Wood-street

Foster, George, Worcester-street

Foster, Henry, Cemetery-row

Foster, James, Orchard-street

Fowler, Alfred, Broad-street

Foxall, John, Mount Pleasant

Frances, John, Stourbridge-street

Freeley, Thomas, 9, Waterloo-street

Freeman, John, Hoo-lane

French, Charles Wm., Worcester-street

French, Joseph, Coventry-street

Frestal, Thomas, 2, Silver-hill

Frost, Joseph, Wood-street

Frost, Saml., Coalfield-row,

Frost, Samuel, Fair-street

Frost, William, Lion-street

Frost, Winter, Woodfield-street

Gale, Charles, Three Tuns-yard

Gale, Frederick, Fair-street

Gale, Thomas, Constitution-hill

Gale, William, Bromsgrove-street

Gale, William, Hoo Lane

Gamble, John, Bromsgrove-street

Gamble, Joseph, Orchard-street

Gamble, William, Bromsgrove-street

Gane, Richard, Waterloo-street

Gardener, Thomas, Chester-road

Garlick, Thomas Hall, Queen-street

Garmston, Thomas, Lion-square

Garside, Wright, Hoo-lane

Gethin, Richard, Worcester-street

Gethin, William, Franche-road

Gibbins, George, Brussells-street

Gibbins, George, Hill-street

Gibbins, James, Mill-street

Gilbert, George, Mount Pleasant

Gilbert, John, Bird-lane

Gilbert, Noah, Dudley-street

Giles, Jesse, Court, Worcester-street

Giles, John, Caldwall-row

Giles, Thomas, Love-lane

Gill, Henry, Blackwell-street

Gill, Joseph, Love-lane

Gill, Richard, Chapel-street

Gill, Stephen, Worcester-street

Gillam, Charles, George-street

Gillam, Robert, Bromsgrove-street

Gillam, William, St. Jolm’s-row

Gillams, Thomas, Cemetery-row

Gillard, Thos., Dudley-street

Gillard, William, New-road

Gillit, Henry, New Wood-street

Gittens, Jesse, Oakland-place

Gittens, Joseph, Bromsgrove-street

Gittings, Thomas, Constitution-hill

Glasbrook, William, Oxford-road

Glavey, John, Blackwell-street

Goddington, George, Wood-street

Golding, James, Queen-street

Goode, John, Worcester-street

Goodman, George, The New Closes

Goodsall, John William, Cussfield

Goodwin, D. W., The Elms, Blakebrook

Goodwin, Joseph, Clensmore-lane

Goodwin, Richard, Park Gate-entry

Goodwin, Thomas, St. Goorge’s-fields

Goodwin, William, Rackfields

Goodwin, William, Bromsgrove-street

Goodyear, Henry, Broadwaters

Gough, Richard, Hurcott-lane

Gough, Samuel, York-street

Gowen, John, Mill-street

Gower, James, Back-lane, Leswell

Granger, Alfred, Bull-ring

Grant, George, Lion-hill

Grant, Henry, Habberley-street

Grant, John, Broadwaters

Grant, Samuel, Cross-street

Gray, Charles Norris, Bewdley-hill *

Greatwich, Richard, Broad-street

Greatwich, Wm., Upper Habberley-st

Greaves, Alfred Henry, Summer-place

Greaves, John, Summer-place

Greaves, John Fredk., Summer-place *

Greaves, Thomas, Wadeley’s-hill

Green, Abel, Coventry-street

Green, Enos, Whitville

Green, George, Hurcott-lane

Green, James, George-street

Green, James, Proud-cross

Green, John, Chester-road

Green, John, Jerusalem-walk

Green, John, New-road

Green, Thomas, Broad-street

Green, William, Stourbridge-street

Green, William, The Copse

Greenwood, Daniel, Jerusalem

Greenwood, Joseph, Summer-place

Greenwood, Thomas, St. Goorge’s-fields

Grierson, Thomas, Mill-street

Griffin, Benjamin, Wood-street

Griffin, Humphrey, Woodfield-street

Griffin, Michael, Hurcott-lane

Griffin, Robert, Mill-street

Griffin, Thomas, Ball’s-hill

Griffin, Thomas, George-street

Griffin, Thomas, Union-street

Griffin, William, Union-street

Griffith, Henry, Sutton-common

Griffith, Thomas, Coventry-street

Griffiths, Chas., Wide-entry, Dudley-st

Griffiths, James, Broad-street

Griffiths, James, Broadwaters

Griffiths, John, New-road

Griffiths, Nathaniel, Paradise-street

Griffiths, Thomas, Broadwaters

Grose, Thomas James, Chester-lane

Grosvenor, George Wm., Bewdley-road

Grote, Frederick, Chester-road

Grove, Edward, Sutton-common

Grove, Elijah, Park-butts

Grove, John, Witnell’s-row

Grove, Richard, New-road

Grove, Thomas William, Coventry-st

Guest, Ebenezer, Horsefair

Guest, Edward, Blackwell-street

Guest, Edwin, Union-street

Guest, Isaiah, Раrк-lane

Guest, John, Comberton-hill

Guest, Thomas, Top of Broad-street

Gummery, James, Blackwell-street

Guttery, James, Blackwell-street

Guttery, James, Duncan’s-yard, Mill-st

Guttery, George, Cemetery-row

Gwillam, John Henry, Sutton-common

Haddcock, Benj., Horsefair

Haddcock, William, Dudley-street

Haigh, George, George-street

Hailes, William, Whitville

Haines, John, Love-lane

Halfpenny, William, Bromsgrove-st.

Hall, George, Franche

Hall, J., Wadeley’s hill, Park lane

Hall, John, Blackwell-street

Hall, John, Broadwaters

Hall, Joseph, Lion-square

Hall, Thomas, Entry, Dudley-street

Hall, Thomas, Exchange-street

Hammond, Chas., Stourbridge-street

Hammond, Edward, Brussels-street

Hammond, Edward, Mill-street

Hammond, James, Cleosmore lane

Hammond, James, Whitville

Hammond, John, Fair-street

Hampton, Isaac, Oxford-road

Hampton, James, Bird-lane

Handley, Henry, Dudley-street

Handley, Thomas, Broadwaters

Handley, William, Broadwaters

Handley, William, Franche

Hands, George, Proud cross

Hankins, William, Blackwell-street

Hanson, Samuel, Chester-lane

Harber, W. A., Lion-street

Hardeman, Albert, Bewdley-street

Hardeman, Eli, Fehrenbach’s entry

Hardeman, Henry, St. George’s-fields

Hardeman, James, Dudley-street

Hardeman, Joseph, Lark-hill

Hardeman, William, Duke-street

Hardeman, William, Pleasant-arbour

Harden, Robert, Horsefair

Hare, Alfred, Oxford-road

Hares, Joseph, Worcester-street

Hargreaves, C. H, Wood-street

Harris, Christopher, York-street

Harris, E. T., Upper Habberley-street

Harris, Fdk., Foxholes, Stourbridge-st

Harris, George, George-street

Harris, H., Foxholes, Stourbridge-st.

Harris, Henry, Hurcott-lane

Harris, James, Chester-lane

Harris, James, Prospect-row

Harris, John, Bromsgrove-street

Harris, Joseph, 20, Hall-street

Harris, Joseph, Rock-terrace

Harris, Noah, Bromsgrove-street

Harris, Thomas, Lion-square

Harris, William, Dudley-street

Harrison, Alfred, Back-lane, Leswell

Harrison, Edwin, Oxford-road

Harrison, Frederick., Bird-lane

Harrison, George, Coventry-street

Harrison, James, Church-street

Harrison, William, Marl-pool

Hartland, William, Mill-street

Hartwell, Cornelius, Broad-street

Hartwell, Edward, Clensmore-lane

Hartwell, Michael, Bird-lane

Harvey, Charles, Coventry-street

Harvey, James, Blakebrook

Harvey, Josiah P., Oxford-road

Harvey, John Keir, Franche

Hasell, William, Union-street

Hatch, William, New Wood-street

Hatton, William, jurt., Farfield,

Hawkeswood, T., St. John-street

Hawthorne, James, Broad-street

Haycock, Alfred, Dudley-street

Haycock, William, 11, Churchfields

Haycox, Henry, Prospect-row

Hayden, Joel, Churchfields

Hayes, Charles, Court, Worcester-st.

Hayes, Joseph, Bromsgrove-street

Hayes, William, Queen-street

Hayler, Thomas, Bewdley,-road

Hayley, Patrick, 12, Union-street

Haynes, Francis, Back Queen-street

Haynes, Peter, South-street

Haynes, Thomas, South-street

Haywood, Benjamin, Wood-street

Haywood, George, Stourbridge-street

Head, George, George-street

Head, John, Franche

Head, Michael, New-place, Bird-lane

Headley, John, Stourbridge-street

Heath, Alfred William, High-street

Heath, Benj., back of Comberton-hill

Heath, George, Bewdley-street

Hebblethwaite, George, Habberley-st

Hebblethwaite, John., Oxford-road

Hemming, Benj., Bromsgrove-street

Hemming, Fredk., Bromsgrove-staeet

Henry, John, Union-street

Henry, Thomas, Blackwell-street

Herring, Henry, Swan-street

Hewin, William, The New Closes

Hewitt, George, Bull-ring

Hibberd, James, Farfield

Higgott, Martin, Bromsgrove-street

Highfield, James, St. John-street

Highway, John, Franche-road

Highway, John, New-place, Bird-lane

Highway, Joseph, Bromsgrove-street

Higley, James, Queen-street

Hiles, Henry, Clensmore-lane

Hill, Anthony, Farfield

Hill, Edward, Bromsgrove-street

Hill, James, The Closes

Hill, John, Broad-street

Нill, John, Cemetery-row

Hill, Lewis, Luke-street

Hill, Richard, The New Closes

Hill, Samuel, Cussfield

Hill, Samuel, Mill-street

Hill, William, Constitution-hill

Hill, William, Wood-street

Hillman, John, Mill-street

Hilliman, Joseph, Bromsgrove-street

Hines, Wm. H., Spirit-lane

Hinett, John, 3, Coventry-street

Hinett, Joseph, Worcester-street

Hinett, William, Bromsgrove-street

Hinsley, Robert, Sutton Common

Hinton, Ebenezer, Church-street

Hinton, William, Sutton Common

Hitchon, John, Mill-street

Hobson, William, Swan-street

Hodges, Joseph, Blackwell-street

Hodges, Joseph, Love-lane

Hodgkinson, Edward, Hall-street

Hodson, John, Broadwaters

Hodson, William, Broadwaters

Hollerton, Thomas, St. George’s-field

Holloway, George, Farfield

Holloway, George O’Connor, Farfield

Holloway, William, sen., Broad-street

Holyman, Henry, Comberton-hill

Homfray, Henry, Broadwaters-house

Hooper, Alfred, Lark-hill

Hooper, Benjamin, Coventry-street

Hooper, Edward, Hall-street

Hooper, Joseph, Bird-lane

Hooper, Joseph, Broadwaters

Hooper, William, Back Queen-street

Hooper, William, Broadwaters

Hooper, William, Mount Pleasant

Hooper, William, Swan-street

Hooper, William, Witnell’s-row

Hopkins, Andrew, Back of Queen-st

Hopkins, George, Mill-street

Hopkins, Michael, Blackwell-street

Hopkins, Richard, Love-lane

Hopkins, William, G. Bull-ring

Horan, Henry, Chester-lane

Houseman, John, Franche

Howard, Samuel, Church-street

Howarth, James, Church-street

Hubble, Edward, Rackfields

Hubble George, St. George’s-fields

Hudson, Giles, Wood-street

Hudson, Giles, jun., New Wood-street

Huggins, Henry Seth, Farfield

Hughes, Edward, Farfield

Hughes, Frederick, Proud-cross

Hughes, George, The Closes

Hughes, James, Love-lane

Hughes, John, The New Closes

Hughes, Joseph, Waterloo-street

Hughes, Richard, York-street

Hughes, Thomas, Duke-street

Hughes, Thomas William, Leswell

Hume, Henry, Hoo-lane

Humphries, Edward, Paddock-court,

Humphries, Edward Allen, Short-heath

Humphries, Thomas, Woodfield-street

Humphreys, John. Andrew, Bull-ring

Humphreys, Richard, George-street

Humphreys, Richard, Wood-street

Humphreys, Samuel, Park-street

Humphreys, Samuel, Pitt’s-lane

Hundy, Emmanuel, Wadeley’s-hill

Hunt, Thomas, Bromsgrove-street

Hunt, Thomas, Farfield

Hunt, Thomas, Stourbridge-street

Hurds, George, Bromsgrove-street

Hussey, Charles, Bromsgrove-street

Hussey, John, Back-lane, Leswell

Hutton, William. Bewdley-street

Hyde, Charles, Broad-street

Hyde, Thomas, Stourbridge-street

Hyde, William, Clensmore-lane

Hyde, William, Oxford-road

Hyrons, Henry, Broad-street

Inett, John, Coventry-street

Ingham, Robert, Bewdley-street

Ingham, Thomas, Sutton-common

Inston, James, Park-street

Inston, Samuel, The New Closes

Isaac, Charles, High-street

Isaac, George, High-street

Jackson, William, Coventry-street

Jackson, William, Orchard-street

James, Benjamin, 135, Mill-street. *

James, Thomas, Hurcott

James, Thomas, Leswell

James, William, Mill-street

Jarvis, Thomas, St. John-street

Jasper, Charles, Worcester-street

Jasper, John, Worcester-cross

Jasper, William, Sutton-common

Jewries, Charles Edwd, Clensmore-lane

Jefferies, Francis, Bull-ring

Jefferies, Henry, Horeefair

Jefferies, John, St. John-street

Jeffery, George, Love-lane

Jelf, John, St. George’s-fields

Jenkins, John, Horsefair

Jenkins, Thomas, Park-lane

Jenninge, Elijah, Clensmore-lane

Jennings, John, St. John-street

Jenns, Edmond, Fair-street

Jenns, Henry, Blackwell-strect

Jenns, Samuel, Bromsgrove-street

Jerome, Joseph, Bromsgrove-street

Jevons, Frederick, New-road

Jevons, George, Broad-street

Jevons, Isaiah, Short-heath

Jevons, Thomas, Coventry-street

Jevons, Thomas, New Wood-street

Johnson, George, New-road

Johnson, Daniel, Mill-street

Johnson, Isaac, Love-lane

Johnson, Thomas, Stourbridge-street

Johnson, William, York-street

Johnstone, Charles, Hoo-lane

Johnstone, William, senior, Puxton

Johnstone, William, junior, Puxton

Jones, Alfred, Coventry-street

Jones, Charles, Worcester-street

Jones, David, Broadwaters

Jones, Enos, Park-lane

Jones, George, Sutton-common

Jones, Henry William, 86, Mill-street

Jones, Henry, Whitville

Jones, James, Milk-street

Jones, James, Woodfield-street

Jones, John, Franche

Jones, John, Hoo-lane

Jones, John, Milk-street

Jones, John, Rackfields

Jones, John, Whitville

Jones, John, Worcester-street

Jones, Jonathan, Love-lane

Jones, Joseph, Land Oak

Jones, Richard, High-street

Jones, Richard, New-place, Bird-lane

Jones, Richard, New Wood-street

Jones, Samuel, Sutton-common

Jones, Thomas, Back Queen-street

Jones, Thomas St. George’s-fields.

Jones, Thomas, Park-lane.

Jones, Thomas, South-street

Jones, William, Brussells-street

Jones, William, Park-street

Jones, William, St. John-street

Jones, William, South-street

Jordan, Edwin, Boulter’s-lane

Jordan, Isaiah, Brussells-street

Jordan, John, Bird-lane

Jordan, Samuel, New-road

Jordan, Samuel, Park-butts

Jordan, Thomas, Brussells-street

Jotham, George William, Mill-street

Julian, Claudius, Farfield

Kavanny, John, Black-well-street

Kavanny, John, Union-street

Kelly, John, Worcester-street

Kench, John, Coventry-street

Kent, Alfred, George-street

Kershaw, Phineas, Park-lane

Kewley, George Robinson, Blakebrook

Kibble, William, Leswell-place

Kilby, William, Coventry-street

Kilfile, Henry, Puxton

Killingbeck, John, 35, Lark Hill

Kimberlee, Benjamin, Arch-hill

Kimberlee, John, Bird-lane

Kimberlee, Joseph, Dudley-street

Kimberlee, William, Bird-lane

Kimberley, Benjamin, Hoo-lane

Kindon, William, Stourbridge-street

King, Robert Porter, Chapel-street

Kiteley, John, Park-street

Kiteley, Richard, New-road

Kiteley, Joseph, The Lakes

Kiteley, William, New-road

Knott, Benjamin, Sutton-common

Knowles, John, Coventry-street

Knowles, Moses, Farfield

Lamb, Edward, Hoo-lane

Lamb, Henry, Franche

Lamb, Henry, Spring-terrace

Lamb, John, Worcester-street

Lamb, Thomas, Washington-row

Lamsdale, George, Hoo-lane

Lancaster, Jonathan, Wood-street

Lander, William, Bromsgrove-hill

Lane, John, Franche-road

Larr, William, Franche-road

Larr, William, High-street

Lavender, James, Bromsgrove-street

Lawrence, John Turner, Park-lane

Laycock, Samuel Walker, Bewdley-st.

Lea, Benjamin, Love-lane

Lea, Daniel, 38, New-road

Lea, Henry, Chester-lane

Lea, John, Cussfield

Lea, John, Lion-square

Lea, Thomas, Love-lane

Lee, William, Sutton-common

Leigh, Joseph, Queen-street

Lees, Jas, Findon’s Entry, Worcester-st.

Lees, Thomas, Bromsgrove-street

Lees, Thomas Lister, Blakebrook

Lench, Francis, Clensmore-lane

Lench, William, Hoo-lane

Lewis, James, Rock-terance

Lewis, Thomas, George-street

Lewis, Thomas, Oxford-road

Lewis, William, Pleasant-row

Lichfield, John, Hoo-lane

Lichfield, William, Mount Pleasant

Light, Zachariah, Mill-street

Linecar, John, Mill-street

Lines, Francis, senior, Blackwell-street

Lines, Patrick, Silver-hill

Lines, William Charles, Farfield

Link, William, Bewdley-hill

Lister, Henry, Coventry-street

Llewyllen, John, Hall-street

Lloyd, Charles, Franche-road

Lloyd, George, Farfield

Lloyd, James, Park-street

Lloyd, John, Franche

Lloyd, Moses, Sutton-common

Lloyd, Robert High-street

Lloyd, Samuel, Fair-street

Lloyd, Thomas, Love-lane

Lloyd, Thomas, Swan-street

Lloyd, William, New Wood-street

Lockley, Francis, Coventry-street

Long, James, Comberton-hill

Long, William, Waterloo-street

Longmore, Alfred, Dudley-street

Longmore, George, Stourport-road

Longmore, John, Bewdley-street

Longmore, William, jun., Bird-lane

Loveridge, William, Worcester-street

Lowe, John, Churchfields

Lowe, Samuel, New-road

Lugg, Samuel, Churchfields

Lye, William, Broad-street

Lye, William, Bromsgrove-street

Lyons, John, Farfield

Lythall, Samuel, Turton-street

Lythall, William, Boulter’s-lane

Madeley, Thomas, Lark-hill

Mahony, Daniel, Blackwell-street

Maiden, Benjamin, Rock-terrace

Maiden, Edward, Fair-street

Maiden, Job, Hall-street

Maiden, John, St. George’s-fields

Maiden, Thomas, Broadwaters

Maiden, Thomas, Brussells-street

Maish, Daniel, New-road

Mallard, Henry, Court, Mill-street

Mallard, Levi, Dudley-street

Mallard, Samuel, Mill-street

Maloy, John, Union-street

Malpas, John, Bromsgrove-street

Mann, William, Proud-cross

Manning, Benjamin, Smiths’s entry

Mansell, John, New-road

Mansell, William, New Closes

Marchant, Alfred, Chester-lane

Marchant, Eli, New Closes

Marchant, Thomas, Waterloo-street

Mark, Thomas, High-street

Marsden, John, Blakebrook

Marshall, William, New-road

Marston, William, Clensmore-lane

Martin, Alexander, Hall-street

Martin, William, Mill-street

Mason, John, Lark-hill

Mason, Samuel, Blackwell-street

Massey, John, Back-lane, Leswell

Matthews, James, Broadwaters

Matthews, John, Pleasant-arbour

Matthews, John, Stourbridge-street

Matthews, Moses Cook, Dudley-street

Matthews, William, Bromsgrove-street

Mayall, Edwin, Farfield

Maybury, John, 61, Blackwell-street

Maylott, Benjamin, St. George’s-fields

Maylott, James, New Closes

Maylott, Owen, Leswell

Maylott, Richard, Proud-cross

Maylott, Thomas, Clensmore-lane

Mc. Candless, Thomas, Farfield

Meacham, John, Mill-street

Meredith, Joseph, Park-lane

Merrick, Charles, Hoo-lane

Merrifield, William, Franche

Miles, Henry, Wood-street

Miles, James, Bromsgrove-street

Miles, James, Lark-hill

Miles, Richard, Bewdley-road

Millington, Richard, Comberton-hill

Mills, Alfred, Blackwell-street

Mills, Edward, Mount Pleasant

Mills, George, Love-lane

Mills, Henry, Hoo-lane

Mills, James, Broadwaters

Mills, John, Broadwaters

Mills, John, Dudley-street

Mills, Joseph, Churchfields

Mills, Joseph, Lark-hill

Mills, Major Felton, Bromsgrove-street

Mills, Thomas, Blackwell-street

Millward, Jantes, Washington-row

Millward, James, Woodfield-street

Millward, Samuel, Worcester-street

Millward, William,, Comberton-hill

Milnes, Thomas, Worcester-street

Minifie, Allen William, Mill-street

Minifie, James, Farfield

Minifie, William, Comberton-hill

Mitchell, Alfred, Vicar-street

Mitchell, John, Hoo-lane

Mitchell, John, New-road

Mitchell, William, Vicar-street

Moore, David, George-street

Moore, Edward, Blackwell-street

Moore, George, Puxton

Moore, Isaac, Boulter’s-lane

Moore, Isaiah, Church-street

Moore, John, George-street

Moore, Thomas, Habberley-road

Moore, William, Broad-street

Moore, William, George-street

Moran, James, Dudley-street

Morby, John, Brussells-street

Morby, William, Love-lane

Morgan, Alfred, 30, Lark-hill

Morgan, Benjamin, Franche

Morgan, Edward, Franche

Morgan, Jabez, Lark-hill

Morgan, James, Mill-street

Morgan, James Henry, Bull-ring

Morgan, John, Broadwaters

Morgan, John, Franche

Morgan, John Isaac, Broadwaters

Morgan, Thomas, Farfield

Morgan, William, Franche-road

Morgan, William, Lion-street

Moriaty, William, Union-street

Morris, Alfred, Broad-street

Morris, George, St. George’s-fields

Morris, James, Boulter’s-lane

Morris, James, George-street

Morris, John, Broad-street

Morris, John, Whitville

Morris, John, Worcester-street

Morris, John, York-place

Morris, Thomas, Blakebrook

Morrow, Francis, St. Mary’s-street

Morton, Edward, Habberiey Lodge

Moses, Frederick, Bromsgrove-street

Mottram, Chs. Jn. McQueen, Vicarage

Moulder, James, Bromsgrove-street

Moulder John, Bewdley-street

Moule, Benjamin, Worcester-street

Moule, George Styles, Mill-street

Moule, Henry, Broad-street

Moule, James, New Wood-street

Moule, John, Love-lane

Moule, John, Fair-street

Moule, John, Queen-street

Moule, Richard, Old Workhouse-yard

Moule, Thomas, Lark-hill

Moule, Thomas, Orchard-street

Mound, John, Primrose-hill

Mountford, Frederick, Dudley-street

Mountford, George, St. Mary’s-street

Mountford, Henry, Cross-street

Mountford, Henry, St. George’s-fields

Mountford, Isaiah, Blackwell-street

Mountford, James, Chester-lane

Mountford, James, Mount Pleasant

Mountford, Samuel, Blackwell-street

Mountford. William. Sutton-common

Mulclean, Michael, Love-lane

Mumford, Thomas, Woodfield-street

Murphy, Peter, Blackwell-street

Murrall, George, Park-lane court

Murray, Thomas, Leswell

Muston, James, Chester-lane

Nash, John, George-street

Naylor, George Whitfield, Chester-road

Naylor, Joseph, Short Heath

New, Thomas, Orchard-street

Newman, George, Sutton-common

Newnham, Abraham, Stourbridge-st

Nicholls, Edward, Bewdley-street

Nicholls, Henry, Farfield

Nicholls, Joseph, Park-butts

Nicholls, William, Dudley-street

Nickson. Richard, Lion-square

North, Christian, Pleasant-arbour

North, John, 14, Clensmore-lane

Nott, Edward, Woodfield-street

Nott, Henry, Primrose-hill

Nott, James, Woodfield-street

Nott, John, Marl Pool

Nott, John, New Wood-street

Nott, Philip, Oxford-road

Nott, Samuel, Bromsgrove-street

Nott, William, Franche

Oakes, Alfred, Milk-street

Oakes, Benjamin, Back of St. Mary’s-st

Oakes, Enoch, Mount Pleasant

Oakes, Henry, Hall-street

Oakes, Thomas, Churchfields

Oakley, Francis, Pitt’s-lane

O’Oonnell, Thomas. Woodfield-street

Old, Francis, Fair-street

Oliver, James, New-road

Oliver, Levi, Chapel-court

Onslow, Henry, Union-street

Onslow, William, Blackwell-street

Orr, Bobert, Brussells-street

Orr, Thomas, Sutton-common

Orford, Samuel, Farfield

Osborne, George, Chester-lane

Osborne, James, Church-street

Osborne, William, Chester-lane

Owen, John, Lark-hill

Owen, John, South-street

Packwood, Henry, Mill-street

Packwood, John, Boulter’s-lane

Page, Charles, Broadwaters

Page, Henry, Sutton-common

Page, Thomas, Cemetery-row

Page, William, Chester-lane

Pagett, Aaron, Hoo-lane

Pagett, Daniel, Dudley-street

Pagett, Henry, Franche

Pagett, John, Cross-street

Pagett, John, Wadeley’s-hill, Park-lane

Pagett, Joseph, Sutton-common

Pagett, Thomas, sen., Sutton-common

Pagett, Thomas, jun., Sutton-common

Pagett, William, Fair-street

Painter, George, Wood-street

Painter, Thomas, Sutton-common

Paley, John, Hill-street

Palmer, Abraham. Dudley-street

Palmer, Alfred, Exchange-street

Palmer, James, Upper Habberley-st

Palmer, John, Bromsgrove-street

Palmer, John, Mount Pleasant

Palmer, Saml. Brighton, Broadwaters

Pardoe, Edwin, New-place, Bird-lane

Pardoe, George, Blackwell-street

Pardoe, John, Churchfields

Pardoe, William, Turton-street

Parker, Henry, Chester-lane

Parker, James, Boulter’s-lane

Parker, J., Pleasant-row, Mt. Pleasant

Parker, Joseph, New Wood-street

Parker, Thomas, Lark-hill

Parker, Thomas, Wood-street

Parker, William, Puxton-lane

Parkes, John, Sutton-common

Parlor, Henrys St. John-street

Parry, Edward, Farfield

Parry, Richard, Mount Pleasant

Parry, William, Wood-street

Parsons, James, Wood-street

Partridge, George, Hall-street

Partridge, William, Clensmore-lane

Pass, James, Duke-street

Paton, Hugh, Love-lane

Paton, John, Love-lane

Paton, William, Mill-street

Payne, Edward, Hoo-lane

Payne, James, Union-street

Payne, Oliver, Bromsgrove-street

Payne, Samuel, Park-street

Pearce, James, Lion-square

Pearce, John, Bird-lane

Pearce, Richard, Broadwaters

Pearsall, Edward, Clensmore-lane

Pearsall, George, Fair-street

Pearsall, John, Wood-street

Pearsall, Richard, Puxton

Pearse, John Henry, Spirit-lane

Pearson, George, Proud-cross

Pearson, Henry Lewis, Chester-lane

Pedley, William, Ebenezer-street

Pember, John, Horse-fair

Penley, Lionel Banks, Church-street

Penn, William, Comberton-road

Pennell, George, Broadwaters

Pennell, Henry, Worcester-street

Penny, Joseph, St. John-street

Penny, Edward, Broadwaters

Penny, George, Dudley-street

Penny, Walter, Love-lane

Penny, William, Blackwell-street

Penson, Richard, Fair-street

Penzar, James, Puxton

Pepler, Richard, Blackwell-street

Perkins, Joseph, Upper Habberley-st

Perkins, Moses, Bewdley-street

Perks, Geo., Pleasant-row, Mt. Pleasant

Perks, Henry, Vicar-street *

Perks, Jesse, The Closes

Perks, John, Back of Comberton-hill

Perks, Thomas, The New-closes

Perks, Noah, Back of Comberton-hill

Perks, William, George-street

Perks, William, Hill-street

Perks, William, Mill-street

Perks, William, Park-street

Perrin, Henry, Coventry-street

Perrin, Henry, Prospect-row

Perrins, Henry, Farfield

Perry, Daniel, Oxford-road

Perry, James, Rock-terrace

Perry, John, Bird-lane

Perry, John, Boulter’s-lane

Perry, John Birch, Chester-road

Perry, Wm., St. James’-row, George-st.

Peters, William, Chapel-street

Phaisey, Richard, Brussells-street

Phillips, George, Mill-street

Phillips, Joseph, Clensmore-lane

Phillips, Thomas, Coventry-street

Philpot, Thomas Aston, Vicar-street

Phipps, Thos., Foxholes, Stourbridge-st

Phipps, William, Back Queen-street

Phipps, William, Coventry-street

Picken, George, Stourbridge-street

Pinney, William, St. John-street

Piper, George, Hill-street

Piper, Thomas, Dudley-street

Piper, William, Hoo-lane

Pitt, Francis, Court, Dudley-street

Pitt, Henry, Brussells-street

Pitt, Thomas, Broadwaters

Pitt, William, Dudley-street

Pledger, Frederick, Chester-road

Plevy, James, Marl Pool

Pomroy, Charles, New-road

Poole, Edward, Bromsgrove-street

Poole, Nathaniel, Dudley-street

Poole, Thomas, St. John-street

Poole, William, Worcester-street

Porter, James, Broad-street

Porter, John, Broadwaters

Portlock, Henry, Mill-street

Potter, Benjamin, Bromsgrove-hill

Potter, Edward, Summer-place

Potter, George, Orchard-street

Potter, Henry, Blackwell-street

Potter, Henry, Park-street

Potter, John, Broad-street

Potter, John, Sutton-common

Potter, John, Wood-street

Potter, Joseph, Chapel-street

Potter, Richard, Lion-street

Potts, Thomas, New-place, Bird-lane

Potts, William, South-street

Pountney, Charles, Franche

Pountney, John, Cross-street

Pountney, Samuel, Broad-street

Pountney, Themas, Broad-street

Pountney, William, Bird-lane

Powell, George, Puxton

Powell, James, Wood-street

Powell, John, Wood-street

Powell, Richard, Love-lane

Powell, William, Near Wood-street

Powell, William, Woodfield-street

Powick, Samuel, New-closes

Poyner, James, Pitt’s-lane

Pratt, Joseph, Franche-road

Pratt, George, New-road

Pratt, George, St. James’-row, George st.

Preece, Thomas, Chester-lane

Preece, Thomas, Ebenezer-st., Dudley-st

Preece, Samuel, Worcester-street

Preston, William, Mill-street

Price, Charles, Park-lane

Price, Edmond, Worcester-street

Price, Edward. Waterloo-street

Price, George, New Closes

Price, George, Swan-street

Price, Henry, Bull-ring

Price, James, Woodfield-street

Price, John, Hoo-lane

Price, Sydney, Orchard-street

Price, Thomas, Broad-street

Price, Thomas, Bromsgrove-street

Price, Thomas, Churchfields

Price, Thomas, Comberton-hill

Price, William, Blackwell-street

Price, William, Bromsgrove-street

Price, William, Chapel-street

Price, William, Court, Hall-street

Price, William Henry, Brinton’s-yard

Pritchard, Henry, Upper Habberley-st

Pritchard, James, Broadwaters

Pritchard, Joseph, Woodfield-street

Pritchard, William, Franche-road

Pritchard, William, Hill-street

Proberts, John, George-street

Pugh, Daniel, Oakland-pl., Comberton-hl

Pugh, Frederick, Chapel-street

Pugh, Richard, South-street

Pugh, Saumel, Franche

Pugh, William, Woodfield-street

Purcell, George, Clensmore-lane

Purchas, John, South-street

Pyne, Edward, Habberley-street

Quinn, James, Worcester-street

Quinton, Edward, York-place

Quinton, John, Chapel-street

Radford, John, Puxton

Randall, Josiah, Duke-street

Randle, William, Hill-street

Ransom, Rd. Jones, The Shrubbery

Ravenscroft, Willam, Blackwell-street

Rawkins, James, Clensmore-lane

Rawlings, Solomon, 13, Stourbridge-st

Rawlings, Thomas, Broad-street

Raymond, William, Habberley-street

Rea, Edward, High-street

Rea, Henry, Mount Pleasant

Rea, John, Comberton-hill

Rea, Joseph, Broad-street

Read, John Charles, Mill-street

Read, Robert, 8, Broad-street

Rean, John, Oxford-road

Redding, Michael, Union-street

Redding, William, St. John-street

Rew, Benj. Butler, Cemetery-row

Rew, Samuel, Cemetery-row

Rew, Thomas, Broadwaters

Rew, Thomas, Park-street

Rew, Thomas, 38, Stourbridge-street

Reynolds, Benjamin, Blackwell-street

Reynolds, Charles, Dudley-street

Reynolds, James Lewis, Stourbridge-st

Reynolds, John, Bewdley-road

Reynolds, Samuel, Oxford-road

Reynolds, William, Hill-street

Rice, H. Weston, Old Workhouse-yard

Richards, George, Worcester-street

Richards, Richard, George-street

Richards, Thomas, St. George’s-fields

Rickards, Charles, Comberton

Riley, James, New-road

Rishton, Robert, Blackwell-street

Roberts, Frederick, Bull-ring

Roberts, Henry, Mill-street

Roberts, John, Upper Habberley-street

Roberts, William, Dudley-street

Roberts, William, Worcester-street

Robins, Charles, Hoo-lane

Robinson, Christopher, Mill-street

Robinson, George, Broad-street

Robinson, John, Chapel-street

Robinson, Joseph, New-closes

Robinson, Robert, The Closes

Robinson, William, Clensmore-lane

Rochell, William, York-street

Rocke, George, High-street

Rogers, John, Coventry-street

Rogers, James, Jerusalem-walk

Rogers, Joseph, Bromsgrove-street

Rogers, Joseph, Mill-street

Rogers, Thomas, Mill-street

Rollings, Alfred, St. George’s-fields

Rollings, John, Hill-street

Rollings, John, New-road

Rollings, Richard, George-street

Rollings, Thomas, Churchfields

Rollings, Thomas, Silver-hill

Rook, John, Broad-street

Rook, Joseph, Oxford-road

Rook, Thomas, Queen-street

Routley, Henry, Habberley-road

Rowe, John, Cemetery-row

Rowlands, Roberts, Broad-street

Rowley, Benjamin, Mill-street

Rowley, Henry William, Park-lane

Rudge, Alfred, Park-butts

Rushton, James, Whitville

Russell, Henry, Oxford-road

Russell, Joseph, Blackwell-street

Sabin, Samuel, Franche

Saddler, Edward, Broadwaters

Saddler, John, Coventry-street

Sandalls, William, Sutton common

Sangers, William, Bromsgrove-street

Saunders, John, Honeybrook

Scott, James, Oxford-road

Scott, John, Bewdley-street

Scott, Richard, Worcester-street

Searl Hercules, Constitution-hill

Severne, John, Bromsgrove-street

Shaw, Edwin, Franche Road

Shaw, James, Hoo-lane

Shaw, William, Worcester-street

Sheans, Owen, Union-street

Sheffield, Samuel, Constitution-hill

Sheldon, David, Broad-street

Shenton, Thomas, Bewdley-street

Shenton, William, Sutton common

Sheppard, Ben., Mount Pleasant

Sheppard, Jn., George, Bewdley-street

Sherwood, Joseph, 39, Stourbridge-st.

Sheward, Edwin, Mount Pleasant

Sheward, Charles, Broadwaters

Silk, Edwin, New Closes

Silk, Henry, Blackwell-street

Silk, John, South-street

Silk, Samuel, Churchfields

Silk, Thomas, South-street

Simmonds, Benjamin, Mill-street

Simmonds, Francis, Wood-street

Simmonds, John, Mill-street

Simons, William, Stourbridge-street

Simpson, James, Boulter’s-lane

Simpson, John, Worcester-street

Simpson, Samuel, Broad-street

Slater, George, Chapel-street

Slater, James, 9, Lark-hill

Slater, John, Bromsgrove-street

Slater, Thomas, Bromsgrove-street

Slater, William, Habberley-street

Slight, Charles, Cussfield

Smith, Benjamin, George-street

Smith, Benjamin, Pleasant-arbour

Smith, Charles, Bromsgrove-hill

Smith, Charles, Horsefair

Smith, Charles Henry, Lion-street

Smith, Edward, Cusfields

Smith, Edward, Park-butts

Smith, George, Queen-street

Smith, George, Sutton-common

Smith, Henry, New-closes

Smith, Henry, Park butts

Smith, Herbert, George-street

Smith, Horatio, York-street

Smith, James, Leswell-place

Smith, James, Park-lane

Smith, James, Pitt’s-lane

Smith, John, Fair-street

Smith, John, George-street

Smith, John, Mill-street

Smith, John, Park-street

Smith, John, Proud-cross

Smith, John Warren, Coventry-street

Smith, Joseph, Farfield

Smith, Josiah, Dudley-street

Smith, Peter, Rackfields

Smith, Richard, Habberley-street

Smith, Richard, Hoo-lane

Smith, Robert, 9, Hill-street

Smith, Samuel, Broad-street

Smith, Samuel, Habberley-street

Smith, Samuel, York-street

Smith, Thomas, Broadwaters

Smith, Thomas, Hill-street

Smith. Thomas, Old Workhouse-yard

Smith, Thomas, Summer-place

Smith, Thomas, Sutton-common

Smith, Thomas, Worcester-street

Smith, William, George-street

Smith, William, Hall-street

Smith, William, Orchard-street

Smith, William. St. John-street

Snell, William, Coventry-street

Southall, George, High-street

Southall, Henry, Witnell’s-row

Southall, Samuel, Duke-street

Southall, William, Woodfield-street

Southall, William. York-street

Southan, Thomas. 31, Fair-street

Southan, William, St. George’s-fields

Sparks, John, Oxford-road

Sprigg, Allen N., The Village, Franche *

Squires, John, Dudley-street

Squires, Thomas, Broad-street

Stagg, William, Love-lane

Stainer, James, Stourbridge-street

Stainer. Richard, Broad-street

Standen, Edward, Bromsgrove-hill

Standish, Joseph, Leswell

Stanford, Thomas, York-street

Stanley, A. Chs., 24, Church-street *

Stannard, Robert, Brussells-street

Staples, Charles, Franche

Starr, Nathaniel, Mount Pleasant

Starr, Samuel, Churchfields

Starr, William, Clensmore-lane

Starr, William, Pleasant-row

Stephens, Charles, South-street

Stephens, Thomas, Milk-street

Stephens, Thomas, St. James’s-row

Steward, Joseph, Hall-street

Steward, Thomas, Mill-street

Steward, William, Hoo-lane

Stinton, William, Union-street

Stokes, Thomas, Horsefair

Stokes, Thomas, Oxford-road

Stone, James Edward, Whitville

Stone, William, Cussfield

Stooke, Benjamin, Broad-street

Stooke, John, Whitville

Stradling, John, Love-lane

Stretton, Samuel, Mill-street

Stubbs, William, Sutton-common

Styles, Charles, Wood-street

Styles, John, Broad-street

Styles, John, 20, Broad-street

Styles, Joseph, Bromsgrove-street

Styles, Thomas, Duncan’s-yard

Sugden, Robert, Broadwaters

Sugden, William, Park-butts

Sutley, William, Love-lane

Swain, John, Mill-street

Swann, James, Park-lane

Sweetman, Wood-street

Talbot, Alfred, Greenhill

Talbot, Henry, Oakland

Talbot, Pemberton, Blakebrook

Talbot, William, Franche-road

Tanner, John, Paradise-street

Tanner, Thomas, Waterloo-street

Tapey, James, Waterloo-street

Tarpey, Michael, Union-street

Tarpey, Thomas, Blackwell-street

Tattersall, Lawrence, Farfield

Taylor, Alfred, Clensmore-lane

Taylor, Charles, Worcester-cross

Taylor, George, Bewdley-street

Taylor, George, South-street

Taylor, George, Woodfield-row

Taylor, Harry, Worcester-street

Taylor, Jeremiah, Park-street

Taylor, John, Jerusalem

Taylor, John, Rock-terrace

Taylor, John, Stourbridge-street

Taylor, John, The Closes

Taylor, Joseph, Broad-street

Taylor, Joseph, Comberton-road

Taylor, Richard, Wood-street

Taylor, Samuel, Chester-lane

Taylor, Samuel, St. George’s-fields

Taylor, Thomas, Mount Pleasant

Taylor, Thomas, Boar’s Head Yard

Taylor, Thomas, St. George’s-fields

Taylor, Thomas, Worcester-street

Taylor, William, Broadwaters

Taylor, William, Franche-road

Taylor, William, George-street

Taylor, William, Pitt’s-lane

Teague, Samuel, Worcester-street

Tench, William, Church-street

Tetstall, John, Prospect-row

Thatcher, Alfred, Coventry-street

Thatcher, James, Broad-street

Thatcher, John Bromsgrove-street

Thatcher, John, The New Closes

Thatcher, Samuel, Ebenezor-street

Thatcher, Thomas, Mount Pleasant

Thatcher, William, Boulter’s-lane

Thatcher, William, Wood-street

Thomas, Charles, Chapel-street

Thomas, Charles, Orchard-street.

Thomas, Cornelius F., Coventry-street

Thomas, Edward, Broadwaters

Thomas, Edward, Top of Broad-street

Thomas, Henry, Broadwaters

Thomas, John, Franche

Thomas, John, Lark-hill

Thomas, John, Mount Pleasant

Thomas, Samuel, Pleasant-arbour

Thomason, Henry, Bewdley-road

Thomason, Thomas, Oxford-road

Thompson, George, Love-lane

Thompson, Henry, New Wood-street

Thompson, John, Chapel-street

Thompson, John, Hoo-lane

Thompson, Richard, Park-lane

Thompson, Samuel, Lark-hill

Thompson, Thomas, 3, Waterloo-street

Thompson, William, Clensmore-lane

Thompson, William, South-street

Thomson, George, Churchfields

Thornburgh, Ed. В., Townsend

Thorne, James, Pitt’s-lane

Tidman, James, York-place

Timbleton, Patrick, Blackwell-street

Tingle, William, Coventry-street

Tipper, Jacob, Stourbridge-street

Tipper, James, Queen-street

Tipper, Joseph, New Wood-street

Tipper, MichaeL Park-street

Titherington, William, Park Butts

Titley, John, New Wood-street

Titley, Thomas, Chapel-street

Tittle, Howard, Broadwaters

Tolley, James, Wood-street

Tolley, John, Wood-street

Tompkins, George, Lion-street

Toon, William, Park-lane

Torrington, James, Coventry-street

Tovey, Charles, New Wood-street

Tovey, John, Stourbridge-street

Tovey, Samuel, Vicar-street

Tovey, Thomas, Broadwaters

Townsend, Henry, Bromsgrove-street

Tranter, Francis, Blackwell-street

Tranter, James, Bird-lane

Trehearn, William, Mill-street

Trevett, Wm. S., 47, Bewdley-street

Trickett, Joseph, Broadwaters

Trigg, George, Clensmore-lane

Trow, John, George-street

Tudor, Edwin, Mill-street

Tunks, Thomas, Wood-street

Tunstall, John, Coventry-street

Turberfield, Thomas, Coventry-street

Turley, John, Mount pleasant

Turley, Thomas, New Closes

Turner, Benjamin, Pleasant Arbour

Turner, George, Bewdley-road

Turner, George, Wood-street

Turner, Henry, Swan-street

Turner, James, Broad-street

Turner, John, Dudley-street

Turner, John, New Wood-street

Turner, Richard, Dudley-street

Turner, Samuel, Bird-lane

Turner, William, Clensmore-lane

Turrall, Elijah, New-road

Turton, George, Caldwall Hall

Turton, John, Proud-cross

Turton, Jude, Farfield

Turton, William, Bullrring

Twemlow, Christopher, Coventry-street

Tyers, Charles, Hill-street

Tyers, Joseph, Bird-lane

Tyers, Samuel, Bird-lane

Tyers, William, Proud-cross

Tyler, Edward, Ball’s-hill

Tyler, James, Arch-hill

Tyler, John, Churchfields

Tyler, John, St. George’s-field

Tyrer, Richard, Cussfield

Uncles, Samuel, New-place

Underwood, Elijah, Wadeley’s-hill

Underwood, Richard, Broadwaters

Underwood, Thomas, Marl-pool

Varney, Andrew, 126, Mill-street *

Vickers, John, Broadwaters

Viney, James, Franche

Viney, Joel, Court, Worcester-street

Viney, Josiah, Cussfield

Vipon, Joseph, Constitution-hill

Wade, Henry, Dudley-street

Wadeley, John, Wadeley’s-hill

Wadeley, William, Wadeley’s-hill

Waldron, George, Pleasant-arbour

Waldron, John, Broad-street

Waldron, William, New-closes

Walford, Henry, Bird-lane

Walford, John, Bird-lane

Walford, Joseph, Woodfield-street

Walford, Peter, Coalfield-row

Walford, Thomas, Worcester-street

Walford, William, Back Queen-street

Walker, John, Wood-street

Walker, Richard, George-street

Walker, William, Hall-street

Wall, Francis, Blakebrook

Wall, John, Blackwell-street

Wall, John, Broadwaters

Wall, William, Wood-street

Walters, Henry, Mill-street

Walters, John, Bird-lane

Walters, Samuel, Bird-lane

Walters, William, Pitt’s-lane

Walton, John, Mill-street

Walton, Samuel, Hoo-lane

Wankling, Edwin, Hurcott-lane

Ward, Charles, Bromsgrove-street

Ward, John, Franche

Ward, Thomas, Broad-street

Ward, Thomas, Wood-street

Ward, Thomas, sen., Hoo-lane

Ward, Thomas, Jun., Hoo-lane

Ward, William, Jun., Hoo-lane

Watkins, Benjamin, Bewdley-street

Watkins, Benjamin, Sutton-common

Watkins, Frederick, Love-lane

Watkins, Samuel, Bird-lane

Watkins, Thos., Oakland-place

Watkins, Wm, Back of Comberton-hill

Watkins, William, Orchard-street

Watkins, William, St. George’s-fields

Watkinson, Wm.M., Bromsgrove-street

Watson, John, Waresley,near Stourport

Watts, James, Cussfield

Weaver, James, Bird-lane

Weaver, James, Stourbridge-street

Weaver, John, Stourbridge-street

Weavers, James, Pitt’s-lane

Weavers, John, Horsefair

Weavers, John, Worcester-street

Webb, Frederick, New-place, Bird-lane

Webb, James, Pitt’s-lane

Webb, John, Park-street

Webb, Richard, Bromsgrove-street

Webb, Thomas, Cemetery-row

Webb, Thomas, Chester-lane

Webb, Thomas, Leswell

Webb, William, Bird-lane

Weber, Edward, Park-lane

Webster, Thomas, Upper Habberley-st.

Welch, John, High-street

Wellings, Benjamin, Park-street

Wellings, Charles, Rock-terrace

Wellings, George, Dudley-street

Wellings, Henry, sen., Cussfield

Wellings, Samuel, Larkhill

West, William, Leswell

West, William, Old Workhouse-yard

Weston, Benjamin, York-street

Weston, Henry, Bird-lane

Weston, Samuel, George-street

Weston, William, Brussels, street

Westwood, Henry, Bewdley-street

Westwood, John, Bromsgrove-street

Westwood, Phillip, Broadwaters

Westwood, Robert, Wood-street

Westwood, William, Broad street

Westwood, William, George-street

Whateley, Fred., Court, Clensmore-lane

Whateley, George, Churchfields

Whateley, Henry, Clensmore-lane

Whateley, Herbert, Brussells-street

Whatley, George, Mill-street

Whatmore, James, Puxton-lane

Wheeler, Edward, New-road

Wheeler, Henry Benjamin, Bull-ring

Wheeler, Thomas, Comberton-hill

Wheeler, William, Hill-street

Whitcomb, Samuel, Orchard-street

White, John, Franche

White, Joseph, St. John-street

White, Thomas, St. John-street

White, William, New Wood-street

Whitehouse, Benjamin, Witnell’s-row

Whitehouse, Henry, Broadwaters

Whitehouse, James, Bird-lane

Whitehouse, Saml. Old Workhouse-yd

Whitehouse, William, Paradise-street

Whitmarsh, Isaac, Paradise-street,

Whittaker, Benjamin, Oxford-road

Whittaker, Edward, Worcester-street

Whittaker, Henry, Bewdley-road

Whittaker, James, George-street

Whittaker, Joseph, Broad-street

Whittall, Eli, Dudley-street

Whittall, George, South-street

Whittall, John, St. George’s-fields

Whittall, Matthew, Fair-street

Whittall, Moses, Mill-street

Whittall, Samuel, Lark-hill

Wild, John, Clensmore-lane

Wilding, Benjamin, Worcester-cross

Wilford, William, Mill-street

Wilkes, James, Chester-road

Wilks, Henry, Swan-street

Wilks, James, Oxford-road

Wilks, Thomas, Clensmore-lane

Wilks, Thomas, The Closes

Wilcox, Henry, Cemetery-row

Wilcox, Henry, Honeybrook

Willey, Alfred, Cross-street

Willey, George, Clensmore-lane

Willey, Henry, Bromsgrove-street

Willey, James, Duke-street

Willey, Joseph, George-street

Willis, Charles, Wood-street

Willis, Edwin, Broad-street

Willis, Henry, Farfield

Willis, Henry Richard, Chester-lane

Willis, John, Farfield

Willis, Joseph Ross, Bewdley-street

Willis, Richard, Wood-street

Willis, Samuel, Hill-street

Williams, Alexander, The New Closes

Williams, David, Worcester-street

Williams, Edmund, Stourbridge-street

Williams, George, New-road

Williams, Henry, Back Queen-street

Williams, James, sen. Orchard-street

Williams, John, Park-lane

Williams, John, St. George’s-fields

Williams, Joseph, Broadwaters

Williams, Joseph, Hoo-lane

Williams, Joseph, St. George’s-fields

Williams, Richard, Broadwaters

Williams, Samuel, 3, Blackwell-street

Williams, Thomas, Broadwaters

Williams, Thomas, Chapel-street

Wilson, Thomas, Chester-road

Winbury, Charles, Waterloo-street

Wincott, John, 23, Hill-street

Wincott, William, Churchfields

Winkworth, George, Cussfield

Winwood, George, Bewdley-street

Winwood, Oliver, Woodfield-street

Wood, John, Wood-street

Wood, John, Rathbone, High-street

Wood, Samuel, Love-lane

Woodhead, John, Sutton-common

Woodhouse, Joseph, New-road

Woodhouse, Thomas, George-street

Woodward, Benjamin, Proud-cross

Woodward, Henry, Lion-street

Woodward, Нenry Toye, Blakebrook

Worrall, George, Bromsgrove-street

Worthington, James, Washington-row

Wright, Alfred, Clensmore-lane

Wright, Edwin, Leswell. place

Wright, George, Coventry-street

Wright, Henry, Blackwell-street

Wright, James, St. John-street

Wright, Samuel, Bird-lane

Wright, William, Pleasant-arbour

Wright, William, Woodfield-street

Wyer, Charles, Cussfield

Wyer, John, Wood-street

Wyer, Joseph, Mill-street

Wyer, Thomas, New-road

Wyer, William, Wood-street

Yarnold, Barnaby, Park-lane

Yarnold, William, Worcester-street

Yarrington, Stephen, Brussells-street

Yates, George, Love-lane

Yates, George, Wadeley’s-hill

Yates, John, Hill-street

Yates, William, Chapel-street

Yates, William, Comberton-hill

Yates, William, New-road

Young, James, Hoo-lane

Young, Jesse, Puxton-lane

Young, Thomas, Leswell

Young, Thomas, Queen-street

Young, Robert, New Place, Bird-lane.

Young, William, 80, Broad-street

Youngjohns, Edward, Duke-street

Youngjohns, Edwin, Churchfields

Youngjohns, James, Mount Pleasant

Youngjohns, Samuel, Blackwell-street

Youngjohns, Samuel, Churchfields

Youngjohns, Thomas, Sutton-common

Youngjohns, William, Comberton-hill

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