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Marriages at Minsterworth 1633 to 1812

Note. – Volume I is a parchment book size, 16 in. by 6 in., in fairly good order.  It contains Christenings from 1633 to 1738; Marriages from 1633 to 1738; Burials from 1633 to 1726.

Volume II is a large folio in parchment, 14 in. by 12 in., containing Christenings and Burials from March 25th 1739 to 1813.

Volume III is a Marriage Register of parchment, 12 in. by 8 in., from 1754 to 1790 in very bad condition, having been injured by water when the Church was flooded by the rising of the Severn in the year 1770, as was also Volume II, though not to the same extent.

Volume IV is a book of printed forms containing Marriages from the year 1790 to 1813 in good order.

These extracts were made by the Rev. Charles O. Bartlett, vicar of Minsterworth, and are now printed by his leave and under his supervision.

Source: Gloucestershire Parish Registers. Marriages. Edited by the late W. P. W. Phillimore, M.A., B.C.L., and Thomas M. Blagg, F.S.A., Vol XVII. Issued to the Subscribers by Phillimore & Co., Ltd., 124, Chancery Lane, London. 1914.