Ordnance Survey Drawings: Stourbridge, Dudley (OSD 219)

Ordnance Survey Drawings: Stourbridge, Dudley (OSD 219)
Ordnance Survey Drawings: Stourbridge, Dudley (OSD 219)

This plan covers parts of Worcestershire and Warwickshire. Hills and reliefs are illustrated by a combination of brushwork interlining (‘hachures’), layering of colour washes and the use of aerial perspective. Tollroads are highlighted in buff and milestones noted along their routes..

This image has been georeferenced.

Its centre point is at 52.426738°N 2.060579°W.
It is contained in a bounding box with corners 52.276123°N 2.259538°W and 52.577353°N 1.861619°W.
The precise coordinates of the four corners are:
52.549006°N 2.259538°W
52.276123°N 2.204854°W
52.30447°N 1.861619°W
52.577353°N 1.916304°W

Date: 1814

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