Wroxeter Cassey Shropshire Directory 1875

Wroxeter is a village and parish, with the townships of Donnington, Dryton, Eyton-on-Severn, Norton, and Rushton, about six miles from Shrewsbury, in the Northern division of the county, Wellington division of South Bradford hundred, Atcham union, and diocese of Lichfield.  The church of St. Andrew is a very ancient stone edifice.  There is a monument to the memory of Lord Chief Justice Bromley, who was left executor to King Henry VIII.  A short time ago an Eastern sepulchre was discovered in the chancel wall.  The living is a vicarage, yearly value £330, with residence, in the gift of the Duke of Cleveland.  Wroxeter was the Roman station Uriconium.  During the last few years considerable explorations have been undertaken on its site, in the course of which very interesting discoveries have been made in connection with the Roman town.  Extensive portions of the walls of buildings, and hypocausts, which stood therein, have been laid open, affording, by examination, an insight into the condition of the inhabitants of Roman Britain.  In the course of the excavations two new classes of Roman pottery, both evidently made in Shropshire, have been turned up, as well as some curious glass and metal vessels, numerous specimens of personal ornaments, many of which are hairpins, made of bone and bronze, fibulae, finger rings, bracelets, glass beads, combs, and bone needles, as well as a great variety of other objects of a miscellaneous character, with quantities of Roman coins.  The Roman cemetery, which appears to have commenced about 150 yards from the north gate, and to have extended easterly along the side of the road, has also been explored to some extent, when a great number of interments were found, but hitherto no traces of the burial of the dead but by burning.  Many urns were discovered, which appear to have been deposited in small pits, or rows.  Beslow, about one and a half mile from the church, is a genteel residence, in the occupation of George Juckes, Esq.  Eyton-on-Severn, now the residence of T. L. Meire, Esq., was formerly the seat of the Newport and the Bradford families.  The house is pleasantly situated on rising ground, and commands pleasing views of the windings of the Severn and the Welsh mountains.  On one of the octagon towers is carved on a stone the following inscription :- “This coppice adjoining was raised by acrons [sic] sowed at Michaelmas, 1663.”  Near the river are two caves hewn out of the sandstone rocks.  At Donnington is a free school, with a house for the master, who is appointed by the Duke of Cleveland.  The Duke of Cleveland and Lord Berwick are the principal landowners.  There are charities of about £10 yearly value.  The soil is light loam; subsoil, gravel and clay.  The population in 1861 was 616, with the townships of Donnington, Dryton, Eyton, Norton, and Rushton.  The entire area is 4,774 acres; gross estimated rental, £6,746; rateable value, £6,296.
Assistant overseer, vestry clerk, postmaster, coal and salt merchant, and registrar of births and deaths for the Atcham district, Henry Weatherby.

Letters through Shrewsbury, at 7 30 a.m.; box closes at 4 50; dispatched at 5 p.m.

Bather George, esq., The Cottage
Egremont Rev. Edward, M.A.
Oatley William H., esq., Villa
Juckes George, esq., Beslow
Bather George, farmer
Jones John, farmer, Smethcott
Weatherby (Mrs.) Mary

Jenkins Edwin L., esq., Charlton hill
Jenkins Miss, Charlton hill
Meredith Rev. John, M.A.
Wainwaring [sic] Robert, gardener
Parton Benjamin, shoe maker

Pinkney Joseph, jun., farmer
Williams Matthew, farmer

Meire Thomas L., esq.

Bayley Robert, farmer
Bethell Jane, shopkeeper
Bladen Richard, wheelwright and carpenter

Brisbourne Peter, farmer
Jarvis Richard, farmer
Jarvis William, farmer
Pothan George and Henry, farmers

Source: Edward Cassey & Co.’s History, Gazetteer, & Directory of Shropshire. Printed Shrewsbury 1875.


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