Chedworth Marriages 1800 to 1812

William Clark & Anne Lawrens, 18 May 1800

Richard Rogers, p. Fairford, & Ann Peachey, 19 May 1800

Aaron Randall & Betty Sly, 22 Sept. 1800

Job Trotman & Joyce Robbins, s., 23 Sept. 1800

Charles Curtis, p. Coln St. Denys, & Sarah Wheeler, 5 Oct. 1800

Sylvanus Miller, this p., b., & Hannah Clapton, p. North Cerney, lic., 18 Oct. 1800

Richard Harrison & Mary Newman, 10 Nov. 1800

William Barton, p. Elkstone, & Mary Randford, 17 Jan. 1801

Robert Sly, b., & Esther Randall, s., lic., 9 May 1801

Joseph Sherrard, b., & Hester Sly, s., lic., 5 Jan. 1802

Robert Smith, b., & Elizabeth Trotman, w., lic., 2 Feb. 1802

Richard Tilling, p. Barrington, & Jane Pegler, 22 Mar. 1802

Joshua Wilson & Elizabeth Trotman, 22 July 1802

Thomas Robins, this p., w., & Sarah Smith, p. Colesbourne, s., lic., 1 July 1802

John Crook, p. Shipton Oliffe, w., & Elizabeth Wood, lic., 19 Aug. 1802

Richard Day & Hannah Wright, 10 Feb. 1803

William Carpenter & Sarah Davis, 2 June 1803

William Robins, this p., b., & Elizabeth Wood, p. Rendcombe, s., lic., 7 June 1803

Thomas Holloway Faulkner, p. Fullbrook, co. Oxford, b., & Elizabeth Joynes, s., lic., 28 July 1803

Charles DeCoodery & Isabel Harper, 4 Aug. 1803

Thomas Painter & Sarah Drake, 15 Aug. 1803

James Malpass & Mary Joachim, 31 Jan. 1804

Thomas Handy, p. Shipton Oliffe, b., & Mary Truman, s., lic., 29 Mar. 1804

Edward Dix, p. Bibury, b., & Elizabeth Lawrence, lic., 8 May 1804

William Glover, b., & Mary Wood, s., 12 May 1804

John Broad, b., & Joyce Sly, s., lic., 2 Aug. 1804

William Harrison, p. Coln St. Denys, & Kezia Lawrence, 25 Oct. 1804

John Wheeler & Mary Stevens, 19 Nov. 1804

John Munday, p. Down Ampney, & Hester Saunders, 4 Dec. 1804

John Bridges & Hannah Blundy, 31 Mar. 1805

Ralph Curtis & Ann Bridges, 16 Apr. 1805

William Hare & Anne Carpenter, 16 May 1805

Henry Agge & Sarah Bloss, 10 Oct. 1805

Thomas Archer & Hester Peachey, 14 Oct. 1805

William Mills & Susan Pearce, 14 Oct. 1805

John Wiggins, w., & Elizabeth Kilmaster, s., lic., 5 Nov. 1805

Thomas Hawker, p. Farmington, & Hannah Collett, 7 Nov. 1805

John Margetts & Catherine Cavendish Bliss, 9 Dec. 1805

William Glover & Ruth Wilson, 17 Dec. 1805

John Morland, this p., & Mary Hitchins, p. Cirencester, 23 Dec. 1805

Daniel Bridges, b., p., Cirencester, & Elizabeth Robins, lic., 16 Jan. 1806

Thomas Stephens, w., p. Sherborne, & Mary Radway, lic., 18 Feb. 1806

John Bartlett & Anna Smith, 31 May 1806

Joseph Scrivey, p. Withington, & Elizabeth Collett, 9 Oct. 1806

Rd. Jackson, p. Aldsworth, & Sarah Holland, 19 Nov. 1806

Joseph Sherred & Jane Bridgman, lic., 9 Feb. 1807

John Dix & Mary Robins, 12 Oct. 1807

Thomas Mason & Kezia Wheeler, 19 Oct. 1807

Henry Neale & Hannah Freebody, 19 Dec. 1807

William Gardiner & Catherine Scott, 24 Dec. 1807

Joshua Stephens & Mary Scott, 6 Jan. 1808

Thomas Stevens, b., p. South Cerney, & Mary Peachey, lic., 29 Feb. 1808

John Peachey & Elizabeth Bridges, 7 Aug. 1808

Thomas Tea & Sarah Wood, 11 Oct. 1808

John Collett & Frances Smith, 2 Nov. 1808

George Simper & Mary Shergold, 9 Jan. 1809

Giles Cripps & Ann Durham Bartlett, 23 Jan. 1809

Henry Bayles, this p., & Sarah Berry, p. Notgrove, 2 Nov. 1809

John Bloss, b., & Elizabeth Smith, lic., 15 Nov. 1809

Charles Hooke, w., p. Fairford, & Margaret Wilson, lic., 21 Dec. 1809

Thomas Joachim & Elizabeth Smith, 14 Apr. 1811

John Elmore, p. Coln Rogers, & Hannah Trotman, 1 June 1811

Thomas Kirby, p. Yanworth, & Mary Ayers, 12 Oct. 1811

Samuel Brunsdon, w., p. Yanworth, & Rebecca Peachey, lic., 12 Oct. 1811

William Cook, p. Northleach, & Elizabeth Johnson, 25 Dec. 1811

David Ayers, b., & Sarah Scriven, s., lic., 10 Mar. 1812

Luke Waite, b., & Hannah Holland, s., 14 Apr. 1812

John Glover & Mary Smith, 3 Aug. 1812

James Smith, b., & Hannah Newman, s., 8 Aug. 1812

David Edwards, b., & Mary Coates, s., 27 Oct. 1812

Edward Griffin, b., p. Withington, & Rachel Phipps, s., 31 Oct. 1812

John Humphries, b., & Phoebe White, s., 30 Nov. 1812

William Joachim, b., & Ann Wright, s., 10 Dec. 1812

Daniel Ireland, b., p. Kemble, & Jane Holland, 25 Dec. 1812

Source: Gloucestershire Parish Register. Marriages. Edited by W. P. W. Phillimore, M.A., B.C.L., Vol. II. Issued to the Subscribers by Phillimore & Co., 36, Essex Street. Strand, London. 1897.


  1. marty shergold

    to MAS TAYLOR-GLAZE yes any info helps, i can look up shergolds there and sent u chart if it helps u, plus i would love to hear a synopsis or see a tree for your point of view. thanx marty

  2. marty shergold

    the shergolds of Shropshire, Bridgenorth are based of Rueben Shergold and his wife Sarah, Rueben is of Ugford Wilts, I count nine children ellen, annie, sarah, alice, laura, maud, hubert,nina rita, eva ellen, and these were born wilton. Ruebens family is tied in to Henry/Sarah of John/Sarah of Burcombe leading back to henry of gideon in turn of Recto

  3. marty shergold

    cont in turn of Rector John Shergold of Devizes through Johns son Gideon the elder. Rector John of Devizes is also connected to Shergold /Shurgolds of Calne/Yatesbury….. I have charts for all and if u require i can typeset some up for u.Marty Shergold is related to u through the Calne structures and my great grandfather was of GWR swindon

  4. marty shergold

    the shergold family also had association with ironmongery through numerous areas including Bertram of Wilts who did make noteable pieces on Great Wishford.

    I hope this enlightens u cousin

  5. marty shergold

    looked up bmd, I see Annie m Joseph Rushton b circa 1874 of where?, died Mar 1953 quarter age 79, there were three children possibly Doris Ida 1902, Laurel 1903 Mar, Hubert Cecil Dec 1903, and two definitely which Hurbert Mar 1912 & Joseph his twin who was an infant.
    I saw no death for Annie in Bridgenorth so she may have moved…I hope this gives some clues but I may be wrong on early children. Marty

  6. marty shergold

    Furthering this Rushton family multiplied like rabbits all over the place and I there more Josephs in the family than I choose to count… but I will look up census and see what turns up.

  7. marty shergold

    So I assume the Rushtons in discussion are Charles father and Sarah his wife of Joseph Henry who owned the foundry which by 1901/2 had been alienated to another soul , the foundry being behind the Bishops house????

  8. marty shergold

    if so then I have discovered a little about your side of the rushton clan dating back to a Joseph of Wiltshire in 1861…. which you may already have but i have just taken a google search of something amazing to do with your one message.
    good on you girl.

  9. Maureen

    Oh, what a giggle!!!! 🙂 Joe and Annie moved from Bishop Percy’s [BP] House after loosing a daughter, at a very young age, They ultimately moved in to their daughter’s, Anne, then married to Herbert Fordred, house – 93, Fellows Lane, Harborne, Birmingham 17 [the telephone number, Harborne 2012 was still in use as of 2000!] Mum’s brother’s and sisters were, as I remember, Mona, Charles, Hubert. Mum told me stories of her, and her brother’s and sisters, playing in the underground passages of BP House, and, one time, dangling the baby sister out of a bedroom window of what is now the cotttage in to the river when it flooded one year, much to the chagrin of their Mum, Annie!! 🙂 When I was last able to take Mum, who has now passed, to Bridgenorth, she kept causing pedestrian blockages as she stopped to show me yet another man-hole cover made by her Dad and Uncle!!! And you are so correct about the “rabbits”! With the exception of Mum, her remaining brothers and sister had more than 1 child!!! Mum’s mother’s maiden name was “Shergold”, but I think I’ve already stated that! Mum was finally, after several decades, able to marry my father, Arthur Simmonite Taylor, and thus became Anne Amelia Taylor, nee Rushton, Fordred.
    Her brother Herbert, died at quite a young age – I seem to remember I was in my very early teens. Brother Charles died when I was in my forties, if I remember correctly. Sister Mona died when I was in my twenties, again, if I remember correctly.
    I still have the picture of Granddad’s brother standing in the BP House front door, and it will remain on my wall until I’m gone. I also still have a book presented to Annie’s Mum from her church!
    Thank you for so many memories reawakened! Together with you, and Google Earth, I have been, for the past several days, been travelling down a very long memory lane with so much fun.

  10. marty shergold

    so now heres a thing… to continue this tale, by chance of God, Selina Ruebens wife is a Down, and just at the time of this conversation it pops out the earlier in the piece Martha Shergold marries a Down of South Newton area which later moves to Hampshire, then the Down family are in frame about 20 years ago with yet another marriage to Shergold and of all this we have after 600 years another association with Haywood, the forebear being Roger de Haywoode of Hants, U may recall Haywards Heath and Shergolds the removalist…..

  11. marty shergold

    The tale of the clan along this path takes some amazing twists but i wish i had met some of the family but having been stuck in Oz since 1967 have missed a generation or three….Marty

  12. Maureen

    To all who read such sites – it’s well worth the effort to search for your family! Memories are resurrected, new family/friends are found, and family links are made/renewed. Keep up such lovely “work”!

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